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7:55 – That’s about it… stay tuned for GALAXY TAB HANDS ON VIDEOS!

7:53 – Are carriers planning on subsidizing? Carriers will announce pricing.

7:52 – Will questions around Android Market being unavailable come into play? Press Release says Android Market is available on Galaxy Tab.

7:51 – Will Galaxy Tab announced tonight have voice capabilities? None of the ones announced tonight.

7:50 – Qik works only over Wi-Fi

7:49 – Will there be any 4G versions? All devices announced are 3G.

7:48 – When is Media Hub and Social Hub coming to Samsung television sets? No current announcements other than Galaxy Tab.

7:47 – How much volume? Tablet demand is hard to forecast but their internal forecasts are looking good, and tablets have outsold all estimates this year, so outlook is certainly good.

7:46 – Asking about pricing… “competitive”

7:45 – Q&A time

7:45 – talked a bit about the new website

7:33 – Revolutionalizing? I think its “revolutionizing”. He is revolutionalizing language!

7:32 – About to talk about the new website

7:31 – Show looks like a thriller. People being held hostage. Kind of scary considering what happened in my neck of the woods today. Definitely looked interesting though.

7:29 – Showing a sneak preview of a show called “The Event” on NBC

7:28 – Working with NBC, Paramount, Universal Studios, Warner for content and will be announcing even more as time goes on

7:27 – Media Hub allows sharing between up to 5 devices other Media Hub devices with same account. Cool… but personally I don’t want to be restricted to only sharing with other Galaxy Hub devices. But I get that its a sticky subject so I digress.

7:25 – Samsung Media Hub will offer new release and library movie titles for purchase and rental as well as next day tv shows. He will be showing it live at the demo stations. Price competitive with… competitors.

7:24 – Excuse me but Galaxy Tab for Navigation is BAD ASS! Remember that’s a 7-inch screen on a car dock, ladies and gents.

7:23 – Galaxy Tab is great and fits in your pocket but accessories extend its use.

  • 86-key keyboard
  • Docking station
  • Car Dock for GPS/Navigation

7:22 – All Share allows streaming with DLNA and sharing with other devices. I don’t have a lot of experience with DLNA but its been glitchy on other Android devices.

7:21 – Social Hub provides “Daily Briefing” with latest weather, stock, news, etc… and you’ve got your social networks too

7:20 – It’s working. There is a little audio lag and video lag but the internet in the building is HORRENDOUS because of all the people connected.

7:20 – Here comes live video chat using Qik. I remember Qik tried this before on the EVO and… Qik buckled up and died. Uhohs fingers crossed!

7:19 – 3MP cam on back with flash, 1.3MP front-facing camera with video chat

7:18 – Google Apps, Android Market, scaling apps like Facebook, other apps like Weather Channel will be “framed” to preserve the experience

7:17 – Samsung developed many native applications FOR the Galaxy Tab specifically for the device. When you are landscape it goes into split screen mode to provide best use of space.

7:16 – Time to talk about Galaxy Tab Applications!

7:15 – Pic from Quentyn’s phone of the event in progress


7:14 – previews Adobe Air which should be coming, “In next couple weeks”

7:13 – Shows streaming video, JK Rowling website which is interactive, transitions and animations playing nicely

7:13 – A pic for you delight:


7:12 – CTO of Adobe on stage to talk about Flash on Galaxy Tab

7:11 – 7-Eleven hehehe

7:10 – They truly looked at what consumers want:

  • Big screen
  • One-handed design
  • Not bulky
  • Long battery

7:09 – “Galaxy Tab will set the standard for mobile tablet market”

7:08 – “You don’t launch Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab on 4 major carriers without thanking people” followed by a Grammy speech ;)

7:07 – It will be available in time for the holidays and they’ll release a Wi-Fi only version – awesome option

7:06 – Samsung Galaxy Tab avaliable on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon!

7:02 – Kim Titis Director of Public Relations… that’s who it is. New device, new service, and new reveal of…. oh reallies?

7:01 – Someone is on staaaage!

7:00 – It was supposed to start…. NOW. Waiting patiently.

6:57 – Quentyn offers a gem, “Well there’s a guy on the sound system that looks like Bill Gates. And it’s an open bar.” Ballin.

6:55 – Five more minutes. I told K&Q to tell me something interesting but they came up empty handed. Wondering if they’ll get Galaxy Tab Review Units? Fingers crossed.

6:50 – Kevin at the event, ready to get his blog on


6:49 – the Phandroid team sits before the stage!


6:15pm – Kevin and Quentyn are both LIVE in New York City covering the Samsung Android event. Starting around 6:45pm the three of us will begin triple teaming the blog, providing news and goodies as they happen, in addition to more in-depth follow up over the next 24 hours.


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  1. The first and only obvious question out there for Mr. Samsung, is….when will Froyo be available to US Galaxy S phones??

  2. The second question for Mr. Samsung is when will the gps be fixed?

  3. When will that Media Hub be open as well?

  4. Smoothest live blog we’ve ever had. Except for broken comments lol.

  5. What a great article. I am searching this for long time. Thank you for your information.

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