Verizon Wants to Sell You a Certified Pre-Owned Droid X (if they Had Any in Stock)



If you are looking to save a few bucks on your next handset purchase, Verizon has just the solution for you. Big Red recently began pushing a lineup of certified pre-owned devices, and the Droid X looks to count itself among them. The savings aren’t necessarily out of this world with the pricing dropping $50 down to a $149.99 price on a two-year contract, but that doesn’t matter much anyway as the devices are currently listed as out of stock. I guess you will have to wait for a few more unhappy or unfortunate Droid owners to ship their Droid Xs off to the farm.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Oh I’m sure they’ll have plenty of stock soon.

  2. there is only a 33% happiness rate with my friends who have the X

  3. you guys are gay
    33% from your friends your gay

  4. Noone is making them have that phone get a new one

  5. I prefer Droid 2 in storm trooper form or power ranger Red.

  6. There is 100% satisfaction rate with the DX in my household.

  7. I dont get it. Is this phone ever going to come out in GSM form ? so I can use it with AT&T or Tmobile?

    Just like Motorola Droid has Motorola Milestone. Or is Motorola basically building phones only for Verizon like HTC used to build Tmobile Pad or something.

    Verizon X and Verizon Droid 2, that’s more like it. Motorola’s going down the drain. Bankcrupt soon if it doesnt change its ways.

  8. no slick, and if you think motorola is going down the drain because they dont give you sim card boys options like us at vzw? then you obviously have no business sense. they are releasing the charm for you, you don’t like it, then go get an iphone…if you can find one…ill go back to waiting on the droid x to be shipped, idiota

  9. I love my droid x. Never thought for a second to return it.

  10. My DX has been nothing but fun from day 1. This dog knows a great many new tricks, and will be in the family for a while.

  11. You think Motorola will go down the drain because they don’t build you a GSM phone? Do you think Motorola only builds phones? Take a close look at the company before you make such rash judgments.

  12. slick your a moron.. just another kid who thinks he knows a damn thing about how business works. Go get a degree in business and then share your opinion..

  13. Motorola’s mobile line was hurting until they released the original Droid. People couldn’t get enough of them so they continued with the success of Android and continue to pump phones out. Moto Droid, Droid2, DroidX for big red as well as those on the horizon. Motorola, IMO is doing very well and will continue to succeed.

  14. Yeah You know Slick alot of people have switched over to Verizon because of the Droids….and many more do every day so…I don’t think MOTO is doing bad at all…infact I dropped T-mobile for the Droid…and now I have the X…many people have and do the same type of thing everyday…so you might want to rethink what you said….y0

  15. Motofail needs to provide GSM versions, look at Nokia and Sony Ericsson, they might not be well established here in the US but overseas they’re kings. Sorry but CDMA is a roadblock. GSM is the way to go. And @slick why would you want a Lockedup X? After the Milestone and Cliq fiasco I don’t think ill ever buy a motofailphone. HTC at least you can load custom Roms if HTC refuses to update. In the mean time I’m waiting for my G2.

  16. It is 150 bucks new at Amazon Wireless right now (probably at more online retailers as well).

  17. They’ll have one from me soon enough. Had to send mine back in and get a new one. My other one was f’d up, screen would start pressing buttons at times, then others it wouldn’t respond at all. My new one works great, but I also haven’t downloaded any apps.

  18. I am a happy owner of a Droid 1. I personally do not get the appeal of the Droid X at all…it isnt that i hate it, it’s just that it is so…”meh”. If I was upgrading today, I would rather have a Droid 2 or the Fascinate. The graphics (logo, wallpaper ect) on the X are ugly in a clunky way, and the phone itself is too damn big. I honestly dont get what all the fuss is about with regards to the X. There are better phones for the same price available.

  19. I ordered one of these before they went out of stock, it’s sitting at my house, should have it later today, hopefully it isn’t scratched up or anything.

  20. the droid pro will be a droid 2 with an additional gsm/sim system to make it a “world phone.” i think motorola is already having trouble producing enough x’s and 2’s for verizon, so they’re in no rush to make something similar for other carriers. plus, verizon puts its marketing muscle behind the droids, pushing moto sales. one hand washes the other.

  21. Slick… why the heck would you want a droid on ATT when you can have one on Verizon?? HELLO COVERAGE!!!

  22. Sorry Eddie Android, you obviously haven’t looked at Nokia in quite some time. They are facing a mountain of problems and it is only getting worse for them. A “king;” I think not.

  23. Actually, Droid X is now 119.99 at amazonwireless if you have an upgrade available through verizon.

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