Android 2.2 for the Droid X Coming Tomorrow? This PDF from Verizon says “Perhaps”


I’m sure you’ve heard the rumor regarding the upgrade to Android 2.2 for Verizon’s Motorola Droid X coming on September 22nd (2.2 on 22, if you want to be cute), and you may have passed your own judgment on its believability. It looks like the 22nd might be the date after all, though, as it’s still technically qualified as end of summer and because the PDF file dedicated to the upgrade to Android 2.2 for the device has just made its way online courtesy of Verizon themselves. Let’s take a look inside, shall we?


+ Improved Web browsing with pre-installed Adobe® Flash® Player
10.1 for Android.™
+ Easily switch between the eight most recent applications.
+ Enhanced browser performance for faster loading of JavaScript
heavy pages.
+ A screen that works for you and your apps.
 With Android 2.2, you can rotate your screen 270 degrees—
either to the left or to the right when moving from portrait to
landscape mode—to work with apps in more directions.
+ Automatic app updates.
 Always have the latest versions of the applications you’ve
downloaded with automatically updated Android Market™
apps. And you can choose to store applications in your device’s
memory or on a storage card for more capacity.
+ Take advantage of the preloaded VZ Navigator® application.
 Get visual and audible directions to a destination, locate
businesses and other places in an area, get a map of a location,
bookmark favorites and recent searches, and even share
locations with others.
+ Overall improvements for Google Maps performance
on the Droid X.
+ Improved connectivity to Exchange server and Exchange
ActiveSync® email notifications.
+ Easily edit MMS messages after attaching video files.
+ Manage message history from Contact application.
+ Transition from Wi-Fi and 3G without losing data connection.
+ Improved 3G Mobile Hotspot application.
Your Droid X
just got even better.

This is versioned “Version.2.3.15.MB810.Verizon.en.US/BP _ C _ 01.09.07P”, though the document doesn’t give us a specific date to expect it (only “today”, which is useless given we have no hard evidence to go by to determine relativity.) I can feel it, folks. Just keep on holding on!

Take a look inside the PDF file for yourself for the full (and better organized) text. [Thanks, Mason!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Hey Verizon, my Cliq still isn’t updated 10-11 months later. What the hell are you guys doing? I guess they don’t work on a FIFO basis.

  2. The CLIQ isn’t offered by Verizon. Unless I completely missed a Verizon phone launched.

  3. Haha, as Quentyn mentioned, you have the wrong carrier. Bitch at AT&T if you want some update love for your Cliq.

  4. hip hip hooray!

  5. My X is arriving today. I’m spoiled for not having to wait long for 2.2 Can’t wait to get home and check for updates tomorrow!

  6. This will be the best birthday present I get. (I guess that is pretty pathetic, but oh well, I don’t care about crappy birthdays anymomre)

  7. “:preloaded VZ Navigator® application”

    Great..more bloatware! I see all Droid X users paying for a crappy Verizon navigation tool when you can just use Google Maps for free.

    I should keep my mouth shut..Big Red may read this and block out access to Google Maps!

  8. i was just about to boot that froyo rom for the X, finally the real deal gets here

    hope this doesn’t break my root

  9. Is there anyway to get the news on the audio upgrade for the speaker? I was actually looking forward to that update.

  10. @Osbor it WILL break your root. Every update breaks root. Even just the interim 2.1 release broke root. The questions are:
    1) whether or not the same rooting technique will work on 2.2 as on 2.1
    2) whether or not as with the 2.1 interim update you need ALL bloatware apps installed in order for it to work.

    I’m guessing the answer to #2 is definitely yes. #1, I have no idea, but I’d wager 50/50.

  11. Hey Microsoft, my Apple computer sucks after installing Snow Leopard 10.6 10-11 months ago! What the hell are you guys doing? How dare you release Windows 7 without first fixing Snow Leopard! I guess they don’t work on a FIFO basis.

  12. Hey jubbs and aaron its tmobile who has the cliq

  13. I have had the X since Day 1 and I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for Flash. FINALLY…it’s “almost” here. Bring it VERIZON!

  14. will verizon disable usb tethering for 2.2?

  15. Finally, we get 2.2. Now that our phone will be outdated in 2 months. Haha.

  16. I am new to this but I have had the X since day one and have had to replace it 3 times! I hope the update kicks all the problems. I assume 2.2 comes with froyo?

  17. anyone else notice that the pdf links now take you back to the 1.3 update announcement? wtf?

  18. At the first three comments, the cliq is offered by T-mobile. As is the cliq xt

  19. It’s rolling out tomorrow 9/22 at 12PM EST, Finally.

  20. …..and nevermind, but the verizon support page still lists 1.3 so where did this announcement come from

  21. @Mike B I would assume not because they advertise the feature in their commercials

  22. About time. Most of us have Froyo already though.

  23. Finally. I sure hope that user-initiated OTA update works. It never worked on my original Droid… even 2 weeks after the official update to Froyo started being pushed to original Droid phones, it kept telling me my phone was up to date… got tired of waiting and manually d/l’d and installed official froyo.

  24. Finally, christ. Too bad I won’t be going to stock anytime soon. Bloatfree is the way to be.

  25. What’s up with the speaker update!?!?

  26. Verizon also announced that it’s coming tomorrow, and you don’t have to wait for the OTA. Just go to check for update on the menu, and it’ll be there for you. I got that info from android central. I can’t wait!

  27. Downloading the OTA NOW!!!

    check ur UPDATE…..1st!!!!!!!!

  29. I just got the 2.2 update on my DX. 935pm in Seattle!

  30. I’m downloading my update as I type, 11:44pm on the 21st he he he

  31. I just downloaded froyo on my DX and its amazing! I love the updates!

  32. My X just did Froyo!

  33. After reading this I decided to go into my System Updates to c if i get lucky and behold i’m prompted with the update.
    I’m in NY and it’s now 2:15am on Wednesday Sep 22nd

  34. Just downloading the update now!!!

  35. Got it!!!

  36. Got it as well, finally.

  37. I’m dl’ing the update manually now at 3:45am over wifi. Restarted itself at 3:58. Started up at 4:00am and asked me to reset the screen unlock. 4:02 showed a small window saying I am upgraded to 2.3.15.en.US
    WHOO HOO!!!
    Now I just have to ignore all things update related for another 6 months to a year!!!

  38. Just updated to 2.2 (OTA), and the speaker volume is still barely audible on the Timer app. Everything else that uses the speaker is fine, it’s just the Timer that sound like it is at 1% volume.

  39. Got my update 6:30am!

  40. Got it at midnight. Excited to check out all the changes!

  41. Updated my Droid x tonight – now I have a Droid Brick…

  42. Active Sync with Exchange 2010 still not working!!! Can receive all email, contacts, calendar, but can not send. Get the same error as I did from version 2.1….any thoughts?

  43. I figured out the Exchange Active Sync issue with my phone. You MUST have a trusted certificate installed on your mail system for it to be able to send email. I guess the trust certificate button is for amusement only…

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