Logitech Revue Priced and Dated? September 29th for $299.99


The Logitech Revue has long been rumored to be the September Google TV device Google’s been talking about, but nothing concrete has given us reason to pay any tremendous amounts of attention to the story. Engadget got another one of their trusty tipsters to spill more beans, this time professing an exact date and the price we can expect to pay for the companion device. September 29th fits in with that “late September” date we keep hearing about, and you’ll apparently be able to grab it for $299.99.


$299.99 might sound steep for a companion box with no DVR functions, but that won’t matter if you’re a Dish Network subscriber. You’ll be able to grab it up for $179.99 if that turns out to be the case. If true, we’re sure this would be due to some sort of partnership Google, Logitech, and Dish striked up as it matches up nicely with the Oprah moment Google had the other day.

Would you buy a companion box listed at the prices above?

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  1. Unless it’s really, really, damned good then no. $299 is too much.

  2. @Sam, this is the Logitech product… there may be more alternatives for all!

  3. They’ll need some pretty good functionality to justify $299.

    I’d rather just build a computer.

  4. well if it has no dvr functionality what will it do? I already have a laptop and a pc if its just going to take me to hulu.com I can do that on my own.

  5. Yeah, thats definitely pushing it too high if it isn’t a DVR. If its just for browing the web and using streaming services, the boxeebox is going to kick this things ass at $100 less

  6. what this box supposed to do and how? is this box need wireless internet access or cable? can some one please explain?

  7. 299 usd !! no way i will take it for 150 usd or nothing because i don’t care of TV !! boring boring … internet killed the tv !

  8. Hell no, that’d to much. If take that 3oo shar put it toward a tv that will have it already. When the time comes of course

  9. I’d pay 300, but only if it has an internal hard drive. I’m not going to pay for something that can only network to my laptop or connect to an external hard drive. If it doesn’t have a build in hard drive, I don’t see the worth in this.

  10. The way I understand the device, is that it’s a media player that can play media from your NAS or Internet or Cable Box. If we forget about the cable box for a second then it is behaving just like a media PC. If the CPU/GPU inside that box are powerful enough to warrant $300, then I’m sold on that alone as I need a new media PC. The fact that I’ll be able to search the various internet channels and my stored media simultaneously sounds awesome to me. If I had cable then this would be a no brainer, as it stands, I’m waiting on specs. If the specs aren’t as good as a Boxee, I’ll get the Boxee.

  11. well i’ve been thinking about switching to dish network… so if that is true it might be worth it… but when the apple tv is coming out for 100 bucks i dont see how this thing is worth 300. Most people are going to go to best buy and they’ll see a similar product for 100 and the android one for 300… they are going to take the apple one almost every time. I really hope its no more than $150.00…

  12. I was hoping for a $199 price. $299 is a bit high, but I’ll bite because Google TV fits nicely with my needs.

  13. If it had DVR functionality, they yes – without, no way. $199 would be the highest I could justify.

  14. Thought these things were supposed to like 50.00

  15. No DVR? As in, no internal storage? Two words: SCREW and THAT! Even if it was friendlier than Apple TV, letting us plug USB drives directly into it for storage, it’s still way too much.

  16. I’ve been made to understand that the Revue will support recording, but will record to the cloud rather than to an internal HDD. This could be incorrect.

  17. The name is “Revue” sounding like “Re-view”. So, I’m hoping it has DVR functionality.

    And hopefully takes in both analog and digital cable. I don’t want to have a cable box from my provider just for decrypting the digital broadcast.

  18. you guys shouldn’t complain about the price when you don’t even know the capabilities.

  19. Being a dish customer, I can rest assured that the discounted price will come with some ridiculous monthly fee to access its features… which means that down the road i will have spent much more than the $299 that everyone else bought it for.

  20. $299 is MSRP!! This is NOT the street price.

  21. My whole plan for this was to dump Dish after they hiked prices on me, but the payback would be far too long. The 179 should be the off the shelf price, not with a further commitment to Dish, or their ignorant additional fee for using it.

  22. No way at that price – $299 is too much. $199 would be my top price (and no other commitment).

  23. 299 for esst. apple tv with apps and games. not worth it. i mean i have ps3 , wii, already so not really worth it to me. maybe someone who doesn’t have anything connected to there tv other than a DVD player. besides apple tv will do most of the features and cost $99. its also a lot smaller and could be easier to hide to have a clean look to your entertainment center. really don’t think Google has a winner here looks more like old RCA webtv days.

  24. but what if you have cable?

  25. $150-200 seems slightly fair…$300 is the shaft but I’m sure they are pricing it that way for the early adopter people that are willing to spend $300 bucks on something that no one else is using…this to me seems like it is not ment for the mass but rather the mass of gLovers…

  26. wow! that is expensive. i may have to rethink getting one these after all and maybe get a Roku instead. dang! that’s really disappointing.

  27. Just spoke to Dish Network and was told it will now be available on 10/18/10 and it will be $179 for current customers.

  28. So, where is this thing?

  29. Yes i’ll pay 299.00, I paid 299.00 for my last universal remote. This device does so much more!

  30. Ok, 299.00 dlls ,, and how much do we need to pay monthly?

    Or you get $299.00 dlls and have free google tv for 1 year????

    What is the real deal?

  31. Hi my name is Jason, I am a dish network employee, just an FYI article is totally correct. The Logitech Revue purchased through DISH Network it is $179.00 but it does a $4.00 per month integration fee that allows two way communication between the Revue and the DISH DVR, and that is without a contract as well.

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