HTC Hero for Sprint Receives a Maintenance Update



Everyone has gone update happy this week, so update happy that even the HTC Hero for Sprint is getting in on the action with a bump up to firmware version 2.31.651.7. The update fixes issues with the phone dialer and GPS, but we are afraid that this may be getting to the end of the line in terms of future progression of the device. We already know the handset won’t get Android 2.2 (Froyo), so it seems like Sprint is just setting users up with a nice place to live — sort of like a retirement home — until the Hero is finally released from its mortal coils to join its brethren in Android heaven.

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  1. Waited for two days! So happy too. What all does it improve???

  2. Alas, the Dialer on the Hero 2.2 was so busted it was hard to believe they let it ship. 20 second delay from dial button to actual call, double calls, the works. It was a real nightmare. I can deal with lots of bugs, but not the ones surrounding the PHONE.

  3. I meant 2.1

  4. This better fix the dialer, the main point of the phone is to call someone not delay, call twice or even create a conference call with the same person. If this does not work time to throw it out

  5. my dialer works great. then again, im running on 2.2 through CM6. i love my phone.

  6. Update breaks root and cannot be rerooted with universal androot or unrevoked for hero. Not sure about unrevoked forever. My EVO rerooted fine, but a no go for the hero.

  7. TIM, isn’t that for the firmware update that hapless a few months back? There is a workaround for those who updated

  8. Today’s ota update would not install on the rooted hero with 2.1. I had to reinstall 2.1, then get the ota. Unless, there’s a manual update for rooted phones. But, haven’t seen it anywhere.

  9. Why even bother doing all that Tim? You could’ve just waited till a dev incorporated the fix into a ROM and flashed it.

  10. I don’t mess with custom roms. I like stock sense. I just rooted for apps, and to delete bloat apps.

  11. I don’t even flash roms on my rooted evo. However, if they get a stable build of the new sense rom, i may try it.

  12. The build number did not change, still .6 as like the last Ota update

  13. this phone is awful

  14. #13… ok

    Anyway, I must just be one of the fortunate ones who has not experienced some of the issues listed with the phone! But really, it’s almost a year, so the Hero is reaching the end of it’s shelf life. But the phone is not really awful as some would say. The size is perfect, the screen is good too. If they upgraded the handset (HeroII) with a snapdragon processor and an AMOLED display, well the HERO would be a huge seller once again.

    I love my hero, but don’t need this update anyway. Rooted with stock ROM just to remove apps unwanted! It is MY phone after all and should be able to do that! could you imagine purchasing a $1,500 pc and not being able to remove software from it??? I really don’t understand how they get away with this, but anyway, just my $.02


  15. I thought it was just my dialer/phone that is a piece of crap. You know how many times I’ve throw this phone because it does not actually work as a phone? I hope this update fixes the dialer problems, other wise I’m going to Ebay it and move on.

  16. @NYCHitman1

    In regards to:

    Why even bother doing all that Tim? You could’ve just waited till a dev incorporated the fix into a ROM and flashed it.

    Which was already done: http://androidforums.com/sprint-hero-all-things-root/184579-nfx-sprint-2-31-651-7-stock-deoxed-odex.html .

    Take a look in that post and you will find a custom ROM with the update applied. Good times.

  17. I would buy HTC Hero2 without hesitation. A few problems with the Hero but I still love this phone, and hopefully all the bugs will be worked out on the next one. They need to enable Bluetooth share on these phones though. I hope my diaper works now.

  18. Fuck That my Hero kicks Ass with its CM6 As a Sprint premiere corporate client I get updates every year and any phone I want for $100 bucks but I dont see anything worth getting right now. Epic dont need a Keyboard, EVO screens suck and its just a bigger Hero and since they do not have 4G in Phoenix anyways what am I paying the extra $10 a month for? My Hero still competes with some of the offerings coming out TODAY until that changes why spend $100 bucks?

  19. Liberator: the EVO is certainly not just a bigger hero. I have both in my household. I used the hero for 9 mths before getting the EVO. The EVO smokes it in many ways, even even with no 4G. If you want to hold on to your hero, that’s ok. But, no need to make things up just to justify that decision. It’s obvious you haven’t tested out an EVO. Besides, using your logic, any new phone would be just a bigger hero. The EVO trumps the hero in every way, especially the processing power. What kind of specs are you waiting on?

