It’s a Fact: Recent EVO 4G Update Removes Framerate Cap



We were all wondering when (if at all) HTC would get around to fixing the framerate capping issue uncovered way back when on the EVO 4G. It turns out the “minor” update released earlier this week has the EVO saying bye-bye to a measly 30 frames per second limit. Though HTC had initially stated the problem couldn’t be solved with new firmware alone (even though hackers were able to loosen the restraints using a bit of code), it seems they must have found a way if only to silence the outcry of EVO fanboys everywhere. Not such a minor update after all, huh?

[via Engadget]

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  1. Since the update yesterday, I feel like I have a brand new phone.

  2. How does it compare to just using a 3rd party kernel? I’ve heard that those weren’t true uncapping so I’m honestly curious. Either way I won’t be installing any Sprint updates but these things have a way of ending up in more optimized ROMs.

  3. It’s real!!! I saw a benchmarks video at androidcentral. I’m loving it!!!

  4. This is good news! I’ve yet to confirm, but will get around to it soon.

    I’m sure it originally was a last ditch and intentional tweak to try and conserve battery life. Though I highly doubt it helped much at all in that regard except for making any sort of gaming or interactive experience on the EVO less appealing by leaps and bounds.

    They “found a way” to back out their horrid capping mod and return to normal operation is likely what they did. The capping was poorly implemented and I have video to prove it beyond just seeing a weak 30 FPS cap and like I mentioned it’s doubtful if it significantly helped battery life which is the only reason I could see for something like this.

    The funny thing too is that it’s quite easy to properly cap to 30FPS if the software/game dev wants to. If it was a proper cap in the first place I’d have less issues with it, but it was just hastily and poorly implemented on HTC’s side of things.

  5. I get 53fps every time I test it now and my phone is just barely behind stock N1 froyo when I run Quadrant. It is now the second best phone on the market behind the N1.

  6. how is it we still getting 28.2 on the neocore benchmark?

  7. Does anyone know if therwe is a better screen then on the galaxy s ? I have an evo and my little brothers screen looks wayyy better on his epic. When he shot video of the same thing his looked far superior to mine..

  8. i wish sprint get the galaxy s with out the keyboard.

  9. @Michael, the epic gets better score than both n1 and the evo with out froyo, imagine how is going to be when the epic get some froyo love.

  10. Oh yeah. SWYPE is much faster too! LOVE THIS UPDATE!!

  11. @ Moises

    I wish Sprint released an EVO 4G with a Keyboard so people wouldnt give a shit if the Epic had a Keyboard or not.

  12. thats a lie the evo gets more its right behind the n1 on fps it goes up n down wit da dx n yes my evo feels much smoother :)

  13. I had Baked Snack 1.7 and it’s a little better that the OTA. The OTA stutters sometimes when I scroll or when playing games like Dunger Hunter. Went back to Baked. I don’t have any GPS issue or have multiple gmail accounts so there was no need to keep the OTA.

  14. Much smoother instantly. Figured I’d see if there was something other than was mentioned (gmail, calendar).

    Very cool.

  15. Hmmmm, doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of difference in the games – it’s still jittery as hell from the videos I’ve seen. I guess uncapping can only do so much.

  16. Nobody gives a shit about a POS ego! If you want a real phone get an HTC incredible. It has an amoled led screen which is used in the galaxy. It is way faster than any phone on the market right now. At speedtest.net I pull 2.6 upload and 1.8 download. Sprint is Sprint. they suck. PERIOD. get a real phone pussys

  17. Recently rooted my phone, and I can’t seem to install this update. Every time I go to install it, I reboots and then gives me a screen with the lil’ Android dude and an exclamation point. It just sits there. The only option I have to remove the batter and hard reset. Phone works fine, but the update isn’t applied… this has happened over and over again. Anyone have any suggestions?

  18. Can I use unrevoked to root with this new update?

  19. @ michael
    nope, my galaxy S running eclair craps all over the N1 with froyo, quadrant benchmarks are way better on galaxy S, have a look at xda forum for chalk&cheese comparisons.

  20. @Ronny

    Your dumb. the Incrediible has an Amoled screen, the Galaxy S has a Super Amoled screen, A.K.A…..BETTER! Speedtest.net is used to measure bandwidth speeds. The Samsung Galaxy S(Epic 4g) which as you can see by the 4g label is theoretically faster in this department than the HTC Incredible. Also, the Hummingbird processor in all Galaxy S phones is far superior to the Incredibles Snapdragon processor in real world application and benchmark results. If your gonna talk shit atleast do it right.

  21. your ALL fucking idiots, and @Nick. if your rooted, genius. YOU CAN NOT UPDATE VIA OTA ANYMORE. Your going to have to unroot your Device if you want the OTA updates to work. . damn. Do your research before you think you know what your doing. n the rest of you ex iPhone fanboy LOSERS need to shut the fuck up with all this my phones better bullshit. Android! powers your damn handsets and Android is all you ignorant simpletons need to agree on, fuck your device itself, cause without the OS that piece of shit is just a paper weight. XD

  22. Evo will win the device of the year.

  23. Some of you folks really need to lighten up…is it really that serious?

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