Android 2.2 (Froyo) Firmware Update Rolling Out for the Droid X



I thought this day might never come, but just as I sit here so has Verizon begun to unload the Android 2.2 (Froyo) update for the Motorola Droid X, just as was promised yesterday. I will give you a second to collect yourselves as I’m sure you are now screaming and/or crying like a little girl.

OK, now that that’s out of the way, don’t worry about having to do a manual installation if the update doesn’t hit your phone immediately. This one can be force-downloaded simply by navigating to Settings > About > System Updates. About damn time, right? Once you have thoroughly put Froyo through its paces on the Droid X let us know what you think in the comments below!

[thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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  1. I was told you can’t update until noon? can I update now?

  2. That’s 9 AM PDT, and yes, you can download it now by following the instructions above.

  3. Chris, you must ask the same thing as your girl spreads he legs for you…

  4. How about a follow up article reminding the world that Pooporola still hasn’t updated their original Motoblur phones 10 months after release. MotoFail!

  5. just began the force download…..the wait is finally over. Thanks for the heads up

  6. Chris, you must ask the same question as your girl spreads her leg for you…

  7. Went into settings and was able to get update at 8:15 est.
    Good luck!

  8. Update failed.

    Not the message I was hoping to see.. :)
    Any special instructions for rooted phones? I did unroot prior to installing. No bloatware had been modified.

    Only changes I made were to build.prop. Does original need to be in place prior to upgrade?

  9. Question: My Wireless Tether app is not working now. Also, do we need to re-root after the update? I still see the Superuser Permission Ninja icon in my app list, just not sure why the tethering is not working. I guess it could just be because it requires a new build with Froyo, just wanted to see if anyone is having the same problem and knows if we have to re-root.

  10. I updated last night at 11:30pm central time. Everything seems generally faster. Having flash video is great. All other video seems faster and smoother. I really like the new swype keyboard also.

  11. Just successfully updated to Froyo via System Updates in Settings! Thank you for that nugget of information, Phandroid! So far, it is EPIC and I’m already seeing significant increases in the speed of browsing. I can’t wait to try out a Flash enabled website! LoL

  12. Uploaded just now..no problems then went to the market and loaded Flash 10.1…woo hoo

  13. Anyone else have a freezing phone after updating the software? My phone updated and restarted like it was supposed to, but now it doesn’t seem to respond. The screen turns off after a set amount of time like normal, but I can’t get it to come back up unless I take out the battery and restart the phone. This is the second time I’ve had trouble with this phone. I’m just about ready to take it back and get something else!

  14. Update:

    2nd installation attempt also failed. Restored original build.prop ==> Success.

  15. Mike thanks. Froyo complete. New text input is way better.

  16. @Jenn – You shouldn’t have had to download Flash from the Market…mine came bundled w/ 2.2!

  17. Got it at midnight CST. Great! Glad to have some volume finally! Very happy!!

  18. I got it a 5am this morning EST.

  19. Won’t stop freezing and random power cycles. have not been able to do anything with 2.2.

    I’m currently using Launcher Pro. any ideas?????

  20. By the way I went to system update and forced it. It was available.

  21. Got mine at 10 pm pst on the 21st. Also I haven’t seen any confirmation about the supposed audio boost but it definitely sounds louder in my opinion.

  22. @Suzy there is an update to Flash 10.1, which is probably what Jenn is talking about

  23. I heard this updated doesn’t work well or at all on rooted phones. That is why I didn’t root. Can any of the rooted phone users report their experience?

  24. Updated last night…why is Sling Player Mobile not showing up in the Market? They said if official release came out, then it would be there. Other 2.2 devices have it listed. That App cost me $30 and it is the one I use the most. I have it installed already but if I do a factory reset (which I like to do when update comes out), I won’t be able to get it back. Also, other PAID apps not showing up, i.e., Documents to Go.

  25. what about usb tether? is it included?

  26. Corporate Directory no longer shows as a valid app.

    WTF?! I need to be able to browse my ActiveDirector contacts! Any thoughts?

  27. approx how long does the force download take for you guys?

  28. i also have 2.2 now buy camera pro does not work

  29. Speaker still sucks though. Everything else is great!
    Update speaker! Plz. Moto.

  30. @Rob – Could not update with Rooted DX – kept getting “Software Update Failed” message … used MyBackupPro to back up apps and various user settings … then completely wiped the phone back to original factory defaults (even had to re-activate the phone) … up to this point it took about 1/2 hour to get the phone backed up, wiped, reset, and working again … (re)downloaded the Froyo update (for the 3rd time) and then intalled it … annnnnnnnnnnd … yep, you guessed it ….

    it FAILED!!!! :-(

  31. Any recommendations on which apps should or should not go to the sd card.

  32. Nom…nom…nom…goes the FroYo…

  33. Update at approx. 5:30 EDT. No problems. Quadrant Standard results = 1371. Not too bad. Still exploring…

  34. Do not see the overall benefits as of yet (other than Flash).

    QUESTION (concern): Now when doing a general search (ie contact listing) through google search bar, the search does not search all possible sites incl., contacts and other databases. You can choose which site to search individually, but not all at the same time. Any advice?

