Samsung Galaxy Apollo Coming to Telus



While other Canadian carriers play host to the Samsung Galaxy S, Telus has gone a slightly less sophisticated route and picked up the lower-end Samsung Galaxy Apollo. It won’t best the Galaxy S in any category with its 3.2-inch TFT-LCD HVGA display, 3MP camera, and 150MB on board storage with 2GB microSD bundled, but it should offer the same TouchWiz Android experience (love it or hate it). We’re guessing you won’t have to sell even a finger off of your first-born child to get the cash to pay for this one on-contract. But be watchful and ready, for Telus has made no mention of a release date other than “Coming Soon.”

[via Engadget]

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  1. Better off with the milestone on telus…

  2. ^ or the desire if ever gets in stock

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