Verizon Launching LTE in 30 “NFL Cities” Before 2011


Verizon’s already expressed plans to launch LTE in a number of markets before the year is out (with first Android devices expected to hit early 2011), but we didn’t really have much of an idea regarding who would be getting what and when. If eWeek‘s report is accurate, Verizon’s going to be launching LTE in 30 “NFL Cities,” stressing that their initial rollout would only cover major metropolitan areas. That doesn’t sound too shabby at all.


While nothing was said on their plans going into the first half of 2011, we did learn that they expect to have their entire coverage map drowned in LTE goodness by the end of 2013. That sounds like a long time from now, but think about how long T-Mobile customers had to wait for basic 3G. You’ll live.

[via BGR]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Wonder if there will be a premium data charge just like Sprint charges. That would make Verizon’s plans even more ridiculously expensive and make Sprint an even better option than it is now. Not to mention VZ has a tierd data package where Sprint is only one with unlimited.

  2. @cdogg, VZW does not currently have any tiered data package (yet). They have said they may do tiering with 4G but at this time it’s just something they may do and nothing is official yet.

  3. LTE?

  4. “but think about how long T-Mobile customers had to wait for basic 3G”

    past tense? Still in T-mobile GPRS land here in most of New England…that’s right, EDGE would be an upgrade.

  5. Bell and Telus (in Canada) should have done the same, keep their EVDO network and wait for LTE at the end of this year instead of deploying HSPA last year.

  6. @Shiney McShine LTE = Long Term Evolution

    @tommy sorry to hear that!

  7. Sweet. I’m hoping DC area is one of the LTE-enabled areas. Would be right in time for me to hop carriers, finally on GSM based tech! Come on HTC, give me an N2-like dream…

  8. I guess Los Angeles won’t be getting LTE then…..

  9. Lol@ sillyguy you wear that name well

  10. I love the NFL and I am in a city… I can haz LTE plz?

  11. lol sprints 4g to vz 4g is like blue ray to DVD. vzw is going to be faster, more reliable. Remember HD DVD vs blue ray. VHS vs betas? Verizon is going to charge more but guaranteed it will be dominating. why don’t u guys check real time data downlink speeds for sprint,its like vzw 3g now even cricket is like 4mb at top end. vzw always does it big. they have 2 yrs working on the lte.

  12. dang! just ordered my droid x like 2 days ago! oh well…at least it was only a 1 year contract =) @Greg I’m sure we in DC we’ll be one of the initial cities to receive LTE. Verizon has been spending ALL kinds of money around here lately without explanation as to why. Even their own contractors didn’t know what was going on.

  13. How about Big 10 cities as well? If we get LTE in Ann Arbor I’m on it!

  14. Just in time for my Moto Droid upgrade :-)

  15. Since some cities have more than one team, does this mean that all of the teams are covered?

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