A Couple of Days Ahead of Autumn, Cellular South Touts their Samsung Galaxy S


It’s been a few months since regional carrier Cellular South announced the Samsung Galaxy S – which looks to be more like the Samsung Vibrant on T-Mobile in its appearance – and at that time we were only given a broad window of “Fall”. Well, Fall is almost literally right around the corner and Cellular South’s published their teaser page for the device, leading us to believe that we’ll see it in the earlier parts of the season. What can you do with your new Samsung Galaxy S once Cellular South launches it? We’ll just let their site fill you in:

samsung galaxy s cellular south

Coming by the holidays, the Samsung Galaxy™ S
Powered by Android™

The Samsung Galaxy S unleashes the power of Android, delivering the apps you want and need. It’s got a beautiful, fully customizable screen that’s tailor-made for cinema-quality entertainment.

It’s faster, more powerful, and more beautiful than any phone you’ve ever seen.

Discover Apps (pre-loaded on the Galaxy S) is your guide to the apps that you want the most, all reviewed and recommended by our Discover Center team. This CS Original App will help you find and use the very best apps for your Galaxy S smartphone, chosen from among the thousands available in Android Market™.

And that’s all there is to know pretty much, but you can at least now sign up at their website right now to be notified of the device’s pricing and availability once Cellular South’s ready to release that information. Head on over there now to do just that.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. according to the Rep on their Facebook page, it will have a camera Flash!!!

  2. well if you go to their site you can clearly see the flash in the pics


    so that makes this better than AT&T’s and Tmobile’s IMO. Way to go cellular South. Can’t wait to leave AT&T for this BEAST!!!!

  3. Looks more like the Fascinate in that picture.

  4. Seeing as they don’t have Wi-Max like Sprint, it’s logical that any SGS phone carried by a regional carrier would be the same hardware as the Verizon Fascinate. Just like how the “Milestone” they launched is really the same hardware as the VZ Droid.

  5. Just for the same of argument.
    Suppose Megaslime(r) Communications advertises a phone with XX amount of internal storage. This phone features a massive YY amount of unremovable bloatware(tm).
    Therefore only ZZ=XX-YY amount of internal storage is actually available. Isn’t this false advertising?
    Now it could be argued that even the core OS may use some tiny amount of the available storage. However it can be counter argued that this is necessary to the core function of the phone and is unavoidable. The bloatware however is not necessary to the function of the phone and was only included to either coerce, trick or simply induce people to buy something they may not want nor need. If I am not interested in the bloatware, I should be able to remove it in order to enjoy the greatest possible use of the memory that Megaslime(r) advertised the phone as having.

  6. I would like to know when flash player will ne available for my fascinate; so far that is the only negative I have about this phone.

  7. @ charles

    Atleast you can clearly see the Google Search and Navigation on there!!! lol

    @ DannyB

    wtf are you talking about?

  8. Most definitely looks like the Fascinate slant of the Galaxy S, and I am thrilled! Looks like THIS will be my Christmas present to me, especially since they seem to have fixed the GROSS error of making Bing the default search.

    Just hope that it’s not going to be sitting on 2.1 for 6 months, patiently awaiting the update.

  9. Well I looked at the desire in the cs store. Stock with nothing added it had 116mb free , lessvthan my hero. Advertised memory via the handset maker is before the OS is installed, and before the carrier crapware which the galaxy will have lots. The rep in store was telling me 2gigs on this one, but carriers love to put their crap on them and this gives them more room. For more of it. Really? A preinstalled app chooser?

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