OpenFeint Network Launches a Flurry of Games for Android, Fruit Ninja Now Available in the Market



Attention twitchy-thumbed Android users, your day has arrived. OpenFeint, purveyors of over 3,000 mobile gaming titles, has begun their assault on Android. As of today their top ten iOS games have been made available for Android, including dot, MiniSquadron, Super Slyder, The Moron Test, Tic Tac Toe, and Fruit Ninja. Yes it looks like the release of Fruit Ninja was just the tip of the iceberg, and OpenFeint is aiming to get the number of titles available for Android up to 20 over the next month.

Finally, a bit of quality mobile gaming for those of us using something other than iOS. And, speaking of iOS, don’t forget OpenFeint’s social gaming network will allow for cross-platform gaming and challenges. If it all sounds like a bit much to keep up on the newly released Feint Spotlight app will give you up-to-date information on the latest releases, community news, and gaming prizes.

The one downside is that most of the games are going to set you back a whole $0.99. A small price to pay for these addictive titles.

Major Wireless Carriers and OpenFeint Partner To Unleash First Wave of Hit Games on Android

Cross Platform Social Gaming Network to Offer Access to Featured Promotion to Tens of Millions of Android Subscribers

Burlingame, CA – September 15, 2010 – OpenFeint, the leading cross platform social gaming network with 37 million mobile players, is launching 20 games for Android in the next month starting today with top 10 iOS hits including dot (ustwo), Fruit Ninja (Halfbrick Studios), MiniSquadron (Supermono), Super Slyder (Sandlot Games), The Moron Test (DistinctDev, Inc.), and Tic Tac Toe (Posimotion). These games will be offered to major wireless carriers as part of a partnership where OpenFeint will regularly bring high quality games to Android as candidates for featuring. The company also announced the release of its Feint Spotlight app, where Android gamers will be able to discover new games, connect to the community, and win prizes. With over 200,000 daily activations, the Android user base is growing rapidly and will eclipse tens of millions of additional users in 2010.

OpenFeint’s cross platform social gaming network has grown rapidly since being introduced just over 18 months ago, recently surpassing 37 million mobile players and 3,000 games. Game developers gain access to OpenFeint’s leading set of online gaming services and cross promotional tools by implementing the company’s free, open source SDK.

“Android users deserve great games but haven’t had access to enough of them. That changes today,” said Jason Citron, CEO of Aurora Feint, makers of OpenFeint. “Hundreds of thousands of people activate Android phones every day, and there is a clear need for high quality games in the marketplace. The major wireless carriers are partnering with us to select the best games from iOS – like Fruit Ninja – to bring to Android.”

All games utilize the newly cross platform OpenFeint mobile social gaming network and include features like leaderboards, achievements, and friending. iOS and Android gamers can now compete against each other in the games that they love to play. With a cross platform gaming network, gamers are no longer limited to playing games with friends who only use the same smartphone OS.

OpenFeint also announced that it will aggressively market these games in its newly introduced Feint Spotlight app for Android. With new titles being added to the OpenFeint network every day, gamers can use the app to discover the hottest new games and win prizes in future giveaways.

“Android is on track to become an incredible force as one of the largest mobile platforms in the world. Developers will need to unlock this gigantic market to maximize revenue potential for their mobile games. With the help of our wireless carrier partners, we’ve created multiple viral and editorial channels to help our developers drive revenue,” said Peter Relan, Chairman of Aurora Feint.

Developers interested in implementing OpenFeint in their games can learn more and download the free, open source SDK at Players interested in learning about more OpenFeint enabled games can visit

OpenFeint: Android Launch Month Games
Developer: Appy Entertainment
-Face Fighter Gold
Developer: Bravo Game Studios
-Touch Racing Nitro
Developer: ChewSoft
Developer: ChickenBrick Studios
-Cestos 2: Party Time
Developer: DistinctDev
-The Moron Test
Developer: Glu Games Inc.
-Super KO Boxing 2
Developer: Get Set Games
-Mega Jump
Developer: Halfbrick Studios
-Fruit Ninja
Developer: Hudson
-Bomberman Dojo
Developer: Mediatonic
Developer: Mikengreg
Developer: PikPok
-Flick Kick Field Goal
-Flick Kick Football
-Flick Kick Rugby
Developer: Posimotion
-Tic Tac Toe
Developer: Sandlot Games
-Super Slyder
Developer: Supermono
-Kamikaze Race
Developer: ustwo
-Dot Dot

About Aurora Feint, Inc:

Aurora Feint Inc’s software development kit, OpenFeint, allows game publishers to implement services which enable mobile social gaming. With over 37 million registered users and a presence on over 3,000 games, OpenFeint is the largest mobile social gaming ecosystem for iOS devices and Android. Aurora Feint is backed by DeNA Inc and The9.

