Cellular South to be Pedaling the HTC Desire by Mid-Week



If it seems like ages since Cellular South first announced they would receive the HTC Desire, that is because, well, it sort of has been. Way back in June the company first announced that the device would make it to their regional network, and we were under the impression the phone would have launched back in July or August. Well here it is September and Cellular South is finally ready to give the HTC Desire its big debut.

Through a post to their Facebook page it has been announced that the phone will be available by the middle of the week. Good thing the HTC Desire features enough hardware like its 1GHz Snapdragon processor to still make it relevant. Android 2.2 is also floating around for the Desire, but no word on when it might stumble onto Cellular South’s version.

[via TalkAndroid]

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  1. I think that’s peddling, unless they’ve got a new battery-charging method over in the States!

  2. finally!!

    So can someone weigh the pros/cons of the desire vs. the galaxy S, which cellular south will also be getting, i imagine next month. I really want to get the Galaxy S, but not sure if it’s worth the wait or not

  3. does the desire have LED notification? does it change colors?

  4. @elijahblake

    Do NOT hold your breath that the Galaxy S will be coming to CS next month. Look for it in December, at best (all reps are pointing to a Christmas release).

    As far as Desire vs Galaxy S, http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=htc+desire+vs+galaxy+s&aq=f

    You should find a slew of reviews/comparisons on youtube. However, having handled the Galaxy S (at least AT&T’s version), I can say that it has a great screen, and I like the “swype” keyboard…that’s about it. Not a fan of Samsung’s UI overlay of Android (can’t believe I’m saying this, but I would prefer “sense” by HTC).

    Processors are close to even, w/Galaxy S being slightly faster. I will also say that my time handling the Galaxy S found it to be a bit “buggy” in that it had a few screen delays when switching between programs.

    HTC Desire does have LED notifications, and (at least compared to Galaxy S international version) it also has a LED flash for the camera.

    Galaxy S is superb for media viewing, and I did like its music app better than any other Android device’s stock app.

    Really do your homework though. Test both models in the store as much as possible before locking onto one. Cuz, with CS, if you want to trade in your device, it’ll cost you.

  5. The battery charge led doubles as the notification led on the desire. Applications such as handcent have options to customize the color

  6. i’ve used the captivate in best buy’s a few times, and i liked it. THe one i used seemed very snappy and responsive. The only other android’s i’ve used though are the Droid 1 and the HTC hero.. So it doesn’t take much to look fast next to those two..

    I guess I’ll wait until the Desire is released and get some hands on with it.. THanks guys for the info/opinions..

  7. kevin, the word is peddling not pedaling.

    if i wasn’t joined to t-mo at the hip i’d get one as they cover my hood.

  8. I have the HTC Desire (A8182 model,imported from Canada) and I also have the AT&T Captivate. I use the Captivate. The main reason is that there is no internal storage (to speak of) on the Desire. The Desire is only 2.1 so you cannot store apps on the external SDcard. Even with 2.2, not all apps provide the option of storing on the SDcard.

    The screen puts the Captivate over top. Plus I can load as many apps as I want on it. I loaded “home switcher” and ADW on my Captivate and I get the HTC sense like “helicopter” view by pinching fingers on the screen to view all at once.

    I can load tons of music, a few movies all my apps and still have room to spare on the Captivate. Plenty of internal storage and I am running a 32g external sdcard.

    Other than the GPS Navigation being completely worthless on the Captivate, (update supposedly coming from Samsung), I am not holding my breathe… The Captivate is more bang for your buck.

    I would like to like the Desire better than the Captivate, but the lack of internal storage is seriously an issue.

    Cheers from California.

  9. well, i’ve read tons of reviews today. And for now I’m leaning towards the Galaxy S.I like the fact it has a 4″ (super AMOLED screen)
    DLNA streaming
    just about every video support there is..
    5.1 surround
    It’s GPU is the best on the mobile market as of right now.
    It has bluetooth 3.0 and wifi N
    I saw where it could play games much better than the desire. The desire looks like it prob has better made hardware, but and I like that it has LED notification, but I just feel like the new would wear off faster with it. And there just seems like way more stuff that I could do with the Galaxy S.I’m going to wait until Cellular South has both before I make my final decision.

  10. Cellular South is the BEST carrier in Mississippi. They have a roaming deal with verizon, so they have great out of area coverage too.
    I have a Nexus One on Tmobile, and will be switching over to CellSouth to get the 2 Unlimited Smartphone plan for $120 (plus 15% tax, but minus pic messages). I’m not looking forward to stepping back down to 2.1 for 4 months, but i’m sure some there will be a 2.2 rom that can be installed (flashed?) on to the phone before the official update. the 2.2 update had some major speed increased for the phone, not to mention some voice controls that are very handy (bluetooth calling). But Anyone on CellSouth should be very happy with the desire because it is the next evolution of the Hero, which i see EVERYWHERE i go. in fact, i bet Mississippi has the Largest concentration of HTC Hero Phones on the planet. Anybody able to back that claim up with stats????

  11. Is it today or tomorrow? Does anyone know???

  12. I think it is “next week” as around Sept 22.

  13. But the facebook notification stating that the the phone was coming out “mid-week” was posted Friday of last week, insinuating that it would be some time in the middle of this week.

  14. It seems like they are just toying with our feelings … lol.

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