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When we first heard of the HTC Lexikon all we had to go off of was the name, but now a render of the device is suggesting not only will it go to Verizon but it looks to feature the Droid branding judging by some well-placed red accents. The specs match up well with the recent Verizon/HTC slider that passed through the FCC, though the front of the device does differ slightly. We’ll chalk that up to changes made along the path to a final design, but the stars line up too perfectly for these two phones to be separate devices.

HTC Lexikon Specs

The device features a 3.8-inch screen at WVGA resolution, 512MB RAM, and an 800MHz processor (no doubt the same featured in the new T-Mobile G2/Desire Z). Android 2.2 is on board and we will assume the new version of HTC Sense as well. A leaked RUU file of the device’s Froyo ROM is available so all should become clear about the Lexikon’s software shortly.

It’s like the Droid Incredible and the Droid 2 had a baby, and it came out looking like a more bad-ass Desire Z. I think I’d take that any day. How about you? But let’s not forget about this supposed Verizon bad boy too…

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  1. Looks like the Mytouch HD Specs/design.

  2. Looks like this and the Merge will be the Verizon versions of the Desire Z and Desire HD. So T-mobile will be getting the G2 and MyTouch HD. HTC pulling a Samsung?? This is the first time I actually want HTC Sense on my device. Looks like ill have to root my G2 when i get it. :D

  3. looks like a nice phone. I do like how the newer phones are entering the field with an 800 Mhz processor. With froyo and a good graphics processor no need for a 1 Gig. Right? or is faster always better?
    I’ll have to say I wont be jumping the ship of my Droid X for this but it’s a great option in the Droid Line up.

  4. So this is just Verizon’s G2 pretty much?

  5. Looks like an Incredible with Desire Z’s guts

  6. Not happy at all. Yes it looks like a nice phone. but 3.8″ screen? eh…. 4″ or bigger is better. ill hold off for the HTC “evo’ish” mistery phone thats going around.

  7. With the way software is evolving, I don’t like the 800Mhz processor. Seems like a step backwards when everything else is coming out with 1Ghz or better. Too bad, too, because with a better processor this likely would have been my next phone. Now I’m waiting for Verizon to get the equivalent of the Epic 4G, which has everything I want, except that it’s not Verizon.

  8. this cpu is better than the desier Z it seems….:S why do euros always get the shaft…

  9. Meh… no dual core Cortex A9 and no LTE, no sale. I will hold onto my Droid for a while until the true next gen handsets start appearing.

  10. I truely hope this is not the slider, I think the leaked specs made it a truely incredible phone. If that slider has anywhere near the specs it’s supposed to have then woo woo. I hope that they make it LTE :/

  11. I have a DINC, and love it. I do miss a physical keyboard, though. However, like a previous comment, I will wait for an LTE slider before switching from my DINC.

  12. @B-Rose: Don’t fall for the megahertz myth. Lower clock speeds do not indicate lower performance. Real world performance is probably equal to the aging Snapdragon, most likely just more efficient.

  13. This is the phone I’ll be ditching my BB for. I want a qwerty keyboard. Don’t like the D2 keyboard or Ninjablur.

  14. android need a itunes…. they need something like that

  15. @Max the CPU is identical to the desire Z.

  16. The CPU is identical to the G2/Desire Z. The only difference is that it supports additional 3G standards.

    I don’t feel so bad now, I thought that this phone was going to be better than the G2. I guess it does have an inch on it, lol.

  17. Ok this looks like a decent device with a nice cpu. However, i dont understand why these new htc device have an 800 mhz processor. To me its a step backwards. Not that it will differ all that much from a 1ghz, but the idea of moving backward instead of forward is what leaves me puzzled. I see no front facing camera, which very likely means no LTE compatibility. Dont get me wrong, this looks like a rock-solid droid, but it just doesn’t bring anything new to the table. I hope i’m wrong.

  18. looks pretty amazing and for some reason mean looking. People really need to stop worrying about that mhz number. Technology always goes forward not backward, do you really think the person who made that chip didnt know what he was doing? GIVE IT A CHANCE. wont get it though, not on verizon.

  19. @Brian … 800 MHZ is a major problem… Remember the article about Ginggerbread being only for phones 1ghz or better..

    so all these 800mhz phone won’t be upgradeable to 3.0 Gingerbread

  20. Dan Hesse is laughing at this….just waiting to Drop the 4.3″ W/ Qwerty hes had in his desk since June

  21. Yeah, it looks nice, but, this just seems to be a little more tinkering around with the current generation phones. This might bring some late comers into the smartphone world, but, I don’t think it is going to make anyone who has bought a smartphone in the last 6 months run out to trade in their phone for this one. We haven’t seen the price, yet, that could make a lot of difference.

  22. Where are the 1.2 and 1.5 GHz phones? My G1 contract runs out end of October!

  23. this is like saying I won’t buy a sport car because the newer model coming out next year can go faster than 200mph! Can you even drive at 200mph? You guys realize that the mighty iPhone4 runs below 1Ghz and still delivers fast response and nice graphic. The new 800MHz CPU are very powerful and the speed is optimized for current and future OS and App. I grantee you that it can take on Gingerbread too.

  24. Hope you like Bing as only search engine.

  25. Not a bad looking phone but Ill wait until the dual core 1.5 GHz snapdragons come out since I still have about a little over a year left on my contract.

  26. It clearly stated this is a midlevel phone, so it replaces eris.

  27. no front facing camera? no dual core CPU? graphics? battery life? Nexus one will hold it’s on for a looooong time for me :)

  28. The newer CPU and gpu in these HTC phones are almost 2x faster then the 1ghz snapdragon. They also use less battery because they are 45nm vs 65nm. Just check out the quadrant scores on the g2 / desire z.

  29. Honestly, the line between phones and laptops, netbooks, home PCs, etc is blurring very fast! In a few years there wont be a distinct line between in home, in car and mobile computing. These phones will evolve super fast and will continue to just like PC’s did in the 90’s and early 00’s

  30. My biggest concern is the screen size, is it 3.8 or 4? 3.8 is an obscure number for screen size these days and it looks like it’s four inches in the pictures next to the evo. I’m not worried about the processor. The 800 Mhz scorpion processor reportedly runs smoother than the 1 Ghz snapdragon. For me this phone is definitely the best phone for verizon and a definite upgrade from the god awful eris.

  31. Love the form factor, but I don’t want another phone that’s out of date before it’s out. I love my rooted Eris but two years is a long time to be stuck with a phone.

  32. Guys, we have seen the keyboard for this phone already, just that no one realized they are the same phone.

    Have a look at this thread:


    I think those two are the same if you look at the details carefully. :)

  33. Your mother was god damn awful ..got my eris for free and she’s rooted running froyo. Ain’t nothing my phone can’t do :-)

  34. might as well make all the soft keys red but this phone look sexy! tottaly buying this bad boy

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