  35. In addition to above, when going to contact list..contact pics are slow to show; anyone with similar?

  36. Downloaded my update through the settings/about phone method. Update installed smoothly. No problems so far.

  37. um, anyone else having issues with the volume toggle on the side? mine lets the volume go as low as vibrate, but not silent. suggestions? anyone else see this issue?

  38. Update has slowed everything down. My phone gets stuck on reboot randomly at the Motorola logo. Not too happy with this update.

  39. @Rob – UPDATE … I am now sucessfully installing the Froyo update … I had to completely re-flash my DX with 2.1 as though I had already installed the “leaked” 2.2 update … I note this because I was only running a rooted 2.1 version – I had never upgraded to the leaked version of 2.2, choosing rather to wait for the OTA release … sooooo … add about an hour to track down a “fix” to revert back to 2.1 (even though I already was running 2.1), impliment the fix, re-download (for the 4th time) Froyo, and install … now running through the “basic” Froyo version before selectively reinstalling my apps and settings from Titanium Backup & MyBackupPro … I’ll keep you posted

  40. i have no silent either!!! but if you slide the lock over to the left instead of right to unlock it does sounds off.

    So what is all the differences in the upgrade? i don’t see much!

  41. I was rooted with Universal Androot on my DX w/ 2.1. First thing I did was rename all my bloatware from .BAK to their original names. After that I unrooted w/ Androot and let the update download and install from SETTINGS->ABOUT PHONE->SYSTEM UDAPTES. My upgrade went off without a hitch. Now I’m just waiting for a new 1-touch Root to come out!

  42. BTW, the volume thing is a 2.2 deal. I remember having it with my Droid1. I think you have to pick either vibrate when all the way down, or silent when all the way down, but it won’t do like 2.1 where it went VOL-VIBRATE-SILENT.

  43. 2.2 seems to be a mindset than some epiphony of android operatinons

    Operations are Freezing
    Flickering/Delay between screens
    Lock screen toggle is unattractive….not that it really matters
    Motorola Clock/Date widget colors are less in offering; don’t like
    If phone sound setting is set at vibrate when on silent, you can not toggle the phone to silent without vibrate
    Not sure the gallery is an improvement

    One good thing…virtual camera shutter button

    So, is tethering supported? Is bluetooth/headphone voicecommand a reality?

  44. I force downloaded my 2.2 last night 9pm pst and it does show a little improvement in speed but I see no improvement in the volume and my benchmark did not improve as much as I thought it would. Overall happy with it and flash

  45. I installed 2.2. The installation was very smooth for me. (done on good wifi connection). Since update I have noticed the screen changes are snappy. I can finally load the applications page, and scroll through it without waiting a half hour to load. The keyboard has changed to a white. I am now running full flash websites.. (insert ESPN.com) AWESOME!!!

    Here are the things I noticed that could use some work.
    – Spell check still missing (Hello Kitty.. wake up droid)
    – Sync with POP accounts (we are talking Mail, contacts, and emails with outlook)
    – When you search for a name in your contacts it brings up this great ghosted search screen that I like, however if you call that person, or leave the search screen… then come back to it it stays there. so now you have to delete all your searched letters… LAME!!!!
    – I had to recreate a lot of my widgets

    I’m sure there is more, but that’s it for now :)

  46. Is it possible to force an update if you have a ‘bootleg’ copy of 2.2?

  47. For the phone not having a silent ringer option you can go to the market and get the silent mode onoff widget

  48. Phone won’t let me turn off the screen lock says, “Disabled by remote phone administrator.” Wtf?

  49. Hey guys if your update has failed this is what i had to do:


    If you had Koush’s Bootstrapper Recovery it’ll block the update from installing. You’ll have to root and use adb or root explorer (instead of adb i used terminal emulator and it worked perfect :))

  50. @Jake: Me too. It has to do with the fact that we’re using Exchange Sync:

    I am very annoyed by this. Why is Motorola enforcing a security policy that may or may not be desired by the Exchange admin??

  51. my friend updated but the phone got stuck on the M loading screen for 2 hours. he took the battery out multiply times but still wont go past the M.

  52. Not liking 2.2 so far. One of the things I was looking forward to most was finally being able to watch movies on iphonemoviez.net and they still don’t work! Any suggestions or anyone know android friendly sites with movies? The sure works on evo. Also everything seems much slower now. Typing is very laggy. Phone was never rooted or messed with but now my phone is super laggy!

  53. I’ve noticed that my Exchange email now lists most recent messages at the bottom. THAT is extremely annoying. Anyone know of a way to fix it back to newest at top?

  54. I loaded Froyo and it works great. The corporate directory is no longer a valid app but the option is now incorporated into the search function of contacts in both Touchdown and the stock one.

    The phone works great, seems a bit faster, and I like the tweaks to the interface. There are a few new apps on the market that weren’t there before such as a great stock widget and of course Flash.

