Beejive IM Hits Android for the not-so-low Price of $10



Are you the type of person who likes to IM? I mean really IM. As in accounts on all the major services and a need to consolidate them down to one shared buddy list on your Android phone to be able to chat with whoever, where ever and whenever.  If that is you than thank the baby Jesus that Beejive IM has finally come out of beta. The popular chat client has been on BlackBerry and iOS devices for a bit now, and just like its counterparts carries a pretty hefty price tag for the Android Market. Beejive will set you back $10. I’d rather just stop IMing altogether than pay that price honestly, but if that’s your thing have at it.


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  1. Exactly. I would just assume use three free clients instead of paying 10 bucks to use a service that’s free. To each his own but my own will not pay anywhere near that just to IM people

  2. “I’d rather just stop IMing altogether than pay that price honestly”

    Seriously?! It’s $10 bucks for hands down the best multi-chat IM app on Android and you’re complaining because it costs (2) large starbucks drinks/the price of one movie theater ticket/the price of 3.77 gallons of gas (@ 2.65)?

    Dude, get over it. I understand the whole Android/open source/free free free thing, but you just sound like a jerk. Back when I had my BlackBerry, Beejive was $30 and it wasn’t as feature packed as it is now. Currently, the iPhone version is the same $10.

    Not everything in life is free. And while Android might be a cheaper platform for end users looking to gobble up apps, don’t discredit an app simply because the developers (who are phenomenally talented and devoted to their product — I spoke to some of them at CES this past year) want to get paid a small fee for their work.

  3. Tell them they’re dreaming!

    That is just crazy wanting $10

  4. When I had my BlackBerry awhile back, I bought Beejive, and was very pleased with it’s overall performance as an all-in-one messenger, even with it’s hefty pricetag. It was so worth the price….THEN. Now that I have moved on from a BB, and now have an Android device, I was missing my Beejive, and anxiously awaited for it’s release….UNTIL I realized I would have to pay for the app all over again, despite the read option to cross over the registration key, which at present time gives no option to do so within the Android Market. So, I have moved on to an all-in-one messenger app – Trillian, that for some reason isn’t available in the market (yet). It does the same as Beejive, with the same optimum performance, visually stunning, and there’s even a version for your desktop for both PC & Mac users. Best part….wait for it…WAIT FOR IT….it’s free! Here’s the link to their website for your free download. Suck it Beejive!

  5. Seriously, $10? WTF? There are plenty of alternatives out there that are FREE! Why would I spend $10 on this? What is so special about it? I’d rather use 2 free clients to support all chats then $10 for this one. I bought it for iPhone than it came out for iPad and I had to buy it AGAIN. Thanks Beejive. And they already said that licenses CAN’T be transferred from one device/platform to another. Thanks again Beejive. Good app, but not worth the $10 when there is so much available for cheaper or even free.

  6. You get what you pay for…

    That’s not to discredit other free IM apps. In particular, Trillian is pretty awesome and manages to come away free.

    Apps with a fee (generally) come with increased developer support, a better UI (that’s subjective to a point), features, and more updates than their free brethren. Again, I said “generally” as that is not always the case.

  7. @mike The issue isn’t that this is a paid app. I’ve bought numerous games a few apps in the past couple months. The most expensive was $4.99 for a game that I really wanted. Most apps are $0.99 to $1.99. For an IM app, those are more realistic prices. Again, I’m willing to pay…just not $10.

  8. $10 is a rip-off.
    My friends can still receive my messages and vice versa with most of free clients out there. Why pay for something that is free?

  9. If I used IM as much as I used to, I would definitely pay the $10 to transfer my license from my old BB to my droid. I would like to see if it is still as good as it was on the BB. I am using Trillian now, and I will say it is good, but BeeJive was so much better when I last used it (last year).

    I think their users switching over from the BB platform to Android will pay the $10 to transfer their license.

  10. too expensive
    back to trillian
    thanks for the beta time but … that’s …
    for a chatting client , better use different free ones or other alternative
    I bought a lot of apps and games on the market but 10bucks is too much
    see you guys when you drop the price :)

  11. Does it use Android PUSH notification?

    I bet NO, it does not!

  12. $10 is an exorbitant amount to pay for an IM app. Max I would ever pay for a messaging app is $4, maybe.

    I know quality developers charge a ‘fair’ price for their quality apps. But the price point set here seems far too expensive.

    I am not cheap either. I have bought several $5+ apps, including a $30 Slingplayer app. I probably have $150 tied up in the App Market. YIKES!

  13. I paid $45 for Agile Messenger on Symbian when I still had a Nokia smartphone. It was by far the best IM app available, and it was something I used every day to stay in touch with family and friends while on the go. I have to agree with mike here. If you’re talking about a professional standard app that you would use every day, why not pay for it? It’s the price of a movie ticket.. seriously. If access to IM isn’t that high on your priority list, then there are cheaper/free alternatives that are not as powerful, but it doesn’t make Beejive overpriced.

    Trillian is a very good, free alternative, but it’s still in Beta, and still has some connection issues. What are the chances that it won’t be free after release?

    Lastly, I refer to this:

  14. What is this, the App Store?

  15. Trillian for the win.

  16. I bought the app, wow $10, Big deal. I have a nexus one, a $550 phone. If you cant afford it, use a free alternative, You get what you pay for, Im supporting the developer. I loved Bejive on the Iphone and now I’m supporting them on Android. The app is a bit of a battery hog, but Ive been connected to msn and facebook chat for 2 days now with no disconnects, I dont know any other app that can do that.

  17. lol $10

    I’ll take the free Trillian thanks.

    Failing that one of the other numerous free alternatives.

    I buy a lot of apps, even if it means paying for an alternative because it is better than the free one.

    But not $10

  18. Both use android Push.

  19. I am not saying a IM app cannot be worth 10 dollars, but what does this do for the 10 dollars that other do not do for free. Please just dont say its better, I want to kno why? I think Devs do deserve toget paid when they release a superior product, but the fee has to correspond to how much better it is.

  20. ummm EBUDDY FOR THE WINNING!!!! FREE for android AND THE BEST!!! can go a week w/o ever being disconncted from facebook, yahoo, or msn live

  21. I’ve been a long time user of beejive due to its all in one im messenger on blackberry. Since I’m a Deaf user. I need to use it to communicate with others. Since the FCC mandates 911 must be accessible 24/7/365 for text relay services for the Deaf and Hard of hearing, I purchased the app for $10.00.

    It’s been one full business day (which apps can be used instantly once purchased) and the app has yet to upgrade to the paid version.

    At this point, I should be having access and its not there yet.

    I will write back with more updates soon.

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