Atmel maxTouch Technology Used in the Samsung Galaxy Tab


It’s been announced that Samsung’s chosen Atmel’s maxTouch display technology for use in their Samsung Galaxy Tab – something they also did with their Samsung Galaxy S phones. HTC also decided to go with maxTouch for some of their more recent, beefier Android handsets (with the HTC EVO 4G and HTC Droid Incredible being confirmed subjects). For those that don’t know, Atmel’s panels register virtually unlimited amounts of touches for smooth multi-touch performance and makes overall use of a touchscreen device noticeably smoother.

At least for the Galaxy Tab, it contradicts what I wrote about the device’s touchscreen responsiveness in my hands-on impressions, but it could just be due to the fact that the device was running unfinished software. Here’s a full list of what makes these panels as good as they are.

Unlimited touches
Low power consumption
Fast response — completely redraws screen every 4/1000 of a second (4ms) to eliminate recalibration issues
Excellent signal-to-noise ratio for superior precision — 3x better than competitive products
Superior performance for first-touch response — 3x better than competitive products
Unambiguous, unlimited touch support
Responsive user interface: > 250 Hz report rate for a single touch
Extremely low current consumption: < 1.8 mW in “touch-ready” state
Two touch adjacency of less than 10 mm on a 4.3″ touchscreen
Small footprint with few external components
Supports stylus, fingernails, and gloves
Grip and face suppression functionality: avoids false touches
Size and angle of touch supported
Screen sizes up to 10.2″ are supported by a single chip
Proximity channel support

Atmel says to expect maxTouch technology in other tablets in the coming months – which we assume will come from the likes of HTC, Motorola, and others.

[via AaM]

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  1. The very same technology is used in the galaxy S devices.

  2. Im always trying to learn more about what companies products make up a device. So with this said, I know Cornings Gorilla Glass is used in a LOT of phones. So…does this mean the Samsung Galaxy S product lines uses this companies product as well?

  3. @ Rafyvitto: good timing & thanks for the answer!

  4. @Rafyvitto
    Yeah that’s what it says in the first sentence

  5. I would rather take her home than the phone :)

  6. Same technology in my HTC EVO :)

  7. So, is this used in the G2 or Desire Z I wonder? After dealing with Nexus One screen issues daily, I’ll send back the G2 if it doesn’t.

  8. Is the clarity gonna be any better? Im fine with my Evo Epson panel but crispier screen would be a plus.

  9. I always amazed at the number of technology manufacturers who make many of the hardware components for their competitors. Nothing like investing in the companies that build the hardware for the most popular consumer goods. You’re bound to increase your earnings, no matter what handset, touch tablet or mobile Internet device prevails.

  10. Really? Nobody had anything to say about the sheer ridiculousness of the video?

  11. i agree and i strongly tell: Price too elevated for some two deceptions: Rear camera is only 3 Megapixels, HTC EVO 4G ALSO HTC Desire have 8 Megapixels camera. Second deception is battery charge last 4 hours! They tell 7 but benchmark tets say 6 and WHEN WI-FI and BLUETOOTH ON drop to only 4 hours. No interchangeable battery, the battery is built inside and no access! Apart is interesting and i will buy, but many wont be able for so elevated price, after 1 year, nobody will want more than $350. at ebay! It does not keep value as HTC, Sony, HP. Mr. Samsung read me, don’t joust travel! Make a surprising Rollback price drop…You’ll sell MILLIONS and helping poor people to use it to work with as i do, i work on computers for printer company i built Posters and CD/DVD producer. So, more sales, for less high price. More expensive make stealers! ALL GPS were stealed…now prices dropped and few stolen and more people don’t lost there way, and less pollution for easyer fing there destination and more time having for be in family! You must think that, i would merit to be president of Samsung! Maybe if he reag me…or he’s lost for no GPS! LOL! Take the life as a game, we’re actors and God like to see how inteligent we are. Enjoy life.

  12. I just love how whenever there’s some futuristic large touch screen or projection interface they always show the user standing instead of sitting. There’s not even a chair at her desk in this video. What, in the future we won’t have chairs?

  13. Great chips, but there is a serious limitation “Screen sizes up to 10.2″ :( :( :(

    Any solution for multitouch on big screens outside 3m’s ? (plz, forget about dualtouch)

    Ey Atmel where are thou ?

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