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More information continues to trickle in from over at HTC’s London event, with a bit more detail on what exactly is going on in the new version of HTC Sense and its accompanying website surfacing. HTC is looking at Sense as a full-blown service rather than just a UI on top of Android no doubt to truly differentiate their handsets from the crowd of others using Google’s OS. Here are just a few points of interest from a report over at BGR:

  • The boot time of Sense has been cut down to 10 seconds.
  • DLNA support is built in to allow content streaming to other DLNA devices.
  • A new incoming call screen slides up from the bottom of the screen instead of taking up the entire screen.
  • Maps will now cache data to facilitate quicker map rendering.
  • A digital compass is utilized to allow the map to orient itself to the direction you are heading.
  • The new Sense focuses on letting you control and interact with your data instead of merely presenting it to you.
  • A new website will launch next month — — that will allow you to backup and view text messages and call logs, remotely wipe the device, enable call forwarding, send map coordinates or trip information, and locate your phone.

The extra speed should make for a pretty quick experience on HTC’s upcoming phones, and the other enhancements aren’t so much earth-shattering changes but rather small touches that should make the Sense experience a bit more intuitive. The little things can go a long way, is anyone excited about what this new version of sense will bring?

[via BGR]

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  1. I’m excited – any word on if it will be available to existing users (such as my D Inc)?

  2. ‘Maps will now cache data to facilitate quicker map rendering.’ – I’m wondering whether it means that you will be able to cache all navigation maps onto SD card or just the route you’re planning to drive. If it’s the first option – well, all other SatNav apps will soon disappear from Market.

  3. I wonder if current Sense devices will get this?

  4. I am excited. Will they finally allow our home screens to be viewed in landscape mode? That would make me quite gleeful.

  5. I personally think it Sense is useless and requires way too many steps to do anything.

  6. @paul t download launcher pro. It is absolutely awesome and up can view home screen in landscape. Use that until the new sense comes out. I will sir and envy they I can’t dl sense to my droid x that would truly make this them perfect device, if its had sense. But,, launcher pro plus does an excellent job of making up for motbloats hackjob of a UI. Its done quite well. Anyone break through the X’s efuze let us know. I wanna load roms

  7. I hope there is a serious Privacy Policy on this service, and there are strict protections put in place. I am not sure how I feel about any single company knowing where I am at all times, how fast I am traveling, who I am communicating with and what I am saying. I know it sounds a little paranoid and the government can and does already do this, buuuut… just think about it.

  8. Mmmm, a see a Desire Z in my future, goodbye Moto!

  9. I see a Desire HD in my future :D

  10. i’m also saying good buy to motorola. I’m seriously pissed off the level of support European users get fro motorola. I still have no news about milestone updates :(
    HTC is the way to go in Europe it seems.

  11. But does it rotate to landscape?

  12. @swampfox I agree but accept that if I want to go off the grid,, I have to go without my beloved androids and facebook will become a shadow of a memory. @tom robson,yes the Z, lol that’s as cool as the X, but whem up talk about ur X its always reminds up of, your, well, ex. Not so good. Plus htc isnt quite so hitler with OUR hardware

  13. As long as we can see this pop up on our existing phones I’m excited. Sence has needed an update and for that matter I’d love to see some asthetic changes take place too. Honestly, do away with the dock bar or better yet how about a few options as to how it looks / let us customize it. I remember not to long ago there was a mock up of the HTC “1” it had no dock bar, just a thin line with a sharp point that I would imagine worked kink do like ADW’s launcher…. I personally am a bigger fan of LauncherPro and could see a varient of his launcher as an update…… just my 2 cents×447.jpg

  14. @Paul T: If you load ADW Loader, you can landscape mode your home screen, and change the dock buttons as well, the Sense home screen and dock sucks.

  15. I guess this is what they meant when they said Sense would live on after Gingerbread. Even if the UI overhaul in 3.0 makes Sense’s UI aspects redundant, this is a great way for them to differentiate HTC Android phones from the others.

    One thing, though… They use the Sense name on their WinMo phones too. I wonder if the website will apply to them, too? Not that I care too much, I don’t have one, I’m just curious.

  16. I would hope they update my Evo with this new Sense. It can only make it bettter.

  17. Awesome maybe TMO will stop with the Espresso UI then.

  18. yes i have an evo they will get the update ive heard!!

  19. I have a great idea for a company, let’s rape google for all it’s worth and then having traveled down the road to profitability, intentionally head for Mosul waving the flag of take this new stuff down your throat and see what happens.

  20. I really hope HTC Desire (unbranded) will get this update.

  21. Wow.
    If it does all they say it does, I will be impressed.

  22. i hope my htc hero can get this, but hopefully upgrading to iphone 4 at christmas, sorry android :/

  23. @Ellen20
    I also have an Evo, where did you hear that from?

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