Sony’s Google TV Gets Pictured



Who would have thought. Sony’s Google TV offering looks a lot like, well, every other TV Sony has made as of recently. The Sony NSX-46GT1 is an HDTV with Google TV on-board. It was spied at Best Buy’s holiday preview in New York City today running alongside a Dish Network Google TV box. Taking a gander at the images of the actual interface it looks like the same Google TV we have become so eager to get our hands on and it sounds like it runs as promised. Integrated search across internet and TV listings, web browsing, and everything else that sets Google TV to be the next big thing in the living room.

Sony is supposed to be showing this thing off in more depth in early October, and we are expect the next few weeks to hold some big announcements about the holiday availability of this new iteration of Android. Can I haz Google TV now plz?

[via CrunchGear]

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  1. I can’t wait I want that box!

  2. i hope they will bring google tv to the playstation. that would make it available to very many people right from the start.
    also it would be an extra selling argument for people to buy one. “want a google tv settopbox? take the play station, and you have also an blue ray player, well and if you want to play, there are a lot of casual games running on it to play with your friends”

  3. @t_e_e_k Thanks for the marketing strategy. Awesome.

  4. i hope its also 3d ready not just an old hdtv with adndroid tv thrown in to the mix

  5. +1 for Google TV on the Playstation 3!

  6. -1 on the Google TV/PS3 angle. I only want beautiful audio coming from my Google TV and not whirring fan noise!

  7. @Rob the ps3 is whisper quiet, if you can hear you ps3 over your TV then there is something wrong with it lol

  8. I’m waiting to see whether GTV will stream local content or support PC based TV tuners before I get excited about it. Everything I’ve read so far indicates that you will need a DVR and/or set top box to get any real value out of it. Google should be looking to reduce the number of TV peripherals, not add another layer.

    Also, I feel like GTV is another way to sell us services. It will sell you Netflix. It will sell you Amazon Video. It will probably sell you Hulu plus. It will not reduce your dependency on cable providers. One would think that a device bent on selling so many services would be heavily subsidized or free.

  9. What about Google TV on a hacked Apple TV box?

  10. @DroidRiffic…YES. That would be epic. I’d love to turn a useless box into something!

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