New Smart WiFi App from Kineto Wirelss Enables UMA on Android Phones


While I’m sure many Android users might not be completely aware of the benefits of UMA, those that have relied on it in the past can attest to it being a real life-saver. The folks at Kineto Wirelss agree and have wrapped UMA functionality into the latest version of their Smart WiFi app for Android 2.2 phones. With Smart WiFi, UMA allows your phone to use any regular old WiFi router as an extension of your cellular network. For instance, if you live in that one house in the neighborhood that happens to be a dead zone for your network, as long as you have a wireless internet connection set up you can place and receive calls and text messages without interruption.

Smart WiFi even manages the seamless switching between using your cellular network’s towers and your WiFi router as an access point. Kineto’s statement on the matter:

“Smartphones have highlighted the coverage and capacity challenges of mobile networks, especially in indoor locations. Operators have started to look to Wi-Fi, already installed in many homes and offices, to address these issues… we have now enhanced our Smart Wi-Fi Application to support the latest version of Android and validated it with the leading Android smartphone manufacturers.”

Of course, this isn’t field of dreams here and if they build it not all manufacturers and carriers will come. But a few are apparently already working with the company (you won’t be able to simply download this one in the market). The following video seems to suggest that Samsung and T-Mobile may be two partners, but then again the not-so-cleverly blacked out network branding may suggest otherwise. Also interesting to note is the announcement of the Android 2.2 version as it is shown on a 2.1 device. I’m just splitting hairs with that one, though.

[via AndroidGuys]

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  1. and what does this do again?

  2. this allows you to make calls over your wifi instead of your cellular network?

  3. So this has to be pre-installed to work? I’m not familiar with UMA (this is the first I’m hearing of it), so correct me if I’m wrong: We can’t download this from the market and use it on existing phones (like the D1).

  4. I’ve been dying for my phone to have UMA support. Cell coverage in my house is horrid, but as soon as I step out the door, full bars…

  5. I’m assuming that the carrier has to put this on the phone? I would pay for this app. It would let me drop my home phone line.

  6. AT&T should bundle this with all of their phones…

  7. Guys, come and support the T-Mobile UMA Fan page! Hopefully we’ll see UMA for Android soon!

  8. Well said Haggie. May be it was developed for ATT Wireless

  9. @ QuantumRand – just cut the roof off then. ;)

  10. How do you get it on N1? I want it now. Best of all features – it works international!

  11. I know Verizon and AT&T both sell wifi boxes that allow your cell phones to connect via wifi, but this is the first time hearing that you can do it with any wifi connection using a application on the phone. The ones they sell (for about $199 equipment cost) allows you to do that and you would register your phones on the system.

  12. Haggie,
    At present the only US carrier to support UMA Is T-Mobile. AT&T has repeatedly stated in the past they would have nothing to do with UMA

  13. Your network/carrier needs to support uma in order for your call to connect to them.
    As far as I know at&t use a femtocell which is a standard GSM signal.

    Orange Uk support uma and have recently merged with T-Mobile. Whether there’s some connection here I don’t know.

  14. Sounds like it is basically a Sprint Air Rave in an app! :-) Now when can I get this app! I am headed to Stockholm for AndroidOnly tomorrow!!!

  15. doesnt google voice do this too? probably wrong but i thought google voice had voip

  16. UMA is basically voip for your phone (google voice has it’s own number when you apply for one), when you’re connected on the wifi at home, your signal and call quality improves.

    had it on my tmobile blackberry 9700 and thats the only thing i missed about my bb

  17. I waited and waited for T-MO to get off their asses and make this happen. I couldn’t wait any longer so now I’m with Verizon and have their femtocell. I think it actually works better than UMA anyways.

  18. Although UMA works on any Wifi where femtocell only works in one location. So it would be good to have both.

  19. Cannot wait to get this on my t-mobile phone. Call reception sucks 80 feet underground (no signal ever), currently I have to use fring (or another VoIP app).

  20. So where do I download it for my Driod X on Verizon?

  21. @swampfox, is a so so wifi calling deal for android.

  22. @Mike: The femtocell devices that carriers currently sell do not use Wifi at all. They are like mini cell towers, but you, not the carrier, provide the backhaul via your wired Internet connection.

  23. Has anyone found a download yet?

  24. Is this confirmation that T-Mobile will support it?

  25. This is only for GSM networks

    No love for Sprint :(

    Verizon probably does not need any

  26. @ mike
    “doesnt google voice do this too? probably wrong but i thought google voice had voip”

    No, Google Voice is basically call forwarding. Although now it is combined with gmail calls which is voip. So I think it just switches technologies depending on where the call is being made or sent to. Like for my Android phone even with the Voice app installed it’s simply call forwarding to my cell number. When I make a call from my cell but tell it to use Google Voice I think it calls out with my cell number to a Google number, then passes the call off to where ever I was calling but it uses my Voice number which will show up on the receivers caller ID. But if I make a call through the web site then it will be voip.

  27. Since both Nokia 6301 with T-mobile what a relief…no more bad service in my home or anywhere else…just pick wi-fi and work throe same number… I’m going 2 buy 1 more 4 U never know…

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