The OpenPeak Tablet Doesn’t Look Bad in this Hands-On


Looking for an iPad competitor now? OpenPeak gave SlashGear the privilege of what appears to be the first hands-on preview of the 7-inch device fresh out of its pre-production phase and I must say: I like what I saw. It still comes packed with that beefy 1.9GHz Moorestown processor and it really does make for smooth performance across the board. It comes with an HDMI-out port, USB, 3G HSDPA to work with AT&T, 802.11N WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1, and a slot for a microSDHC card.

What’s even more impressive are the dual cameras: you get a camera for 1080p video recording on the front and a 5-megapixel camera on the back (not clear on if it’ll be able to take video alongside still photos). The software looks to be mostly stock Android, but the tablet isn’t yet finished so anything can change. When we first heard about this tablet I didn’t think much of it, but the guys at OpenPeak are giving me a reason to “open” my eyes. Have a look-see at the video above for your pleasure.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Actually looks good. Wifi only version $300 would sell me on it….

  2. Only have Bluetooth 2.1? Sounds kind of low to me for such a potent sounding setup. Would like to know the maximum storage capacity (which they never seem to advertise). Plus Id like to see more info on built in memory.

  3. why doesn’t phandroid add a buzz button

  4. Not quite as sleek looking as the Galaxy Tab, but it certainly has impressive specs. I wonder if they considered reducing the size of the bezel because it looks very large.

  5. WTF everybody is getting a damn Tablet but Tmobile!! I don’t even want a Carrier Tablet I just want one on WiFi and these companies know it!!

  6. I’ll wait till the Galaxy S thanks.

  7. I would punch the guy asking the questions…so annoying!

  8. Not if it is At&t only. Apparently they (att) are having a ‘hand’ in the design. Hello backflip quality hacked android with a locked bootloader and non-market apps locked out and whatever else at&t decides. Carrier specific means death to any android device, especially in at&t’s hands.

  9. I’m so glad this is going to be Android! I thought AT&T was going to launch the OpenPeak tablet with their lame proprietary OS…

  10. Looks pretty nice to me… I’m with ryan… well me a wifi only version and I’m good to go.

  11. Here’s an idea: Lets get someone to build a tablet that is freely usable on any mobile carrier via multiple radios and/or modules that can be purchased seperately, with a plan. Better yet, let it be ONLY wifi, bt, and ir, and sell it alongside a mifi device with a contact.

    That way, every carrier can ‘protect’ their network by locking the mifi and the users can get whatever they want on the tablet.

    I’m actually going to build a tablet myself and make it capable of just that. I’ll be using Beagleboards and I hope to find a suitable 7 inch screen to add to it, rather than the 3 inch screen in the kit. I’m thinking of TiMo Touch, or perhaps something that has better resolution.

    FYI: a DIY Beagleboard starter kit runs less than $300, I think, and if I add a TiMo Touch and encase the whole thing in something as slim as possible, I’ll spend $600 but it will be completelt open tablet for me to hook up to my Android phone or mi MiFi device and connect me anywhere T-Mobile and/or Verizon have service. (I’m locked in, so I’m not switching to the Virgin Mobile MiFi which is WAYYYY cheaper than whay I pay.)

  12. I can’t edit? Oops, I had T-Mo (T-Mobile) on the brain. It’s MIMO Touch.

  13. i happen to think that tablets are the perfect place for manufacturers to take control of the market and start making devices that are truely universal. instead of making a carrier specific and wifi only version just make it technically compatible with any carrier and sell it directly.

    as for this tab specifically, it looks very nice. even though i am a sprint customer for my phone i wouldnt mind seeing something like this that would allow me to use control my uverse boxes and even stream my Uverse TV to the device itself when im not home. it seems like a solid device though i would like to see a GPS added. i also happen to like the bezzel. i know that some people think it’s too large, but for me 7 inches is too small for a tablet device and the larger bezzel at least gives the illusion that it’s a little heftier. i also like the multi-user functionality. overall i think it looks like a pretty good device and assuming that certain minor shortcommings were overcome i would be willing to pick one up.

  14. I just don’t understand it’s look…It has impressive performance but looks like a brick… Why all the black surround? This could mostly be screen…It might excel over the iPad with performance but the iPad still looks much better!


  15. What does this do? What does that do? What happens if i touch it here?
    DAmn that guy was annoying

  16. That huge bezel is such a waste of space. No flash on a tablet is not good.

  17. 1080p camera for recording on the front?

  18. I’ll add one more vote for the open tablet without a carrier. I already have an EVO with WiFi and a hotspot, so, I wouldn’t need another phone line, I could do anything I needed to through my phone. At home or work I have WiFi. I don’t see a tablet being used as a replacement for a phone, there are just too many times when it would not be practical.

  19. Until there is a decent WiFi only tablet you can count me out on any of them. I’m not paying for service when I have an evo that can tether just fine.

  20. For those looking for a WiFi only tablet, check out for a 7″ with Android 2.2,Tegra 2, WiFi, HDMI and Bluetooth plus much more.

  21. Interviewer was very rude. Send a professional next time.

  22. whoever the interviewer is is a real jackass

  23. I like it. It could use some optimization but 10 hours of battery is more time than I’ll need whenever I need to use a device like this.

  24. ok seriously…why haven’t developers picked up on the kickstand yet…did they not see the joy us EVO owners are having because of our beloved kickstand! The first tablet that has some decent hardware that comes with a kickstand will sell big and fast…also, stop with this 3g junk, no one really cares for it, and most of us just want a wifi tablet to carry around for around 300 bucks, otherwise, netbooks still make more sense to me….thats just my 2 cents!

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