Samsung Galaxy Tab with Wi-Fi Only Coming Soon [POLL]


We already know that all four major US Carriers will be carrying the Samsung Galaxy Tab, but what if you don’t want the tablet on a contract? What if you just want it as an in-home magazine of sorts to browse the web via Wi-Fi from your couch?

You’re in luck. During the live event, Samsung announced that a Wi-Fi only version WOULD be available in the near future. I’m sure that’s a relief for folks who want the 7-inches of Android goodness but without the 2-year ball and chain. Although for some, having web access ANYWHERE with the tab is a monumental victory… Google Navigation, anyone?


The Galaxy Tab is an interesting product proposition and it will be interesting to see how it fares this holiday season. I can’t see it slumping but how well the apps operate on the device and how many apps are custom designed for the device will play a big part in reviews, which will play a big part in the purchase decision.

Let’s see what the early poll results are regarding potential purchasers?

[polldaddy poll=3774228]

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  1. When I see HTC and Motorolla’s offerings then I will. Samsung might be in the running then. Have to see.

  2. It all depends on the pricing for that WIFI Version…

  3. i REALLY want one, but i have to wait since google said froyo isnt optimized for tablets. hopefully this thing will get a gingerbread or honeycomb upgrade, then ill surely be getting a wifi model

  4. When I can put that tablet in my pocket, then we’ll see. :-)

  5. I’m waiting to see the Motorola and Notion Ink (Adam) offering. More so for the Notion Ink unit, but I’m hoping Motorola will keep their momentum going and shock us all again with maybe an exclusive 3.0 Gingerbread tablet for the holiday season. There’s no way in hell Motorola isn’t going to try and make a push for a unit for the holiday season. Right now Samsung Tab is taking all the spotlight for Android LEGIT tablets approved by Google. Motorola better do something to get some of that money before people spend it on a Tab and say “nice tablet Moto but I already got one.”

  6. Wait is the Notion Ink offering not Android? *gasp*

  7. oh god shut up about froyo not being optimized for tablets, its FINE!

  8. I always have my N1 with me, so I would just use hotspot to connect it and then I would always be able to use it if I wanted!

  9. I’ll wait until 3.0 at least before I even think about getting a tablet. Just don’t have a desire/need for one right now.

  10. Wi-Fi only, depending on the price.

  11. I already have a Samsung Vibrant; I’m not paying for a second 3G line. Now, if I could tether from a tablet to my phone via WiFi and share the 3G connection, now my ears are perking up.

    Otherwise, meh.

  12. So I can use this tablet to surf the web via wi fi? Like my lap top, only the lap top has an easy to use keyboard and I already have it.

    Seems silly to me.

  13. Picked up my samsung galaxy s (captivate) last month..saw this and now I cant wait to get it with ATT :D I love samsung, and i will be a proud owner of the galaxy line haha :)

  14. Its kind of pointless to have a vibrant and a cell phone tablet…

    You are only going to use one or the other. I would prefer the tablet with tmobile 4G.

  15. If I’ll be able to wirelessly tether from my Droid to the tablet, then I’ll seriously consider buying one. Really, it all depends on the price.

  16. I actually see the purpose of the WiFi only tablet and can see it co-existing quite nicely with a cell phone. I have a desktop with a 21″ ultra high res monitor (which sits gathering dust), a 15.4″ high res laptop which mostly sits in the office, (but gets used daily), a 12″ netbook which gets used daily and a HTC Magic.

    I can see using the Tab for couch surfing, ebook reading, and for out and about use, tethered to the phone whne I need a data connection and can’t find WiFi. If I am awake I have the cell with me. I doubt that I would always have the Tab, but I can see lots of occasions when it would be more convenient that the netbook, and where the 7″ screen would be much better than the 3.2″ screen I have of the smartphone.

    If my carrier would allow me to put them both on the same plan (basically give me a second SIM for the same 6GB data plan) I can see occasionally using it as a phone with a bluetooth headset, but I really doubt the carrier is going to do that. There is no way I am buying a second data plan when I can just share the 6 Gb one I have on the phone.

  17. Samsung tablet phone with tmobile services would be vet successful since tmobile will offer HSPA+ services with this device and we will be able to use video call, but I am not sure android 2.2 ghastly productivity with tablet devices and we might not be able to use all market applications as we use with android phone

  18. Without the Phone Capabilities … I will not buy it

  19. You do realize … that by putting the Poll under a Headline about WiFi … you will bias the results towards ‘WiFi Only’

    The way you ask the question … is the way you get the answer you want.

  20. wow..i came up with the greatest idea ever!! so.. no one wants to have a 2 year contract with a phone.. and also have to pay for another contract for your 7″ or > tablet.. well.. like the dell streak.. make a tablet a official phone.. and include that tablet with a thin Bluetooth device that looks like a regular cell phone. so when you get a call on your tablet.. you answer it with your Bluetooth cell phone and not have a huge device covering the right side of your face when in call. yeah!??

  21. N1 + 7” tablet = i want. will have to play with this in a store to make the final decision, but wifi only is all i need. glad to hear that will be an option. hope the price is right, though.

  22. Since I want it primarily for a web browser I can stick in my inside suit pocket, I’ll be going for a wifi version… but only after we learn about a few other tablets (HTC, Notion) and I can compare pricing and specs.

