Sep 14th, 2010

Steve Jobs, are you laughing yet? We call Jobs naive, scared, and all of these other things as he downplays Flash due to its performance issues and security risks, but the fact of the matter is he’s right: with Flash comes the vulnerabilities and downsides that’s always plagued the platform.


Adobe’s discovered a critical security flaw in the latest version of flash for both the desktop computer and for Android that can cause systems to crash and even allow an attacker to remotely control your device. They have a fix being finalized, but we won’t see it until September 27th, at the earliest. Scary stuff. I’m sure we’ll be fine until Adobe gets this rolled out to everyone, but it’s one of those things that makes you think. And after you think, you quickly forget about it as you head on back to Kongregate to play more Flash games.

[Adobe via Androinica]