Droid R2-D2 Dummy Units Making their Way to Verizon Stores



Just like Han Solo making the Kessel Run, someone has smuggled out a few pictures of the Motorola Droid R2-D2 in stock at Verizon. Well, the dummy units anyway. The release of the Star Wars-themed device shouldn’t be too far away, and with a World Edition refresh of the Droid 2 not far away either, it looks like those in the market for the handset will have quite a few options to consider. The phone is still looking pretty good in terms of pure geek awesomeness. I especially like the nice white and blue lettering of the slide-out keyboard. So who can’t wait to have this thing bleep-bloop-boppin’ in their pocket?


[via BGR]

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  1. lovin this. Im not a fan of the droid 2 at all. But i like what they did here =]

  2. Trust me, owning one of these will make it so that the only thing remotely arousing your pocket lightsaber, will be the bleep-bloop-boppin’ phone itself.

  3. That’s a good looking phone, until you turn it over….

  4. A friend of mine works for Verizon, he said they will be doing a late night premier next Wednesday for a Thursday release.

  5. for those of you thinking that buying this phone will limit the amount of action from the opposite gender are idiots… this phone is pure win. and i am definitely going to try to get one. and i bet even with the phone i will get more action than “jubbs”

  6. the back of it makes it look like a toy lol if it was in black and gray like the front it would be a whole lot better

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