Samsung Fascinate to Receive Minor OTA Update



Remember that rather lengthy list of ‘known issues’ for Verizon’s Samsung Fascinate? They are sure to be dealing with quite a few of those bugs with a new OTA update that will be released quietly in the shadow of the Droid X’s big Froyo update. The new update, i500.DI01, won’t bring the Fascinate up to Android 2.2, though. Instead it should improve the phone’s notification system, polish up email sync, make quicker transitions between 3G data and 1.x, and improve the phone’s ability to search while on a call. Those all sound like good enough reasons to update to me.

[AC via Engadget]

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  1. when is this update coming out?

  2. Checked with my Fascinate, says no new update available yet. It will be interesting to see what it does to my rooted, de-Binged phone.

  3. no fixes for my 2 MAJOR problems:

    – GPS is nearly non-functional

    – horrible call quality in any environment with background noise

  4. @Eli, you need to get your phone replaced. Those aren’t common issues. My Fascinate has great GPS and great call quality.

  5. Cannot download itunes

  6. update is out now… and interestingly enough… now google is my default search…. HMMMMMM interesting:)

  7. nope scratch that… that was the new launcherpro that did that…. adw does it too.

  8. but the update is available now.

  9. @brad
    it wont work right it will say download unsuccessful there is a thread about this

  10. Bought the Samsung Fascinate over droid x due to weight and size. My friend has droid x and we have done side by side comparisons. In my workplace, I have either one or no bars reception while he maintains at least two bars on droid x. My At&t phone has better reception than this thing. I am going to eat the $35 dollar restocking fee and change. I am disappointed since I love the screen/weight/size of this phone, but the thing keeps searching for signal, eating up my battery. Sure, I can disable everything and put it in super power saving mode, but then I might as well carry an expensive pocketwatch.

  11. Just downloaded and activated it. no issues. it’s up and running. the backlight on the keys still doesn’t work, but whatever. just get us to froyo already!

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