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For now Sprint holds the keys to the nation’s only two 4G phones, and on top of that Android is the only OS running on either of them. So why not flaunt the fact a bit more by means of the Sprint 4G App Challenge, right? And this isn’t some measly contest either, winners in each of five categories will walk away with $50,000, a year of Sprint service (because you fifty grand couldn’t cover it), and a year’s membership to the Sprint Professional Developers Program. Oh and they will get to chill with 4G App Challenge partner Wired at their 2011 CES VIP party in Vegas.

Entertainment, gaming, productivity, social networking, and multimedia apps will be judged by a panel comprised of Sprint technology executives and a gaggle of others coming from Wired, Reddit, and Ars Technica. They will be judged on functionality, design, creativity, and intuitive navigation and should take advantage of the unique features of the HTC EVO 4G and HTC Epic 4G along with Sprint’s high-speed WiMAX network.

So are you a developer that thinks you have what it takes? Head over to the app challenge page to enter by November 5th, 2010 and check out the Sprint 4G developer guide at their Sprint ADP site.

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  1. “…unique features of the HTC EVO 4G and HTC Epic 4G along with Sprint’s high-speed WiMAX network.”

    That would be the SAMSUNG Epic, not HTC. :)

  2. As much as I loath Sprint, this is actually a genius move. IMHO it’s time for the quality of Android apps to challenge Apple’s. This seems like really good incentive to create a polished, usable, intuitive app that takes full advantage of a fast network and superior hardware. I’m sure these apps will not be available to the Andriod Market at large, (Sprint store only) but perhaps developers will stop limiting themselves and Apple faithful developers will realize that Andriod is growing while Apple is starting to slow down.

  3. @Carmex: lol
    What I’d really like to know is if the app(s) from this contest will only be available to the two “4G” phones or is I’ll be able to us it on my soon to be baby, G2.

  4. How about developing an app that actually allows 4G to work INDOORS?

    Every building I’ve walked into sees my 4G connection disappear instantly.

    What good is a hotspot device if it only works outside?

  5. I get 4g in most of the buildings I’ve been in. In the basement of my job I only can get 3g though lol

  6. im not sure i follow, since 4G is network speed and not processor speed are they just looking for data hogs? what exactly differintiates a 4G productivity app from a 3G productivity app?(i can get how media games and entertainment may need it.)

  7. wait, i want to take that back. because wouldnt the same techniques used to help media stream faster over 3G just make it that much faster over 4G? so i go back to what makes it a 4G app, other than just using too much data to be useful on 3G? IMO with only 2 4G devices out there that would mean making an app that’s only compatible with 2 phones. that’s stupid. unless im totally missing something this is a stupid idea.

  8. i’m sure any curious developer could figure this out on their own, but you have a broken link to the “app challenge”. should be

  9. john the lesser dont hate cause your phone is missing a “G”. The people who do have these 2 phones like me and my wife are interested in this. Get a better phone tbqh

  10. how about they get rolling on putting out that 4G in the areas that need it. i.e. silicon valley?? how you gonna hate on the bay area sprint?

  11. I would just like to get the 4G on my evo. still not avail in new jersey

  12. @texas, i really hope that you’re being sarcastic, otherwise that was completely idiotic. im not “hating” on anything. im questioning what the difference is in a “4G app” vs a “3G app”, and from what i can tell, there is none.

    now, a froyo app challenge, that would make sense. there are new features added going from 2.1 to 2.2. but 4G only adds bandwidth, not actual features. don’t fall prey to the marketing hypnotoads. in fact, don’t even bother responding to this unless you can say what “G” stands for without having to google it.

  13. @john the lesser: I ask you, that you too not fall for marketing. There is no 4G yet. Take a look at
    Wimax/LTE are still 3G… in the industry, they are considered “3.9G”. BTW, EDGE and 1xRtt are in the 3G spec.

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