Samsung Galaxy S (i9000) to get Android 2.2 September 23rd?


A new rumor regarding the upgrade to Android 2.2 for the Samsung Galaxy S comes from AndroidSpin: according to their source within the Finland branch of Samsung Mobile, Samsung’s repairs department will…

“definitely receiving new software for repairing froyo builds on the 22nd of September, with the build expected to be released on the 23rd”


The quote is apparently referring to the i9000 – otherwise known by us Yanks as the international Galaxy S. It’s not clear on if this launch will happen in Finland or across Europe, but I can’t imagine those in other countries would be too far behind. This also might have implications for the American versions of the phone, though even if this rumor turns out to be true, it’s possible there’ll be a significant delay as carriers often have to undergo further customization and testing before it’s sent off to Google for approval. Consider the 22nd and 23rd circled on our calendars.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. For those who dont know, a leaked version of a new 2.1 built is out there. 2.1 is the current version, but the great devs out there have pulled out the gps fix that they say can be applied to current phones. I haven’t tried it out yet, but again they say now the compass works and gps locks on very quickly.

  2. Hopefully cyanogen will have one out before this

  3. Ive searched xda and havent found anything about this new 2.1 build with a gps fix. link?

  4. All they need to do is fix that piece-o-crap they call kies so I can connect my phone and all will be dandy.

    Proprietary software is the unspoken Evil of the mobile world!

  5. There is a new firmware version jh7 that should fix gps

  6. BR, pardon the french, but only a moron would use Kies to do ANYTHING. USB drag and drop your media, no software necessary, after all, that is a MAJOR advantage of Android over iOS.


  7. Hopefully Bell’s version, which is the same thing as the international one, will get 2.2 without delay.

  8. Then u did not search good enough…

  9. Mark, don’t be a d-bag.

    You need Kies to install software updates that don’t go over the air (OTA).

    You must be new here.

  10. b1tchslappa, Mark is correct. You dont need kies – even for a software update. You need odin, theres also a project to do without any software as part of a boot sequence.

  11. seen this before.. soon abandoned.. new moddel coming ;(

  12. Who cares about the i9000…. what about Vibrant??

  13. Hopefully it won’t take T-Mobile 6 months to “test” their version.

  14. I’ve also received the JM1 release this week but have no clue what has been fixed or added. But it definetely not Froyo :(

    @BR: I have to reboot my phone before Kies does recognize it. And I fond out that this is because I usually kill some tasks which eat up too much memory or which I don’t use anyways. And some of them are, as it seems necessary for Kies connection.

  15. @Vibrant , I care about I9000 and never cared about vibrant :D

  16. Good. I will now start taking bets that this is not make it to US / Tmobile phone until 2011. Not to mention I strongly dislike this phone. Its broke. Lag / GPS / bloatware. GDI. Not to mention I should not have to worry about bricking my phone or walking through some convoluted not for noob or beginners version of odin. All the documentation on places like XDA take way to many liberties with what you should know. Hell. It took me a year to flash my g1, and even then that was still a wacky run.

  17. @Narynan
    If it took you a year to flash your G1 you either need to learn to read or buy an iphone like every other kid with learning difficulties

  18. I rooted my galaxy, put on the ryanza lagfix and fixed the gps. Man, it flies now…. went from a quadrant bench mark of 884 up to 2204… this thing blisters along. outstanding phone, just need 2.2 for the flash support.

  19. It is time for the samsung update for the Galaxy S i9000! Why it takes so long?

  20. Yes its about time now

  21. @ ML

    Nope, it took me a year because, when the first root methods and ROMS came out it was pretty much “Wah, I bricked my phone” from a vocal minority, so I just said no thanks and waited a year; which is about how long it took me to want to do something other than watch youtube and get e-mail on it. Then did I it in about 2 hours of reading and doing it.

    Thanks for throwing insults on the interwebs tough guy.

  22. PS. It took till 2011. You all owe me money.

  23. That’s great, eagerly waiting for the update, this phone will become a real beast afte that!!..

  24. That’s great, eagerly waiting for the update, this phone will become a real beast afte that!!..

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