T-Mobile UK Green-lights Official Froyo Update for HTC Desire



Just because the HTC Desire Z and HTC Desire HD were announced last week doesn’t mean all love is lost for the original Desire, and those owning the phone on T-Mobile UK can rest a bit easier knowing the update to Android 2.2 (Froyo) began over the weekend. Some of you might already have the update, but just like most OTA updates the roll-out will take a few weeks, so be prepared to hunker down and wait it out for Froyo.

“The 2.2 firmware update (FroYo) will be available from today and will be sent over the air (OTA) direct to your phone over the coming week.”

That’s the official word. Feel free to rejoice in the comments below.

[via TalkAndroid]

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  1. Got mine on Saturday but it had a bunch of T-Mobile Germany software. Stuff I CAN NOT remove.

  2. Filled with crapware

  3. Same here! Word is they release the German version to the UK by accident and it should be sorted out within the next 24 hours so might be worth checking for updates every once in a while.
    Shame all the telcos can’t actually stick their logo on the HTC version over a period of a few months and release the right ‘working’ version to the right people :)

  4. Still awaiting 2.2 for my wildfire, tmobile say its on the way but as usual they have no date !

  5. Not sure that it is filled with ‘crapware’ – I have 2 additional apps:
    1- Mobilbox Pro = some sort of visual voicemail app that is for the German market so I presume this will be removed when they sort out the mix-up
    2- TopApps = App which displays t-mobs recommended apps from the market

    As much as I do think they should not add any apps (you should be able to download from market if you want them), I don’t consider 1 extra app too bad!

    I have read some threads where some peoples install had a few more apps, but that’s all I got.

  6. Can’t wait……..

  7. Got mine on Sat and rapidly moved all the apps I could to the SD card. Broke my lock pattern widget which is annoying. Wireless reception is soooo much better now.

  8. It’s amazing to compare the Desire experience with that of the Nexus One, considering that the hardware is nearly identical. Nexus One owners (who bought directly from Google) got their FroYo update in late June-early July. There was certainly some confusion and impatience about when it was coming, but once it happened, the rollout was smooth and most people were very satisfied with the results.
    Manufacturer and carrier modifications on the Desire apparently slowed down the update by up to 3 months. That’s incredible: it’s more than half the time it took to actually develop FroYo, and a lot of these carriers seem to think that it’s about a quarter of the lifetime of a phone.
    And then, when they do finally come, so many of these carrier updates are plagued by problems. How many FroYo rollouts have we seen being suspended and delayed for weeks?
    It’s mind-boggling to think how much effort the manufacturers and carriers are expending to subtract value like this!

  9. The radio on my desire does not work anymore :0(

  10. For some unknown reason my HTC doesnt boot up any more after updating to latest release. Sits at the T-mobile circle and doesnt go beyond that…. any thoughts?

    I updated it from the phone – (settings/about phone/etc.) as the update was showing there….

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