Sep 16th, 2010

The Logitech Revue has long been rumored to be the September Google TV device Google’s been talking about, but nothing concrete has given us reason to pay any tremendous amounts of attention to the story. Engadget got another one of their trusty tipsters to spill more beans, this time professing an exact date and the price we can expect to pay for the companion device. September 29th fits in with that “late September” date we keep hearing about, and you’ll apparently be able to grab it for $299.99.


$299.99 might sound steep for a companion box with no DVR functions, but that won’t matter if you’re a Dish Network subscriber. You’ll be able to grab it up for $179.99 if that turns out to be the case. If true, we’re sure this would be due to some sort of partnership Google, Logitech, and Dish striked up as it matches up nicely with the Oprah moment Google had the other day.

Would you buy a companion box listed at the prices above?

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