New Android 2.2 Build for the Droid X Leaks



Yet another build of Android 2.2 (Froyo) has leaked out of the labs and into the hands of Android hackers. What has changed since the last build isn’t clear, but the consensus seems to be that if you are thinking about getting the new firmware on your rooted handset, it is likely more trouble than it is worth. Users attempting to use the latest leak have had to resort to multiple recoveries and deal with seemingly endless frustrations in getting the new firmware to stick, so unless you are in for a headache on this fine monday morning you may want to hold off. If you are a glutton for punishment you can find full installation instructions at the source link below.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. I just want the official OTA…and no I read (elsewhere) that it’s “delayed until further notice” for the Droid X.

  2. Specifically, http://www.product-reviews.net/2010/09/07/motorola-droid-x-android-2-2-froyo-delayed-release-date-update/ from 09/07 talks about the delay. I think the issues with the new leak are evidence that it’s not ready yet, and much as I want Froyo, I want a good build.

    Frankly the wifi instability with my Droid X has been very annoying and I hope Froyo makes it at least a bit better. Note that this is after changing wifi settings, installing Wifi Fixer, doing a factory reset and swapping to a new Droid X; all scenarios have had the problem, whereas my previous T-Mobile G1 was much better with the wifi.

  3. If this leaked version is experiencing a lot of issues, then I’m all for delaying the official release. Better late than buggy!

  4. I’ll bet 99% of the issues come from the half-blur crap they shipped it with. Why not just ship 2.2 skinned instead of re-writing default parts of Android .. it would be much smoother.

  5. I have it running on my device. The “problems” I had were related to launcher pro. It is now working fine. Seems a little more responsive. The problems were really not that bad. Titanium Backup restored all of my apps.

  6. So much for late summer or early September. It would be nice to get the volume and WiFi issues resolved on 2.1. They need to either get 2.2 out the door or start sending out individual patches to fix shit that’s been broken since release.

  7. I don’t use wifi much (3G is pretty darn good for most of what I do) and I’ve not had any issues with sound (I must be lucky). I have a few times where my 3G data will stop working for no reason, sometimes turning on airplane mode and off and/or restarting my phone fixes that issue. Not sure the cause but its happened a few times more recently, not sure why.

    – Justin

  8. @Wetworx……….I couldn’t agree more. I give them until the official end of summer then they need to start some individual patches to get issues resolved. I will say I don’t mind them waiting to get 2.2 out instead of releasing it with a bunch of bugs but at least fix the smaller known issues that can be pushed through without Froyo.

  9. “If this leaked version is experiencing a lot of issues, then I’m all for delaying the official release. Better late than buggy!”

    Hmmmm. As someone who still has the Storm 1 and waited and waited and waited for Verizon to release update, I’m not so sure. In the Almost 2 years there have been two official updates. V gave up a long time before we we users did amd may of the phones are still in use.

    As much as I hate this phone, I truly had to thank the OS hackers and Hybrid makers, as they are the people who actually made it usable. Never another BB for me, and no more loyalty to V for releasing this to us.

  10. CalypsoArt, I feel your pain. My wife got a Storm 1 on my recommendation (oops). I think what you wrote actually proves my point instead of refutes it: they should have held off the Storm 1 release and gotten it right, instead of putting it out there totally flawed.

    My wife and I both have DXes now and are very happy. The phone works very well with 2.1 – 2.2 is just icing (no pun intended).

  11. Well, if we want to put a stop to this, we, the consumer have the control. Refuse to purchase a phone without the latest OS, even if the manufacturer or carrier “promises” an update “soon”. There is too much competition out there, the manufacturers would get the message pretty quickly. However, as long as we stand in line at 4 a.m. to be the first to purchase an “incomplete” phone, they will continue to sell them to us.

  12. honestly I don’t understand why the delay when the leaked version works flawlessly on my DX. I really don’t see why they would not release as it is unless they are trying to patch every hole that could lead to rooting the phone again. Anyway I used to be a motorola fan but I think this is my last one :(

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