HTC Desire HD Shows Up in FCC Filing Lacking American 3G



The HTC Desire HD has made its way on to the FCC after it was unveiled in London earlier this week, and much to the collective disappointment of American Android fans, 3G radio bands matching those for North American carriers are no where to be found.  The filing matches up with the PDP98100 model number found on the Desire HD, so little doubt remains that a release States-side isn’t in HTC’s immediate future plans.

How does it feel now that the shoe is on the other foot? Yeah, America already has the EVO but that Desire HD sure is looking mighty sexy right about now…

[via Engadget]

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  1. {cry} why why why?!?!

  2. And Canada has neither.

  3. The best android device till date
    its gonna rock … maybe not others but i wish to get it
    Dono when it releases in our territory

  4. It will be the mytouch hd here in the states so tmobile nation need not be disappointed!! This is definitely the iphone killer weve been waiting for!!!

  5. It really is no different then the evo.
    It just has some new features to htc sense ui and has a better graphics chip.
    overall same phone for the most part. I mean who’s to say htc won’t push this new sense out to the evo. i’m sure they will when this desire hd is on the shelves. it just makes sense to do so.
    no pun intended.
    i personally think the deire hd has a better body build.
    this just shows how people are so quick to jump on something new and not realize that’s what updates are for and the evo is a phone that can feel brand new for a while do to the hardwear.

    if your in london then get this bad boy of course. i’m just saying for american evo owners.

  6. @UniqueNate
    Hardware-wise it has a better SoC AND more RAM than the EVO. With that said there’s no point to jump ship if you already have a 1ghz Cortex A8 (it hasn’t even been a year yet since the debut of this SoC on a phone!). Next year the dual-core A9’s will be debuting and most people won’t even be off contract yet.
    These phone wars are beginning to feel a lot like the old AMD vs Intel days – buy the newest and greatest now and 6 months later it feels obsolete.

  7. If this lands on AT&T, it will be COPPED.


  9. It’s definitely coming to the US, if it wasn’t HTC would not be getting FCC approval(FCC is a US governing body)!!! Europe doesn’t need their approval.

  10. @Ratnok that’s all good if you have sprint. I left them for T-mobile years ago (smart choice). The rest of us want this phone on 3G bands.
    @Mark3894 I’m so friggin tired of ever phone being called the “iPhone killer” get over it people. I love android as much as the next person, but no phone is gonna sell the number of phones as the iPhone.. No company is gonna put that kind of marketing behind a phone that will be obsolete in 8 months..

  11. @ratnok…to save $10, when I get another upgrade next yr I will be downgrading back to 3g, 4g does nothing for me and my area will most likely never see 4g. Next year phones performance wise will atop this years phone and 3g does what I need.

    The only reason I went to the Epic was for preformance/keyboard/screen.

  12. More USA Tmo fail. Why am I NOT surprised???

  13. Hi

    “How does it feel now that the shoe is on the other foot?”
    Well said :)

  14. @NowVoyager
    There are good things coming T Mobiles way.. The G2, and we still don’t know for sure about the myTouch HD which was supposed to be “this phone” for T Mobile USA, although the leaked “renders” show some phone with a smaller screen and FFC that I hope turns out to be bogus.. as I’d rather have this.. I’m not a “see me, love me” girley boy.. so I have absolute zero use for a FFC.. It still has the ability to take videos, good enough for me.. When a majority of people I know also have FFC on their phones then it “might” be practical.. but as it is, I can’t dump SMS yet because MOST people that I know don’t have data plans.. So I would rather have the larger screen.. All that said.. If T mobile is so bad for you.. go somewhere else.. do you owe them money or something ?

  15. @RATNOK……..T-Mobile will he the next carrier to support “4G” it will be under a different name than 4G..AT&T and Verizon will also be adding it soon

  16. Why would HTC bother to seek FCC approval for a phone with basically no commercial value in the US? If a later version gets support for 850, 1700/2100, or 1900/1900 bands, they’re still going to have to get it approved again anyway. The only reason I can think of is that maybe there are some countries in Latin America that use 1900/2100 UMTS that require approval, but will automatically rubber-stamp anything already approved by the FCC, so HTC can pay the big chunk of money one time and get it approved by the FCC (who every major testing lab on earth knows how to deal with), then just send certified copies of the FCC’s approval with the appropriate registration forms and fees to the other 50 countries that accept FCC approval as “good enough”.

    Still… at this point, it really does seem stupid for ANYONE capable of 1900/2100 that can’t at least do 1900/1900 and/or 1700/1900 as well, seeing how it’s almost an inherent capability of every new UMTS chipset requiring little more than firmware support to enable (850 is a little more involved). Put another way, building an international phone that can work on AT&T/Telstra/Rogers requires a few more parts, but building one that can work in Canada and on T-Mobile requires little more than firmware.

  17. I want this phone and it’s my personal iphone killer. Is it going to be hspa+ capable? I think the myTouhc HD is what they have in Europe named the HTC Desire Z.

    The HTC Desire HD is one sexy phone…I’m salavating like Pavlov’s dog. I hope TMO does right by us.

  18. @Dennis…The only thing that you need to know is that I don’t owe YOU anything. Not an explanation..nothing. Keep it moving.

    @Jeff thanks for the info. Many of us were hoping that the HTC HD is the much-hyped Emerald Project as, it is the only one on the landscape with the reported 4.3 inch screen and that includes the rest of the specs that were leaked.

    The other phones that we’ve seen such as the Vanguard couldn’t be the Emerald Project phone because the screen is 3.7inches. There is of course the deciding factor: that dual core processor. And, there is the lesser but still relevant hardware keyboard issue. Some say that the Emerald doesn’t have one (my hope is that it doesn’t) and others say that it has a pull out KB (if the “leaked” specs are to be believed).

    In any event, I was hoping that Tmo USA would get the Emerald (HTC HD or whatever) because we were denied the Bravo/Passion/Desire.

  19. This may actually come to T-Mobile USA later this holiday season, rumors have popped up about it, but again just rumors..this is where the rumor is posted:


  20. @Jeff – “Why would HTC bother to seek FCC approval for a phone with basically no commercial value in the US?”

    Because there is a world outside of the US. Europe has a massive market which hasn’t yet had the likes of the Evo4G.

    This phone is simply an updated Evo.

  21. @Yamthief – ”
    @Jeff – “Why would HTC bother to seek FCC approval for a phone with basically no commercial value in the US?”

    Because there is a world outside of the US. Europe has a massive market which hasn’t yet had the likes of the Evo4G.

    This phone is simply an updated Evo.”

    The point being why seek approval with a US government agency when there is no market for it in the US.

  22. This phone isn’t really a step down from 4G. It has HSPA+ which under real world situations achieves essentially the same speed as 4G.

  23. Well, if it came out in US I’d buy it. Since it did not, I’ll be getting my N8 in about a month. Has radios for all 5 relevant 3g freqs. That’s how you make global phones and that is why Nokia will continue dominating the world smartphone business…

  24. this is realy bad why did the fcc do this to me i want the 3g network in america.

  25. Total iphone killer!!!! Can’t wait till it comes to US cellular!!!!

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