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  1. so is there a way for me to get my money back from Ninja Kaka? I think Google kicked them out due to copyright violations.

  2. Has anybody played any of these games? I have no idea what they are talking about because I have never played anything on an iphone. Are any of these games any good? Can they compare to Gameloft’s HD 3D games?

  3. Ugh, takes 15 MB of internal memory and can’t be moved to SD for that reason.

    That being said, I went through some sneaky moves to force it to SD and now it only takes 1 MB internal. I will not disclose those moves, nor do I have an intention of redistributing the app or refunding it. Hopefully this falls under the same legal provisions that allow me to break a digital lock for personal fair use.

  4. @ Charles,

    so what was the point in you even telling anyone you did it?

  5. Fruit Ninja is simple but it’s very well done for a game that you play on your phone. I mean really… you’re playing 3D games on your phone.

    Fruit Ninja is a must buy IMO if only to show quality devs that Android is just as capable as the iPhone in terms of gaming.

  6. The Moron Test has been out for months. That isn’t news.

  7. 27mb……

  8. I would gladly buy Fruit Ninja, but my Eris has 33 MB free, and I think Fruit Ninja is something like 28 MB. I’m getting a Droid X next month, so I’ll get it then. I only hope that The Impossible Quiz makes its way to Android soon.

  9. What’s the point? Well the devs need to know that if you publish an app that requires the breaking of a digital lock to fit it on the user’s phone, it’s going to encourage piracy….

  10. 28 MB? What a load of crap…

  11. Fruit Ninja is 16 MB (despite the Android Market displaying 27 MB). Still, a lot of space and I like Fruit Pirate better. It’s good to see all of these games, and in many cases quality games, make the jump to Android. I wonder if this has anything to do with Apple’s new social network and Open Feint looking for a new best buddy.

  12. played fruit ninja, any of those other games worth getting?

  13. Have they said anything about how to download the games to a new phone if the one that the games are purchased on is replaced? It sounds like their games are only available on their own market and not the Android Market.

  14. I’m glad that the Droid X has 8GB of internal storage that can be used for apps.

  15. I’m the developer of MiniSquadron on Android which launched today with OpenFeint (yes! its worth getting and right now only 99c!).
    Just to clarify, OpenFeint doesn’t have their own marketplace – it just links to google’s official android market. So supporting new phones, refunds etc. should all work as normal.

  16. Ash, they’re all on the Android Market. Well, at least Fruit Ninja and The Moron Test are.

  17. Glad there was a Lite version for Minisquadron, gave me a chance to test it out before reaching DEEP into my pockets for $.99.

    Yeah, I guess I’ll fork over the cash.

    MiniSquadron is on the market too. I haven’t found Dot or Tic Tac Toe though.

  18. I’m guessing Charles in post #3 did it the same way anybody else rooted would — A2SD or A2SD+. I wouldn’t have bought Fruit Ninja if I didn’t have A2SD+. It’s essentially just a case of partitioning off part of your SD card as ext2 or ext3, and then some symlinks on the OS handle the task of pointing the appropriate directories to that partition. Voila.

  19. @theineffablebob

    I agree. People were mocking the X’s 8gigs, asking what’s the point of all that memory? Well when these games and other huge apps start trickling in, it will become quite clear.

  20. The Droid X only has 8GB of internal storage? Thats quite lame, the Vibrant has 16GB.

  21. @El Guapo
    Sure, but you can only use 2GB of that 16GB for apps.

    The Droid X has all 8GB available for apps. Plus it comes pre-loaded with a 16GB microSD card.

  22. The devs are using the lame-ass google copy protection, thereby making my device not even able to see the app anyway. FAIL

  23. Brad 2: not sure about the ins and outs of all this copy protection/invisible in the Market stuff but I read about a root-requiring application recently that spoofs the SIM information that you’re sending to the Market to enable downloads of things that you couldn’t previously see. Google around a bit, I’m not sure what it was called but hope it helps. Think I read about it on xda-developers or MoDaCo.

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