  20. The EVO is a bigger Hero? LMAO!!! Dude you are in such denial!! They aren’t even in the same ballpark!!

    The Hero does not compete in any way to EVO/Epic/Droidx etc

    That statement shows how ignorant you are..

  21. don’t go for the update!!it has fucked up my battery life. Now it hardly lasts for 3-4 hrs.

  22. I agree with Liberator…update the Hero to a faster processor, and you would have a very competitive phone. The size is great, and tweaked right even the current hardware isn’t terrible. I’m running a fast, clean, stable froyo build (aospMod) that gives me all the features I need, with linpac scores above 5 and quadrant scores in the mid 400s. Not bad for last year’s $99 phone. I’ll keep it.

  23. Heros EOL date is next month. Next month the Samsung Transforms comes out around teh 10th and the LG Optimus will be announced around the 3rd.

  24. Well, I will say this to you rick james….The network that these devices that you mention run on is not quite prime time…(4g) Having said that and knowing that this phone (hero) I got for next to nothing compared to what was out there 6 months ago, I can truly say that a bigger phone would not work for me due to my job. Those phones are for people who can store the phones without worry of damage.

    The hero works for me….I don’t have a smart phone to watch movies..That is what my hd tv is for.

  25. excuse me…..”Those phones”…The hero phone..

  26. @Tim,

    Over at XDA Developers, nfiniteFX has a totally stock ROM out with this fix built in. It seems like exactly what you want – it’s rooted, bloat-less, and totally stock.

  27. I’m so done with my Hero using the crap Sprint puts out. I haven’t had dialer lag once since I switched to CM6. My phone works perfectly as a phone. Who knew the Hero could do that? Seriously, quit screwing around with the Sense UI and turn your phone into pure awesomeness. Just add CM6 with Launcher Pro Plus and you are good to go. Going to CM6 was the only way I was going to get to the end of my contract without going absolutely insane. And I have FroYo. And FroYo is freaking grand. Now, 14 months doesn’t seem like such a big deal anymore for me or my wife.

  28. I’m just happy with my droid incredible. Honestly, its the best phone out there, the droid x and evo are huge, like mini ipads, and the epic and galaxy are Samsung, whichcompany us not reliable. The incredible is the best phone there

  29. I am really happy with CM6 and it makes me wonder why Sprint and/or HTC could not get Froyo on the Hero. Perhaps because they insist on Sense…which looks great but runs like crap.

  30. I installed the piece of crap update. My phone dialer still lags, as does my husband’s, and now my gmail account won’t sync emails. Great update!

  31. This phone is a piece of crap. I have the same dialing issues as everyone else. I thought it was just me. I can’t wait to be able to get rid of it. However, after all debocal that I’ve had with this phone, I’m ready to leave Sprint all together.

  32. There are so many issues with my HTC Hero that I have promised myself that I will never buy another Android device ever again. This phone will not even do a reoccurring calendar event more that one time. Google you should be embarrassed. I do not believe the calendar issue is a Sprint problem but a Google problem. Junk.

  33. Okay I own a hero and the update does help the dialer. This phone went from one of the “best” to the worst way too fast. There are worst scenarios out there like instead of choosing the hero choosing the moment.

  34. Now after doing the update I get all these network errors. I have tried clicking the checkbox on both wifi and sprint macro network. Most of my apps including mail/outlook now update but there is a pop up menu error connection. Anyone else having these problems?

  35. Anyone else have problems with their Hero when paired to their car’s bluetooth? If someone calls me, it will ring through the car’s stereo system, but when I answer, the call is on the headset and will not transfer to the audio system. It normally works if I dial out (though not always). I was hoping this update would fix it, but it seems the only thing the update did was slow down everything on my phone :(

  36. I’m not sure what the update does, but all of a sudden my phone last over a day and half now, versus 12 hours that I had before. I’m just going to make a guess they are linked, since I did nothing to help my battery life. Thank you Sprint!

  37. The new update does break root and locks your spl so you cant flash a custom recovery… the first step to flashing a custom rom. Not that u cant get around this. Flash rom manager, flash clockwork mod recovery, and flash an engineering spl with an unlocked bootloader and bam FU Sprint. Free tethering, Froyo 2.2.1 on my Hero and you said it wasn’t possible! And btw the verizon hero cdma radio gives lots of people much better 3g performance. It was a 5x increase in speed for me.

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