  23. I would use my EVO 4G hotspot and use the tablet as a convenience for when I don’t want to drag out my laptop, like as an ereader or just some minor web surfing. The price can’t be too high. I already have the phone and the laptop, this would not be worth a lot of money.

  24. Without voice capabilities, won’t it be missing the Market? According to Engadget, Samsung said that the US versions of the Tab will be missing voice capabilities. That sucks.

  25. Well the GSM guys (AT&T & T Mobile) might have a slight advantage., if they could make it easy to pop the sim chip back and forth between your phone and the tablet.. Well then it might make having one with 3G (or even hspa+) kind of appealing.. but to make me get another data account.. no.

  26. I have a Nexus with its 2.2 wifi hotspot and a laptop.
    Why would I want this stupid device that costs $200 more than a halfway decent laptop ?

  27. I’ll see how it compares to Motorola’s Droid Tablet

  28. Im not waiting for motorola, they’ll simply lock it down probably even worse than the X. I doubt anyone gets it but vzn on contract. Wifi only galaxy s will be sweet!

  29. If the wifi only verion cannot make calls does this not mean that the full suite of google app / market will not be available or have i understood this wrong? i would love this when it is UK bound but not tied to a contract.

  30. With the carriers stripping out the ability to make calls wifi is the only option for me. http://www.cellhut.com/Samsung-P1000-Galaxy-Tab-Unlocked-Quadband-GSM-Cell-Phone-29956.html this vendor appears to be taking pre-orders for $699.

  31. Of course the primary gating factor on whether I’d purchase one, is the price. Price rules.

    But a pretty close second is the inclusion of Bluetooth pairing in the Americas, which have been excluded from the 3G version of the tablet. If we’re employing WiFi-Only, there’s no plausible rationale for disallowing bluetooth pairing, and allowing the user to place a VOIP call over WiFi ( especially if it’s my own home’s WiFi I’m talking about using ).

    The exclusion of Bluetooth pairing will more than likely be added in via the “enthusiast user” route, but since we don’t know if the America’s ( US, Canada, Mexico, etc. ) version will even HAVE bluetooth on-board ( and nothing indicates that it will ) it may all be a moot point.

    Supporting VOIP calls over WiFi is a BIG thing, if you’re planning on selling a WiFi-only version of this tablet. I dare say they’ll sell MORE of these than the 3G enabled versions, but if they leave out Bluetooth…..it’s like shooting themselves in the foot.

    Hobble on, Samsung.

  32. If I can tether or use my phone and hook it up to the mobile hot spot feature, then I’d be all over this.

  33. I’m getting one because my iPad is too freakin’ heavy and doesn’t do Flash. You ‘droid guys have all the best stuff.

  34. @Marcelo

    I want WiFi only precisely because I have no intention of making phone calls on it. I have a Droid for phone calls. I want a high quality tablet for things other than voice communication (I’ve always found that phones are best for that).

  35. well, i would like the wifi only version, but only if it’s possible to make video calls over wifi.. I mean if it won’t do that then i’m not buying it for the simple fact they gimped the us version..

  36. Why would android users want anything but wifi only, when they can tether?

  37. I think the toss up is whether to go 7″ with cell data service or hold out for a 10″ wi-fi model. I can’t see getting a wi-fi only with the smaller screen – it’s going to be a couch/coffee shop machine so ultra-portable isn’t as important as the extra real estate. hmmm. decisions decisions.

  38. No looking for Notion Ink Adam tablet. Far better specs that this and cheaper (at least from what has been announced)

  39. So…no voice capabilities = voiceless video chatting? Lame.

  40. Yes, haha. Wi-Fi only is highest currently.

    It is about time someone drill into these manufacturers heads that a large number of us will buy a reasonably priced device and do not watch to be gouged by a cell contract.

    It makes me sick that the decent computing capabilities, productivity and software of these devices are for the most part locked up with some arse hat cell contract. *spits*

  41. Samsung is very stylish! And I love it because prices are vey affordable.

  42. If my Samsung Vibrant with Android 2.2 is a mobile hotspot, then I can use the WiFi only Galaxy Tab… right??

  43. I only want the wifi version. I can wifi tether with my EVO. But why so small? How about a 20″ tab?

  44. I won’t buy a tablet until it’s LTE capable.

  45. But notion ink adam tablet will have both wifi and 3G…..

  46. Too small for me to even start considering one. I can see everything just fine on my Droid X.

  47. I really like the ipad but don’t want to may over $400 for one. If the tab wifi stays under $300 I will get it. I still have a mac and don’t need another laptop. I would just like to take something small when I go on vacation and now that orlando has 4g tethering the tab from my evo 4g will be awesome.

  48. Don’t need 3g access, I can tether it to my stock N1 and save me the extra bill…

  49. If I get the wifi only will Google navigation still work?

  50. must be full function unlocked phone or no sale

  51. samsung is stupid as hell. why so late to release wifi only? completely unreasonable.

  52. actually 7 inch galaxy tab is a pretty good one even in Japan. The only problem is that there is no wifi only, comparing to ipad. Worse than ever is that Samsung has stopped developing 7 inch tablet. It’s really unbelievable. Completely with no business sense!

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