T-Mobile G2: Pre-Ordering Starts Soon!


To be honest, we don’t really know when the T-Mobile G2 will be available for sale or pre-order- different dates in late September and October have been floating around. But we’re not trying to stir up dust for nothing: in select MyT-Mobile account pages, users are seeing the T-Mobile G2 with a “Pre-ordering starts soon” beside it.


We’re hearing from TMOnews that the date has jumped from September 29th to October 6th all the way to possibly October 16th. Obviously the sooner the better, but how many people are dying to get their hands on the 2nd generation of the first ever Android Phone?

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  1. I am waiting and will continue to wait for this device.

  2. Well I jus asked a TMO worker who came by my store today and I asked about the G2 he said sept 28th. But who knows, if there doing pre-order soon its prob gonna be in Oct. Can’t wait my G1 is kicking the bucket.

  3. If they’re pushing the G2 for the middle of next month, then they might do the same for the myTouch HD. :( I really like the look of this phone and the keyboard, but I was hoping for a fcc and maybe a 4″ screen. But the display is still nice. Let’s see what comes out next year. I’m still hoping for a 4″+ screen and QWERTY keyboard with a fcc by HTC.

  4. who cares? the phone will sck

  5. It’s coming out October 21 because the G1 came out that day in ’08, so it will officially be to 2 years that Android was born. :)

  6. What to do!?!? I want this phone, but everything I read about the Glacier seems to blow this away. Do I snatch this up right away, or hold out until more details surface about the Glacier??

    What do you guys think?

  7. Desire Z will be on sale @ 11th October 2010. I don’t think HTC can surprise us from Europe, i don’t think G2 will be on sale later than Desire Z.

  8. The internal document that was leaked had a September 29th date. Either that is when the phone is released, or the preorders are taken. I am thinking the latter.

    I would like to see it sooner. My G1 does not hold a charge very long.

  9. My G1 is better now than when i first bought it. it has a longer battery(original battery) life now, standby holds for almost forty eight hours.Heavy usage holds for about four hours. It used to be two hours two years ago. i guess some apps i downloaded is helping it perform better. It downloads faster than before. it has fallen on the floor about seven times from my office desk which is about two and a quarter feet from the ground. the more it falls the better it gets,lol. All said, it’s about time for it to retire. I will get a new phone for the holidays as a present to myself but i’m not sure if that will be the G2. Honestly, the G2 isn’t that bad at all but i was expecting at least a 1GHZ and a 4 inch screen. I don’t really care about a ffc though it’s a nice feature. Maybe something more enticing will be out during the holiday and until then Long Live the G1.

  10. Definitely picking one of these up. I’ll pre-order and hope I get it on day #1. I was an early G1 adopter. That phone still runs amazingly well tho it only “officially” supports 1.6. I tried a couple of the other T-Mo android phones, none were as smooth as the G1…with the exception of the Samsung Vibrant. But, I just couldn’t buy a Samsung product…the last Samsung cell I had was a joke. So, the G2 it is. If a 4″ screen & FFC were important to me, then I’d pass. However, I have a netbook that weighs next to nothing in my bag, so I’m golden.

  11. The clock speed of a processor is not always a good indicator of how fast it is. Even though it’s only an 800 Mhz prcoessor, the Scorpion processor in the G2 is supposed to be faster than the 1Ghz Snapdragon because of GPU acceleration. You can read about it here:


    There is always a newer and better Android phone around the corner so I can understand why you might want to wait. But I wouldn’t let the sub-1Ghz clock speed of the G2 guide your decision.

  12. Okay, I finally got tired of all of the teases from TMobile. I have been a dedicated TMobile customer for a long time, but the G2 does not appear to be what I have waited… and waited… and waited so long for and what customers are still waiting for. After learning what Sprint has to offer, not only in devices, but in plans and services as well I jumped ship and am now very pleased with my new EVO. My initial feeling of buyers romorse is quickly fading with each day of pleasant use of a device and service that lives up to all of their claims. I’m sorry TMobile, but it is what it is.

  13. oct. 6th was the date i was told by i tmo. rep.

  14. Won’t somebody think of the children!!???!!!

  15. I’m torn between the G2 with vanilla Android (a huge plus, getting updates faster) and the MyTouch HD (faster CPU more juice).
    With the Nexus I’ve gotten used to not having a hard keyboard. I dunno maybe I’ll just wait and see.
    Contracts up in a week so I’ll probably buy my next phone outright and not extend.

  16. @Forest
    Your explanation isn’t quite accurate. A “Scorpion” processor cannot be faster than a “Snapdragon” chip because Scorpion is a component of Snapdragon. That is akin to saying an engine is faster than the vehicle it’s in. Even the Nexus One uses a Scorpion processor due to the fact that it has a Snapdragon. Look here:
    The first generation Snapdragons are what power all the 1GHz Qualcomm based phones you know today. The G2 will be one of the first widely available phones based on a Second Generation Snapdragon. 2nd gen Snapdragons are on a smaller manufacturing process, provide acceleration for SVG and Flash, handle higher data network throughput, use less power, provide vastly superior 3D performance and utilize a new GPS engine. So yes, it’s still a much faster/better chip despite the 200MHz handicap.

  17. Personally I’m getting it for my wife. I know she doesnt really care about all the power it should have. I knoow she will enjoy it because, she enjoys playing little games on her phones and I have seen the game play on the 800mhz and its amazing, So I know you will be happy with it. As for myself I don’t know. I wanted something like the EVo or Droid Incredible but I don’t think Tmobile is going to come out with anything like those devices. What about the Glacier? The Mytouch HD looks like another kids toy, the hardware of the phone looks like Plastic. I need a MAN’s phone. Any suggestions?

  18. This is my replacement for my Motorola Cliq! =) Asked my dad can I have one for the B-Day on November 18 he said yes. So it gives me options just in case T-Mobile releases their upcoming phones before that date =). I Wanna see wat the MyTouch HD is about && HTC Glacier no more Motorola for me, HTC here I come =) && I can here about the reviews during the time of waiting

  19. ^ Droid 1 is the manliest phone ive seen. Unfortunately, as you know, its on Verizon though. As for T-mobile? Shit, nothing right now. Id wait it out.

  20. My contract is up in November so I will likely wait before I grab this to see what else comes about but right now its high up on my list. I’m disappointed by the 800mhz processor but its a small price to pay for an HTC device, one with a keyboard and more importantly, Stock Android. While I happen to love Touchwiz 3.0, Sense and even Blur is nice, I cant wait for Gingerbread (even if I dont know what it looks like, I trust google to make something nice) and its far more likely that stock devices will get the update faster than those with Custom UI’s. Its a hardware tradeoff I’m willing to take for now, depending whats comming out or being announced for the holidays.

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