Flashmob Aims to Create World’s Longest Longcat in San Francisco this Saturday Using Android App



Longcat is loooooooooooong, and one ambitious Android user is hoping to make him even longer come this Saturday. A flashmob is currently being recruited to meet at 4:00 PM on September 18th at the corner of Haight and Ashbury in San Francisco to bump their phones together and create a potentially world record setting (if there is such a thing) Longcat. The whole thing is being arranged around an app freely available in the Android Market that will stretch Longcat complete with cute kitten noises over any number of Android screens lined up in a row. To get an idea of a much smaller version of what is hoped to be accomplished on Saturday see the video below:

The whole event will be documented on video, and it might just be crazy enough to work. If you want to get involved you can take a look at the original craigslist listing for all of the details. If you aren’t in San Francisco, don’t worry. You can still download the app and make Longcats with your friends. Do it for the lulz!

[thanks to Cindy for sending this in!]

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  1. This must be one of the lamest and biggest wastes of time I have ever seen, haha. I am not even mad, I am impressed. Why don’t these people just volunteer or do something that matters? How about something that will actually help… let’s get everyone on trapster, or waze, or let’s make an app that lets android phones do cluster computing and monitor/optimize traffic lights around cities?

  2. More to the point, why the hell is this an application? If it took the video creator 90 seconds to do this with three phones, a devoted longcat application AND bump, how long’s it going to take a hundred or more people? Why not just use images? Why not stay inside and spare the world the pointlessness?

  3. how dare you guys (simon and swampfox) doubt longcat?!

  4. WTF is Longcat?

  5. @4: Longcat is looooooooooong

  6. WTF is a frush?

  7. It would be more interesting if there wasn’t an inch gap between each screen… Just slightly ruins the illusion, if there was any to begin with… I hope only eight people show up for this, including the dev…

  8. It has EPIC FAIL written all over it.

  9. SwampFox needs an enema . . .

  10. This is stupid.

  11. How could you be indignant about this? Volunteer? Volunteering is voluntary, idiot. These people want to Longcat.

  12. OMG Longcat is sooooooo cute…..

    Ahem…yea this is a waste of time

  13. SwampFox, rather than wasting time posting comments on a blog, why don’t you volunteer?

  14. Wow, my name is SwampFox and I am a self-righeous idiot.

  15. Hmm…sounds like a great way to inject some malicious software ;)

  16. This will make you :-) a proper Flash Mob

  17. @swampfox: Man, you are an idiot. It’s called doing something “for funsies”. There doesn’t have to be a reason for people to do something. Could you be any more conservative and out of touch with the internets?

    You know what else is a huge waste of time? Television. Do you ever watch TV? Why weren’t you volunteering instead?

    I bet you’re also one of those short-sighted people who think NASA is a waste of money because “they don’t accomplish anything”.

  18. Judging by how hard the YouTuber was ‘bumping’ the phones.. I have to wonder if this event will also set off a world record for the most phones dropped/cracked/broken in one meeting :)

  19. @Tyler, I have volunteered an average of 200 hours over the past 15 years!

    @to all the looongcat lovers and the developer – Haha, sorry for pissing in your Kool-Aid. I love defending a worthless app as much as the next guy, but this is just where I personally draw the line and others have indicated as well. I hope all 9 people glean their 4.7 seconds of entertainment out of it! :-)Cheers!

  20. I wanna see long long cat!

  21. How long could a long cat long if a long cat could long long?
    Try saying that three times fast. :P

  22. Look out, that’s a rough neighborhood.

  23. Just saw the craigslist listing. I get the feeling that the person who is trying to organize this is a pot head… Just sayin’….

  24. Am I the only one thinking that somewhere secretly they wished they could of made the cat a penis instead?

  25. @nadcicle, yeah, I think you’re the only one….

  26. LOLZ @ Shiney…

  27. @ SwampFox

    “I am not even mad”

    U MAD

  28. I couldn’t find any Facebook event for it, so I set one up.

    To the original craigslist poster, I sent you a message. If you want, you can take over the Facebook group. Just send me a Facebook message and tell me what the secret password I gave you was and I’ll hand the group over to you. :)

  29. Yo, anyone else go to the flashmob? I went today and it was pretty sweet – I even got a chance to save the day with my N1’s wireless hotspot!

    I arrived waaaay too early since I live in the South Bay and I wasn’t sure how traffic/parking was going to be. Wandered Haight for a bit, then popped into a bar to have a midday $5 bloody mary, then went back out to wait for the mob.

    We got a pretty good crowd, about 30 some people + tourists and other passerbys who stopped to gawk at us. Typical SF blend of people: bunch of stoners, check; random hiptsers with goatees, check; one old hippie version of Gandalf in a technicolor shirt, check; one punk rock chick with blue hair, check. Once the OP on Craigslist showed up, we started bumping phones.

    And then I got my chance to shine. :-) Not sure why, but there was this IRL troll that showed up to mess with us and he kept going on and on about how his iPhone 4 was better, blah blah blah blah. Unfortunately, our bumping was not going very well since the EVO phones in the group were failing and couldn’t get a network signal, and this jerk was taking this chance to harass the punk girl. I wanted to sock him in the face, but then I suddenly realized I could do something even cooler. I turned on my wireless hotspot and yelled “You iBitches don’t know ’bout my hotspot!” and then told punk girl + the other EVO owners to connect to my access point (I named it “ipwned” just to rub it in). It worked! The EVO owners managed to join in our longcatting and we countertrolled him, asking him if his iDon’t could do that, if he was 100% sure he was holding it right, etc. He slunk away with his iTail between his legs! IT WAS AWESOME!!!!

    Only real hiccup we hit today was that I think we’re all so spoiled about our phones having cameras/camcorders that we don’t bring along digital cameras anymore. :-/ In this case, it meant that the OP ironically was not able to join in the Longcat since he was taking the video. :( Guess that’s a lesson for anyone who wants to participate in a flashmob like this – BRING A CAMERA SO YOU CAN MAKE THE LONGCAT ONE PHONE LONGER.

    All in all, lots of fun. :)

    BTW, Alex, you were right about the organizer being a total stoner; he had dreadlocks, showed up 15 minutes late, and smelled like weed. In retrospect, I regret not taking videos/pictures and just having that Longcat app up the whole time; not sure how smart it was to just rely on him taking the video.

    OP, if you are reading this, PLEASE POST A LINK TO THE VIDEO!!!

  30. Did anyone here go? And if so, have you heard back from James yet? He said he’d send out the video when he got home, and he got all our emails, but I haven’t heard from him yet.

    If he sent you the vid, could you please share the link? I want to save that 34 phone longcat vid for posterity!

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