Vodafone Unveils their Next Android: Vodafone 945



Vodafone, who released their first own-branded handset earlier this year, is at it again with the next edition to their Android familt. The Vodafone 945 is 100 digits away from its 845 predecessor and features some decent improvements and a slightly sleeker form factor. Unlike the 845, the 945 will feature a 3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen. Other features include a 5MP camera, Android 2.1, and 300MB of on-board memory. No word on pricing or date as of now.

Vodafone 945

Following in the footsteps of the popular Vodafone 845 launched in April 2010, the 945 is Vodafone’s second, very competitively priced own-brand Android smartphone.

The handset offers customers a best-in-class mobile internet experience and comes with all the services and features you would expect from a high-end handset:

Android 2.1 software; access to Marketplace and its tens of thousands of apps; Vodafone Music services and its catalogue of over 2 million DRM-free tracks; a 3.2” capacitive multi-touch screen with haptic feedback; a 5MP camera with flash; WiFi and 300MB of built-in memory that can be built up to 32GB with a Micro SD card.

Available in black or silver, the Vodafone 945 is a handset with a contemporary feel – both in terms of design and the services and features it offers.

[via EuroDroid]

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  1. +100 phone of bloat

  2. * edition
    * familt
    * digits

    …late night?

  3. I simply don’t get the idea behind “competitively priced” or very low priced low spec android devices. Do people not realize that they will be paying almost a couple thousand over their 2-year contract and that $100 extra for a $200 phone is worth it when you get a much better phone for those 2 years of ur life. I’m assuming this vadaphone is less than $150 with the 2-year contract or at least it better be with those specs.

  4. @Julian
    Exactly, it only makes sense to buy the best phone a carrier offers, because you’ll still pay the same for data, etc…

  5. I think that’s just it — consumers don’t realise that. They don’t want to sit down and calculate what’s best for them, and they often won’t care about 90% of the POTENTIAL of the phone. I’m wondering if there are consumers out there with Android handsets that don’t KNOW that they’ve got an Android handset, because it’s just a phone to them. When the Desire was coming out the O2 forum was full of people calculating the total cost of ownership for various deals based on their length, inclusive allowances and handset/monthly price. But those were people who were after a specific handset. I eventually didn’t even get a contract, just kept paying £15 per month for unlimited data and more minutes/texts than I could ever use and bought the handset from them outright for less that £300 because it was about £150 cheaper overall than any other option. But how many standard consumers would do that?

  6. @Julian
    No this is perpaid, so you pay what you want to pay. So low cost phones do make sense.

  7. Am i the only one who sees a problem? With outdated software, small screen size and small screen resolution, this is going to do well?

  8. @achilles yeah, maybe a couple of other folks who want everybody’s grandma to use 2.2 software. For most other people, this will be a cool and cheap phone with Google stuff in it.

  9. 3.2″ screen = suckage.

  10. ITT: geeks who don’t want Android to spread.

  11. Euro’s always get a better choice than the U.S. and the U.S. gets a better choice than Canada, we are like sloppy thirds when it comes to handsets.

  12. Ok, I’m a bit late, but the 845 is currently sold for 30 € without contract at some places in Germany, simlock and netlock free (regular price is 100 €, again without contract etc.). At those price points these devices might make sense.

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