Sep 13th, 2010


It is pretty much a sure thing that Verizon will see the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and we have a good idea it will be on Sprint too. But now word is coming out that the Tab will also find its way to AT&T. I know, a real shocker. Especially when considering the companies roll-out strategy for the Galaxy S. We highly doubt the company would go as far as to honor the almost ridiculous need by the American carriers to get “exclusive” versions as was the case with the S, though there is a good amount of buzz that the Sprint version will carry a WiMAX chip for 4G connectivity.

The Wall Street Journal article mentioning AT&T as one of the carriers to receive the Tab also goes on to suggest this week’s Samsung event being held in New York will be dedicated to the American unveiling of the slate. Sounds good to me, we’ll be there covering whatever should come out of the press event.

[via Engadget]

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