Motorola MZ600 Tablet Appears in Verizon Inventory



Well, well, well. Lookie what we have here. The Motorola tablet we have heard so much (yet so little) about has popped right up in Verizon’s inventory with an MZ600 model number attached. In fact we have three entries. One for the tablet itself, one for demo units, and one for dummy units. Still, the screenshot doesn’t reveal much other than Verizon is prepared to receive the rumored collaboration between Big Red, Moto, and Google herself into its tender, warm, and receptive hands.

The tablet is rumored to be launching as soon as October in anticipation of big holiday sales. Other posited specs are NVIDIA Tegra 2 internals and Android 3.0 (Gingerbread). The Tegra 2 we can buy into given that it seems to be the go-to tablet chip and rumors suggest Moto may be heading towards the processor for future Android handsets, but with little in the way of leaked Gingerbread news it is hard to believe it could be coming that soon. Then again, Google and Moto did team up for an Android 2.0 launch, so we will surely see. There are also reports that the tablet will feature a tie-in with Verizon’s FiOS for mobile TV.

It’s almost a certainty that the Moto tablet will end up with some sort of Droid branding as well. Whether it be DroidPad or DroidTab or something entirely different, we can’t see VZW missing out on the built-in marketing for the Droid line giving a big boost for a new tablet. In fact, even though leaks suggest the Galaxy Tab from Samsung will hit the carrier, I wouldn’t be surprised if that tablet is delayed until after the launch of this Motorola device in the same way the Fascinate was held off until after the release of the Droid X and Droid 2.

What will we ultimately see from Motorola’s first Android tablet? Your educated guess is as good as mine, but it is definitely coming. And coming soon.

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  1. All i could see is IE, omg

  2. Now if they’ll just bundle data for the tablet and my DINC, I’ll be good to go.

  3. The “Droidlet” or the “Tabloid” :)

  4. wonder if it’s loaded out with Bing

  5. I fear sales of these carrier based tablets will ultimately be disappointing because they represent yet another monthly service charge. Given that many newer phones are coming with wifi hotspot capability that works with tablets, notebooks, and all manner of other wifi devices, built in service and it’s associated service plan just doesn’t look all that appealing. I think Archos may have the right idea here. Now if they could just polish up their toys.

  6. Let’s hope it does not have bing.

  7. Don’t do it! Moto do the bare minimum of after sales and the device will be obsolete five minutes after it hits the shelves!

  8. What an outdated browser.

    But I am excite nonetheless.

  9. certainly better be LTE capable, or my wallet stays in my pocket.

  10. Let’s guess,

    Motorola RazrPad running Windows 7.

  11. Isn’t Android 3.0 called “Honeycomb”? I thought “Gingerbread” was for upcoming 2.5 or something…???

  12. Well, let’s think about it. Motorola gave us the Droid, Droid X, Droid 2, and this has a serial number of MZ600… I’m gonna go with it being called the Droid Z if it takes up the droid moniker or just MotoZ if it skips the status quo.

  13. For those of you knocking on the IE, Bling, etc… Look at the picture! This is a picture taken of a Verizon computer. It is simply showing you that the tablet is now showing up in their inventory. It is not a picture of anything on the tablet!

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