Google Gave Away Free Sony TVs, Dish Network Service, and Google TV Units


Before you read this, head on over to and start looking for any and all Google-hosted conferences – you’ll probably want to attend early after hearing this. According to ATD, Google had themselves another Oprah moment, but what they gave away at Google I/O each year since 2007 is nothing compared to what they gave away to the 600 attendees at their Google Zeitgeist conference yesterday.

All attendees received Google TV, three months of Dish service (I assume from Dish Network, as ATD capitalized it), a Sony Bravia TV (size not disclosed) and complimentary installation services from geek squad (though who really needs that unless you’re wall-mounting?)


I must say: I’m quite the jealous bird over here. The event was being held in Paradise Valley, Arizona. I’m still not sure what the conference is for exactly, though I’m going to be doing my homework for the next time they come around with it. What about this Google TV they got, though? Was it the solution embedded into Bravia TVs we’ve heard about before or is there some sort of set-top-box Google’s already got a final release for ahead of Logitech and their Revue unit?

Perhaps one of those lucky attendees will grace us with a video unboxing of epic proportions once they receive the goods. I wonder how Google would handle delivery. I’d die to see a huge crate of electronics dropped in via helicopter, Dumbo style.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Google did NOT give away TVs at Zeitgiest according to Danny Sullivan who was there –

    What they did get was:

    Dish TV & service for 3 months (a Dish TV DVR that’s Google TV capable)

    Sony Blu-Ray player (one that’s Google TV-capable)

    Installation by Best Buy’s The Geek Squad

  2. Ah ok. I hadn’t seen that report. ATD was the only outlet I saw even mentioning the Oprah moment.

  3. Well, if there’s no TV then “No thank you!”. :-)

  4. Still a nice package if I might say so.

  5. What a bunch of cheapskates – no TV? Sheesh! ;-)

  6. i’ll pass on the dish. their tv service is ok, but their customer service is not. i’ll stick with my Uverse and be glad it’s the only ATT service i need.

  7. “Still a nice package if I might say so.”

    That’s what she said!

  8. Seeing as my Dish Network box (the 722) had some kind of upgrade (leaving the DVR menu UGLY), what are the chances Dish will upgrade my box to include some form of Google TV?

  9. @Ctown…how do you call the DVR menu “ugly”? its a menu…however I do believe they are offering some free upgrades at the moment as well as some reasonably priced upgrades for google experience based on what our dish tech told us when we got our HD dish and receiver last week.

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