Sep 21st, 2010

Remember when Vodafone’s HTC Desire got an “upgrade” that placed a bunch of uninstallable Vodafone 360 apps on the device? Remember when you passionate customers put the fire beneath their bums and forced Vodafone to reverse their decision? Well the same looks to be happening with their Samsung Galaxy S, though it’s not certain if users will be able to scrub the bloatware off of their phones once the upgrade to Android 2.2 is released (whenever that may be).


One of Vodafone’s administrators chimes in with the following:

Hi dnairb001

Thanks for your post here. I appreciate how frustrating this must be for you.

Unfortunately the Vodafone update that you have received cannot be removed. However I understand how you feel about this and will feed this back to the powers that be just as we did with the feedback we received with the HTC Desire update.

I cannot promise that the same thing will happen but we will do our very best to let people know how you feel regarding this.



eForum Team

So the waiting game will continue here just as it did with the HTC Desire. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for you guys.

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