White HTC Desire and Silver HTC Wildfire Go on Pre-order for the UK



Just when you thought there was nothing left to desire about the original Desire, HTC and Orange are busting out a new color scheme to entice people one last time to purchase the handset that blew up all over the UK last spring. The white HTC Desire is now available for pre-order for as low a cost as free with a tariff starting at £25 per month.

But that’s not all! The same HTC/Orange tandem have also thrown up for pre-order a silver HTC Wildfire. That phone can be yours for free on a tariff starting at £20 per month. Other than their colors the handsets are the same, but if you didn’t grab either of those phone on the first go-around now is your chance. Although the Desire Z and Desire HD might be looking a little more tempting than a simple re-paint…

[via TalkAndroid]

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  1. ‘s alright, but once it’s in a case you can’t tell what colour they are!

  2. Pff, who uses cases?

    My desire’s got coin-chips all over one end from using it like the tool it is and just shoving it straight into my pocket.

    I’m not going to put a barrier between me and my tool, plus i’ve got uber-insurance.

  3. This just seems like the Legend by the way it’s look…with a desire shape.

  4. Argh! Just when I buy a brown colored Desire, this comes out.

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