    I am running Launcher Pro and really don’t understand why people complain so much about Moto blur? Dump it! Use Launcher Pro or something similar. If you don’t like the apps and widgets that came stock, dump them too. The customization is endless.

    Finally, for those of you who cried like babies that they would never buy another Motorola again because they didn’t launch Froyo months ago…they did exactly what they said they were going to do and that was launch it in late (very) summer.

    Now lets start complaining about Gingerbread!

  55. Can someone please tell me how to save apps to sd card? I downloaded Google earth but didn’t know how to put that space eater of a app to my sd card

  56. Espn and others aren’t working with flash. Just youtube. What gives?

  57. I pulled out my root and rooted my gf.

  58. She likes it better after rooting

  59. I downloaded my froyo this morning at around 10, then I got some issues with the time clock and it won’t display the time and date anybody else have this kind of issues???

  60. For all the FROYO hype…just not understanding or feeling the amazement. Yes, there are some nice UI upgrades (ie camera button), but ther seem to be more quirky things going on…just not sure whether these are bugs or my lack of understanding the update; please advise (I have gone from LOVING my Droid X to merely liking it)

    1. When using the general search (google), on 2.1 you would get a listing olf local items (ie contacts, applications) as well as web findings, Now using google search(all) only renders web findings. You can switch to find contacts, apps, etc…however each time you do a new search you default back to google (all) which only finds web sites…no real way of doing a thorough search of all relevant information at the same time

    2. In addtion, to #1…if doing a contact search…once selecting the wanted contact, instead of opening to the contacts information , it opens to the list of all contacts…makes no sense.

    3. some of the color schemes are really not pleasing, including lock screen toggle, swype…even the motorola clock/date widget colors are limited and not pleasing.

    4..there appeas to be a lot of screen “flickering” when switching between application or back to the home screen.

    5. the calendar month view does not show color bar activity within the the individual dates anymore

    6. annoyance, and much written about…no silent setting with vibrate can be set using volume toggle.

    7. accessing voice command/dialer lags excessively

    These are not complaints, but rather observations…looking for to see whether these are consistent findings, what fixes exist…or whether I misunderstand the new functions.

  61. I checked at 12:02 am on the 22ed and got mine. Its better faster and all that jazz love it. :)

  62. You know I think that alot of people who have problems since they got 2.2 are most of the people who bought the X when it first came out. Hopefully yous learned not to buy any new technology right away

  63. Miss the bigger keyboard!

  64. ever since i downloaded froyo on my droid x, i am having a lot of trouble texting one person. after every text i send to that person, the text does not show up in the conversations, and when i go to the home screen and go back to the text messaging app, the screen goes black. the only way to recieve the response from the person is to restart the phone. i need to do that after every text i send. this doesnt happen with anyone else i text. what is going on?

  65. downloading now and then will root my gf again this time in the well you know.

  66. I bought my Droid X when it first came out and haven’t had any issues with the update. Now ask me about my BB Tour when it first came out and I had all kinds of issues with that. I also use LauncherPro which at first caused some lag but after a reboot all was fine. I will say I agree on some of the UI colors not being the most pleasing but not a big deal breaker. The new keyboard is taking some time to get used to but overall it’s fine. I wonder if the apps are causing issues that we are talking about here? I’m not sure since this is my first droid phone. Overall, the best phone experience I have had to date.

  67. Another thing I would like to say about 2.2….MR. Jobbs really dropped the ball not getting flash-Getting flash was the final nail in the coffen of me everrrrr getting a iphone-but I bet after hearing about flash haveing more
    +s then -s he will buckle on down and allow flash on the 2nd rate smart phone out there-however I stilllll wouldnt get a iphone-and the reason we all know the reason why-beyound it being a 2nd rate smart phone lol

  68. Notable improvement in power management. Battery lasts a good 20% longer with WIFI on. Besides the battery, meh… to be fair, this was not a major upgrade. glad we finally got it. best phone I’ve ever owned, if you can even call it a phone

  69. The screen display and performance of the Droid-X phone is much better than we had on the Windows Mobile phone.
    After the 2.2 update; I noticed that corporate directory search is available when searching contacts. Is there anything else better regarding corporate sync. The Server Search feature that we had on our Windows mobile is what I miss the most. There is much information in my corporate contacts that is not displayed on the phone. The Windows Mobile displayed it all.
    Is there any way to edit the original message when forwarding or replying to a message? I miss being able to select text from any screen and cut or copy it to the clipboard. I noticed that some screens have a menu selection to select text. When highlighting the text it is copied as soon as letting up. It was easier when highlighting was one operation and then cut,copy, or delete was a separate operation. Do you know what I mean?
    The 2.2 does seem faster and the sound slightly louder.

  70. I have a dx and I go to force the update but every time I do it says” update not available.” Anyone else getting this? Verizon told me its just because the update hasn’t been pushed to my phone but I think that was some bs answer. Why have a force update if it doesn’t do anything?

  71. I ordered the X from Amazon and I believe it comes with 2.1 loaded….before I do any setup should I search for the 2.2 uppgrade by Settings > About > System Updates

  72. Looking for work around on being able to disable 2.2 lock feature

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