HTC Will Ship 7-8 Million Units for Q3, 9-10 Million Expected Q4



HTC’s combined shipments for the remainder of the year are expected to reach upwards of 16 million handsets from the Taiwanese mobile device manufacturer. The numbers break down to 7-8 million units for Q3 and 9-10 million over Q4. These numbers take into account all of HTC’s offerings, including phones using Android as well as new Windows Phone 7 devices. The projected shipments put HTC at number four out of all handset makers in terms of shipping volume. HTC is expected to sit behind Nokia, RIM, and Apple.

Quite a few HTC Android handsets are on the slate for release, including the T-Mobile G2, Desire Z and Desire HD among unannounced phones planned for Verizon and other carriers. At this rate it won’t be long until HTC is able to crack the top three, though the competition will be stiff.

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  1. I remember when MotoRazr hit 1 million, crazy where we are at now.

  2. What I’d love to see here is HTC selling more handsets than the iPhone. That will shut all apple fanboys saying its one manufacturer (apple) against many for android. Apple’s been selling a little less than 9 million per quarter in the first 2 quarters of 2010. I know they probably sold a lot more in the 3rd quarter with v4 coming out. But 17 million for last 2 quarters from HTC is really good. I’m assuming that the number of windows phones sold by them this year accounts to 10% to 20% of their total. This way, soon we’ll have just one Android manufacturer selling more handsets than Apple.

  3. Keep em coming HTC!

  4. HTC and Android will always stay on top of there game I feel bad for Apple lmao garbage proud evo owner here n would never put this phone down for a iPhone had plenty of those dey all do the same thing at least I get free stuff wit my evo unlike itunes!!! Lol

  5. How many will ZTE and Huawei sell? They will probably top HTC with $100 unlocked phones

  6. Unless there is a Nexus One successor in there with free tethering I’m not interested.

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