Verizon Pimping Under 100 Corporate Stores for Midnight R2D2 Droid 2 Landing


If you thought Verizon wasn’t going to do anything special for their launch of the R2D2 special edition of the Motorola Droid 2, then guess again. One store in Hialeah, Florida has already detailed their midnight launch event for this device where they’ll be having a Star Wars costume party in the parking lot starting a half hour after the store’s normal closing time (9:00PM). The festivities will go on until midnight when Verizon swings open their glass doors to let the horde in on some good R2D2 loving.


The series of events may be different from store to store, but for the Hialeah location they’ll be giving out an R2Droid2 to whoever shows up with the best costume and will also be raffling one off so anyone who is too embarrassed to show their cosplay love will have a chance. For those who don’t win, you’ll be able to snap up at most two of these phones, but no more as this will be a limited launch with Verizon only offering 50,000 in stores and online. It’s said that each Verizon store will be getting 150 devices, though they didn’t say whether or not they would be exclusive to the midnight locations (though a quick trip to the calculator shows me that they’d only have about 15,000 devices to sell if that were the case so I’m sure you’ll be able to find these at any Verizon store.)

The Miami Herald has other details regarding activations and such for those who don’t want to take the device out of the box (for collectors and eBayers) so head on over there now to read their full report and be sure to call up your local Verizon locations to see which closest to you will be offering it midnight September 30th.

[via Droid-Life]

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  1. (I think you spelled costume wrong.)

  2. Missed an e. Thanks.

  3. It says midnight in title, and sept 30 at end. Which is it? At first I thought it was tonight.

  4. You go on I soul be afraid to show off my star wars phone to a girl.

  5. A collector’s phone?

    How about collecting a life!

  6. Damn swype messing up the spelling.

  7. 15,000 available in-store makes sense. That leaves 35,000 for online sales.

  8. comment from beta app

  9. I’m tempted to go and try to win one. To see if I can get Sprint to activate it… Unless Verizon is throwing in the service with winning for best costume.

  10. Haha the costumes should be hilarious. Cool phone though… am excited to get my hands on one when they come out!

  11. Is this phone actually silver?

  12. I’m hope those of you planning on buying the phone will get permission from your parents to leave the basement that night.

  13. Where’s this week’s Angry Birds update?

  14. I love all the haters making fun of the people that might buy this.

    Imo, get a hobby other then making fun of people you are jealous of.

  15. @DaveG you’re a dork. George Lucas turned out to be one of the biggest sell outs in the whole motion picture industry, even bigger than disney. Wait, he sold out even to disney…

  16. Little kid Star Wars costumes are fun for the whole family. Make this the Halloween that you have the cutest little droid in the neighborhood!R2D2 has been a pivot character in all six Star Wars movies. The sidekick to Anakin Skywalker and the constant companion of C3PO, this beloved little droid is a favorite to young and old alike.

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