Motorola Droid R2-D2 Launch Party Locations Revealed


If you are geeking out at the chance to wrap up two of your favorite pastimes into one device (assuming Star Wars and Android are two of your favorite pastimes) then you probably don’t want to miss out on your chance to hang out with other like-minded individuals and even get your picture taken with some of your favorite characters from the Star Wars Universe. Verizon will be hosting a series of launch parties for the Droid R2-D2 come September 30th, and all are welcome to attend. Unfortunately for us right coasters it looks like all of the stores that will be having midnight launches or early openings are located in the left half of the States, but anyone who can make it out and purchases a new Droid (any Droid) will receive an R2-D2 shirt and poster.

See the full list below. If you plan on going feel free to hook-up with others who will be attending in the comments below, and if you get some good pics or stories from the launch don’t be afraid to share them with us!


[via DroidLife]

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  1. If this isn’t a world phone then what’s the point?

  2. i think it’s pretty butt ugly, but I’m sure the Die Hard Star Wars fans will like it..

  3. WTH… no east coast love… :( Oh well.. I love the idea and I love Star Wars, but personally holding out till the holidays before upgrading

  4. That’s it? None in the midwest or out east?

  5. woohoo san diego!! i can make it too. thats right after my advanced engineering mathamatics and ochem exams. haha

  6. They don’t mention what times that they are doing anything. I can not imagine that it is an all day event.

  7. How sad.

  8. Does anyone care? Are Phandroid being paid for this exhaustive coverage of some special edition of extremely limited interest?

  9. There are other stores offering the phone… West Little Rock in LR, Arkansas… Cordova in West Tennessee. There are other locations. Contact your local store to find out where!

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