Did AT&T Cancel the FlipOut at the Last Minute?



Last Friday we reported on the sudden news that the Motorola FlipOut would be debuting over the weekend, but equally as sudden signs are pointing to the last minute demise of the handset. Word is corporate -owned retail stores were given the orders to simply destroy the relative literature that had been shipped out as the release date came and went with no FlipOut on the shelves. If that seems surprising, don’t forget it isn’t unprecedented.

Previously AT&T gave a still-born launch to the Sony Ericsson K850. After ordering up a custom version of the device from SE and getting promotional materials into stores, the company decided to nix devices at the last possible moment. Oh well, I’m sure the AT&T-gimped FlipOut is in a happier place now.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Its a FAIL that even FAILED to appear ROFL!!

  2. Don’t think much of anyone will miss this phone. They should sell me some for cheap to use as HTPC remotes.

  3. If anything deserved this fate, it was the Garmin phone.

    I know people will think I’m crazy, but I would love to see a rugged (like a Nextel) clamshell phone with the customary keypad, running Android with all its goodies, on Verizon. I like my Droid, but still prefer the clamshell form factor for its ease of one-handed operation, inherent screen protection, and smaller size when closed.

    I know I’ll never see it because I’m probably one of a handful of people (or maybe the only one) who would buy one.

  4. @ UncleMike – No, there are at least a few of us out here who would like the clamshell, primarily for screen protection, but I also like the smaller size when not in use. If they could only figure out how to bend a 4″ screen in half!!

  5. good for at&t i dont see anyone picking the phone up.

  6. good to hear.
    My friend had been testing that thing for the last couple months and it was just awful.

  7. The screen is too small, this phone is rididulous
    No one will miss it

  8. at@t flipedout on the flipeout

  9. They better cause it’s a PIECE OF SHIT

  10. I sense this device coming to T-Mobile and Cincinnati Bell.

  11. AT&T can really screw up itself. After they had the iPhone, they can’t decide anything. They ride with iPhone and eventually they will sink with iPhone.

  12. Glad to see more people aren’t going to become victims of moto and motobleurgh.

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