Best Buy Introduces ‘Free Phone Fridays’ Promotion for October


best-buy-logoIn a month where you could easily go either way, Best Buy Mobile has opted to provide customers with a treat rather than a trick with a new promotion that will run throughout October. Each Friday for the length of the month will see four phones (one from each major carrier) offered for free along with the prerequisite contracts and two-year terms. It all kicks off this Friday, and two of the featured phones for October 1st will be carrying Android on board. The HTC Aria for AT&T and the Samsung Fascinate on Verizon could be yours for the low low price of free. Each following week four new phones will be announced, so if those options don’t suit your fancy we are sure one of the months offerings eventually will. Bet you regret dropping that whole penny at Amazon for the Fascinate right about now…

[via BGR]

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  1. I’m not real excited. This applies only to new contracts, not upgrades, renewals or new lines. I guess it is good if you happen to be at the end of a contract with one carrier and want to move to another carrier for a free phone, but I don’t see a lot of people doing that.

  2. is this for new customers only, or can current users renew contract with this deal?

  3. oops… didn’t see that comment. (wish i could delete) sorry!

  4. MVTom it states on the bbm site…

    The free phones require new, upgrade or add-a-line activation with two-year agreement.


  5. New accounts are worth more than the phones apparently in terms of profitability.

  6. Need to read into it more. Is it for renewals or new contracts only?

  7. yay i hope they do it with the evo because im about to start a contract on sprint and this just made it that much cheaper if they offer said phone :)

  8. This is for New contracts, upgrades, and added lines to a plan. It says it here in plain english http://www.bby.com/2010/09/28/tgif-best-buy-mobile-launches-free-phone-fridays-for-the-month-of-october/

  9. Phandroid, please keep us updated every week as to which phones they’re going to be offering for free.

  10. @MVTom, your information is incorrect as far as I know. This applies to new contracts, upgrades, and add a line activation.

  11. Sorry, I was wrong. I made the mistake of going with the leaked information instead of waiting for the official release. Learned my lesson, won’t do that again.

  12. Seeing shit like this pisses me off…because I bought 2 new Vibrants when they first came out for $199 each. Then just weeks later all these BOGO and .01 offers start popping up everywhere. NOW FREE??? Pissed, that’s all I can say. Why not do something for the people that supported the phone from the beginning by paying for it? Why not cut us some slack? Here’s an idea, give us one year off our contract. That way when the next newest phone rolls around next year I can get it and renew my contract…instead of having to wait another fucking year!

  13. Is there anyway to tell what phones will be offered for this through out the month? I would hate to pass on a phone I want in hopes that a phone I want more would be available a later week.

  14. @Contraus….that’s the price you pay for having the latest and greatest so use it as a learning experience. I learned my lesson years ago when it comes to phones…don’t be too quick to jump on the newest thing out there.

    I wanted a Droid X when they came out…but I held off, now hopefully my waiting will pay off and sometime in October I’ll get one for free :)

  15. @Contraus: Pro tip- Early adoption does not always benefit the end user. There isn’t any point in getting upset about it, unless you get enough people to be upset with you that the companies decide to cut you the slack you desire.

  16. Just got my Fascinate at BB on an upgrade. Cost $0!!!

  17. I got the fascinate when it came out at best buy and was able to price match and get a full refund if anyone is in the same situation they should price match.

  18. Got my Fascinate for FREE on friday 10/02. Was due for an upgrade/renewal anyway so this was a sweet deal. I read all the research/reviews and went and actually put my hands on one at the Verizon store (since BB only has “dummy” phones).

    @Contraus – “you snooze you loose” and “early bird getting the worm” is not always applicable. And your foul mouth is definately not appreciated.

  19. Anyone know what free phones are being offered for Oct. 8th?

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