LG Optimus for T-Mobile to Feature Wi-Fi Calling



Wi-Fi calling in my T-Mobile LG Optimus? It’s more likely than you think. More precisely the phone will allow you to “make calls using broadband internet connections via Wi-Fi hotspots without using your minutes.” Or that is what this latest leak by way of TMoNews is telling us. While that is easily the most thrilling aspect of the document, other specs are detailed including Android 2.2, 3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen, and a 3.2MP camera.

The source of the leak commented that the phone would feature “native” Wi-Fi capabilities, whatever that is supposed to mean, but the whole thing just has us piecing it together with the news we just offered up regarding Kineto’s Smart WiFi UMA calling app. Whether or not the two are related I suppose we will just have to wait and see.

[via TMoNews]

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New Smart WiFi App from Kineto Wirelss Enables UMA on Android Phones

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  1. The fact that it also mentions mobile hotspot is pretty big too, since T-Mo’s official line is “We’re not setup for that, we’ll let you know.”

  2. This is great news for Android, UMA, and T-Mobile.

  3. I LOVE T MOBILE and dont want to go to any other carrier,
    but they need some serious phones, this one is gonna be another cliq xt. :( i just know it.

  4. and by cliq xt i mean fail.

  5. Let’s hope oher carriers are forced to follow suit.

  6. will this appp be available for all? i imagine a dev will port it?

  7. just this month I thought T-mobile was pointing at no UMA on Androids http://gigaom.com/2010/09/13/is-t-mobile-backing-away-from-uma/

  8. So, will this hotspot option come with an extra charge?

  9. @Jeff72

    I have been using the wifi hotspot on my Nexus for several months (since Android 2.2 version was released) and havent been charged extra for it (I have an unlimited data plan).

    The wifi hotspot is part of the 2.2 Android OS.

    This article is about UMA technology, which is being able to use a wifi signal as phone service when you are in a bad cell area, which is awesome and quite a needed option for most TMO customers.


  10. no data plans are unlimited they all have a cap check your carriers policy for details

  11. There’s a cap, but it’s not like they cut you off. I’ve been using the wifi hotspot on my phone for the last couple weeks since my hotel wants $6/day for internet. I hit the cap and got an sms saying I was throttled back for the rest of the billing period. Speed test still says I’m at ~2M down though.

  12. Guys, come and support the T-Mobile UMA Fan page! Hopefully we’ll see UMA for Android soon!


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