HTC Shows Off Desire HD in Closer Detail [Video]


If you don’t think you have seen enough of the HTC Desire HD over the past week or so, maybe HTC’s own video detailing the phone in — what else — HD on their YouTube page. Take a look at the uni-body construction broken down to just the casing and a full run-down of specs in this over seven minutes video. Enjoy the calming overview, chant it as your mantra to get over hump-day, or just plain become convinced that this is the handset you need. Check out the video below:

[via Engadget]

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  1. I have a Desire and I love it, and I see this and I love it. I just don’t think I could buy a phone which has the same name as my current phone, only with “HD” at the end, when the resolution is identical.

  2. i’m so ready ti kick my samsung vibrant for this Desire HD i hope it come to the USA

  3. Absolutley gorgeous. Good job HTC. But please reduce the frequency of new phones arrivals. I won’t be able to catch up with this speed ;)

  4. this may be a dumb question – but are some of the aspects of Sense discussed in this video available for the other HTC phones that have this – specifically the incredible? the phone locator, ability to forward calls if you forget it at home, to text from the sense website, and the ability to remotely wipe the phone seem like nice perks.


  5. How is this news try getting it when it comes out this, came out last week. you need to fire your people jeez

  6. @TS
    I don’t think so but htc said the new sense will arrive to the existing sense UI phones

  7. appreciate the info hesoyam, thanks.

  8. Is there still no idea as to which US carrier this phone will go to, if it makes it to the US? Which network is the current desire on?

  9. @Sascha. From what I’ve read and heard, the Desire HD and Z both are only being planned for release in Europe. In my opinion, the reason they released these phones in Europe is because technically we already have both (or at least one so far). The Evo 4G equals to the Desire HD or maybe even beats it out. The Desire Z is just the HTC G2 that will probably be released within 2 weeks.

    So far, the current Desire is available for US Cellular and Cellular South. I’m a proud owner and I love it :)

  10. @ Sascha … this phone is not going to the US. It might go to Canada (Europe definitely) but not the US. The US equivalent will be the Mytouch HD on T-Mobile

  11. @Sascha–the HTC Desire is @ US Cellular already

  12. @ shawn1224 this is not the us equvilent 2 the mytouch hd cuz the mytouch has a 3.8″ screen wit a ffc on it, this does not plus its made out of metal not plastic…

  13. I thought the Desire HD was basically the European version of the Evo? They seem to have the exact same specs. Evo will probably receive the new HTC Sense software at some point and they’ll basically be the exact same phone.

  14. i m having htc desire currentl got it 1 month back this hd is really gr8 as compared to desire as it is having 4.3 inch screen,dolby surround srs,and 8.0 mp camera…i wonder y dint it launched b4…can u please brief me abt htcsense.com

  15. @g1 on fire!! … we already know that. No one said it’s identical but the mytouch HD is the US equivalent or as close as.

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