EVO 4G Hacked To Rid Itself of 30FPS Limit and Gain WiFi N


Let’s face it: when you try to impose restrictions on the devices of thousands of developers, those restrictions aren’t going to hold up for long. We first saw it when Nexus One developers found a way to unlock the device’s HD video recording capabilities, and now the HTC EVO 4G is getting a bit of that same tender love and care.

In the case of the EVO, that pesky 30FPS cap that was hampering the device’s potential graphics performance has been scraped away by the good folks over at XDA. After applying the patch, you can use a benchmark program to see just how much of a boost you’re getting: an average of 54FPS in the case of the device above.

Some things to note after taking a quick look at the thread: the hack is only “optimized” for hardware version 003 at this time (I put optimized in quotes because the hack itself isn’t fully stable yet, but it’s working). This is due to the fact that the different hardware revisions are using different displays. Version 002 uses Nova’s, while 003 is using Epson’s.

Still, the developers at XDA work insanely fast, so I’m sure those of you on version 0002 won’t have long to wait. Follow all of the action and gather all of the details you need starting at this link.


As for WiFi N? It’s easy peasy (if you’re comfortable with this sort of stuff) and it takes a couple of seconds to unlock the great potential your device has ahead of HTC’s cue. Follow this link if you want those goodies, as well.

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  1. Can someone please explain what this means? What is fps? And why is 30 a low number?

  2. FPS is frames per second. Animations are actually just still shots that are shown one right after another very quickly. If your animation is running at 30 FPS, that means every second you see 30 still shots in rapid sequence.

    30 FPS is actually not that slow. FPS limits are put in place in order to have fixed performance in applications.

  3. FPS stands for: Front Person Scenario. It means that, as long as you’re using your EVO 4G, you are the most important person to Google.

    What does this mean to you? Well, if you’re the type of person that eats, breathes and sleeps for a living, then you’re going to be very proud of this label.

    Once you are an FPS, my friend, you will find that everything in life comes just a little bit easier. That girl you like? YOURS. That job you need? YOURS. All that’s missing is you, man.

    So, step up. Take your phone. Hold it tightly, and accept the fact that you are an FPS. You’re probably the only FPS you know.

    Unless, of course, you don’t have an EVO 4G. Then you’re a waste of fresh air.

  4. @alberto: FPS = first person shooter you n00b. jk I cant wait to see how many phones get burned up overclocking processors and such. I just wanna get my white evo and grab a slingbox or somethin so when football season hits i can catch all the games on my kickstand at work. YES!

  5. You gotta love a phone that’s so well supported by it’s maker that they don’t bother fixing the FPS issue or enabling the Wifi N that it’s already capable of. It’s stuff like this that really make me ashamed of the Open Source camp, which I am the biggest supporter of.

    I’m finding it harder and harder to stay supportive though. When Google won’t even enable bluetooth keyboards on it’s super-open-and-customizable phone, and Apple does, it really makes me think twice about where I stand.

  6. @Hampteezy, FPS=Frames per second.

  7. And here I’d been thinking it was First Person Singular. lol


  9. @sean – right on. I’m tired of these manufacturers deciding when we consumers are worthy of being able to use the functions already built into their phones. Especially when it takes people like XDA about half a day to hack it. Open source is supposed to Open, why do they think they have the right to use open source and then close it down?

  10. @James: that has to be the funniest thing i’ve read all day!!! LMAO, thanks for that, my fellow FPS

  11. Lol. Man I should ask more questions more often with funny answers like these. Well now I know what fps is and what it doesn’t mean. Haha

  12. I have no idea why some people have their panties in a bunch, Google/HTC have said Froyo increases FPS as well as enables Wireless N, among other new features. A lot of folks with rooted EVO’s are learning they will not be able to run certain software, case in point, Slingmedia. Sling support have been telling folks with rooted devices, Sling cannot offer support, the Sling app will not work on rooted devices. People have to be patient, the EVO is less than a month old. Froyo is coming soon.

  13. “Informed” has the best comment

  14. INFORMED you are ILL-informed

  15. @SEAN JK=Just kidding…come on now. A little gaming humor mixed in with android talk is okay right?

  16. it doesn’t matter what oem’s think we’re worthy of, they will be turning off stuff we use and turning on things we hate for the rest of the existance of humanity because they pay attention to numbers, not people. now that open source is cheaper for them, we can stop bitching about it and just make things do whatever we damn well want them to.

  17. LOL @ Informed, literally. I don’t need sling’s support. My evo is rooted and will likely have their sw before they release it only modified and supported by the open source community which is significantly larger and more skilled than the half a dozen programers sling employed. If I report a bug to an open source Dev I see a fix in days. Report one to sling and you will be lucky if they laugh at you. Nothing like interacting directly with the devs…

  18. I don’t need sling support on my evo. I teether to my netbook and watch sling box from there. Besides it’s free download and a bigger screen. @ James U r one sick sick funny person. U had me rolling. Thanks for the laugh

  19. How to use htc evo hdmi?

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