Samsung Fascinate for a Penny from Amazon


We didn’t expect Amazon to leave out the fourth and final Galaxy S phone when it comes to this deal, but just as they did with the Vibrant and Captivate before it, they’re now offering the Samsung Fascinate for a penny. You can only get the phone at this price if you’re a new Verizon customer signing up for a two-year contract. If you’re currently with Big Red looking to upgrade, you can still knock $100 off of its normal upgrade price of $200. Head on over to Amazon to get started.


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Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Thats one hell of a deal!!! Cant wait to get my own Galaxy S soon! =0)

  2. I wonder why because the phone is a horrible peice of equipment

  3. @brian
    I have it and have no more issues then i had with the droid x or incredible so im not sure exactly how you say its a horrible piece of equipment. Maybe spend more time in english and you wouldn’t misspell piece.

  4. All this shows is that the money is made on the plan not on the subsidized phone price.

  5. The Fascinate is hobbled in software by Verizon. The default search engine is Bing (not Google) and this can’t be changed. So great apps like Google Voice search are a no go.
    Not recommended

  6. This deal has been going on for a few weeks now.

  7. This is why I am getting the Droid Incredible…

  8. Droid Incredible FTW !

  9. Too bad no such deals for Samsung Epic…

  10. @tommy
    Once froyo hits you will be able to have google search and all the google widgets

  11. @tommy who are you to recommend or not recommend a phone? the google search will be updated soon enough. this phone is destroying incredible and dx sales in my store. not even close.

  12. that is one penny i’ll never get back…

  13. I hope this deal lasts to November when I get my upgrade, I’m not expecting that it will, so I won’t hold my breath but my fingers… they’re crossed!

  14. i added a line to my family plan just to get this for the $200 BOGO price, and it was worth every penny

    anyone quoting the media spin about Bing search needs to shut up before they make themselves look like a fool, because here’s why….What’s the first thing that happens when you hit go in the search field? It opens the browser to do the search…Or you could just open the browser with home page set to Google if thats your thing and get the same exact thing as a Google search gadget! Hows that for obvious you media regurgitating lemmings!?

    how about talk about how once it is rooted and tweaked the hardware is capable of wiping the floor with every other phone out in existence right now? go try to hit a 2200 Quadrant score on any HTC or Motorola Droid phone…you can’t, because the Fascinate sports more advanced hardware that isn’t even fully utilized yet….

    how about all the guys at work with Droid X’s and IPhones who are oogling the Fascinate because it’s S-AMOLED screen and super thin lightweight features?

    really? Brian and Tommy? do they let you think for yourself ever?

  15. Acheese:

    I am sure that some store will have a deal on the Fascinate on Black Friday.

  16. This is not the final Galaxy S Phone, U.S. Cellular is releasing a version next month.

  17. @Chris You’re criticizing someone else’s English? You didn’t capitalize “I” or “English”, you left apostrophes out of I’m and it’s. You wrote then instead of than. Maybe instead of spending your time buying Android phones you should read a book.


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