Rogers To Carry Galaxy Tab In Canada


Samsung-Galaxy-S-Tab-CanadaJust when you thought the American Carriers were going to have all the fun tonight, the folks Rogers contacted me to chime in, “Us too!” That’s right Canadians, although pricing and availability haven’t been announced – so I’m not sure if a holiday release is in the cards – Rogers does plan on carrying the Galaxy Tab. They even made a post on RedBoard supporting the plans:

We’re thrilled to tell you that the Samsung Galaxy Tab – Samsung’s first tablet – will be coming to Canada on Rogers later this year.

As the Canadian carrier with the most tablet customers, we’re excited to carry the Samsung Galaxy Tab on Canada’s reliable network. Tablets are among today’s hottest devices – they let you connect with information, entertainment and other content in new ways – at home or on the go.

The carriers definitely seem to be clamoring for the goods which must mean people are anticipating the device will have a hot holiday welcome. I wouldn’t be surprised, but remember folks, a lot of its success or peril could come down to price points and that is just about the only mystery that currently exists.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab with Wi-Fi Only Coming Soon [POLL]

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  1. Yikes. I’m already an Android user on Rogers. Wonder what the plan is. I’d rather have the wifi version and tether off my existing plan.

  2. They have been talking up the Samsung Capitvate for bloody months now… with ABSOLUTELY no release data in sight.

    With that kind of solid track record, why not add another leading edge phone to the list of phone you claim you are going to be releasing real soon now.

    Bell will also be releasing it. The only difference is that you will actually be able to get it from Bell within a couple of weeks to a month of when they announce it!

  3. So the question is, (besides when and how much) is are they going to follow the US lead and go with the no voice option?

  4. Which version are they selling it in Canada?

    According to:

    US version will not have any voice capability, which is pity. :(

  5. I was late by 2 secs… lol :)

  6. I was in a Rogers store today and was ininformed that the Samsung Captiva is launching on the 24th of the month.

  7. What does it matter if it doesn’t have 3G voice. They said in the Q&A that it doesn’t have voice and video conferencing only works on wifi. Looks like I’m not buying this now.

  8. according to the press release
    it specifically cites the voice chat capabilities of the tab.
    Two Cameras, One-on-One Video Chat
    The Galaxy Tab is designed with a rear-facing 3.2 megapixel camera for taking pictures on-the-go and sharing with family and friends. It is also outfitted with a front-facing 1.3 megapixel camera and camcorder, enabling video chat with other people who have video conferencing capabilities.

    also the Redboard page is titled
    Samsung Galaxy Tab coming to Canada this holiday season | Rogers RedBoard
    so that gives us a better clue of when it’s coming.

  9. Problem is, you will need a contract to get one, and in Canada, we get _3_ year contracts, not those fancy 2-year contracts you yanks get. And we pay more, for fewer features.

    With the exception of rich people, how many people will be getting a _second_ contract, just to get this device?

    Rogers contacted me to (since I have a blog about the screw up that was Rogers and HTC updating our Magics) and I replied by telling them i will never buy a device from them if it means having a second contract.

    I will be waiting to see pricing and availability of the WiFi-only version, which i will tether to my Magic. :-)

  10. You won’t need a contract, you can still buy it retail you know.

  11. no voice = no buy for me, the plan was to replace my current phone with this, hopefully someone out there is designing a 7″ tab “killer” *with* voice

  12. i want one that can do voice with sip and can tether to my nexus one on froyo for the booyeah wifi pwnpwnpwn plox all your base 1

  13. My question is will the galaxy tab ever get voice option? Should I wait until next year to get on if there is a chance that one will be developed?

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