Sep 10th, 2010

We don’t expect the T-Mobile G2 to launch until later this month, but it’s already gotten benchmarked and compared to other recently released Android handsets. According to the results, this should outperform (or – at the least – match up to) the Samsung Galaxy S (with the PowerVR SGX540 GPU) and every HTC Android with the older GPU built into the Snapdragon SOC. Even with that “800MHz” number looming over its head in the Scorpion processor, this set of benchmarks alone would give one reason to believe that it won’t matter for real world performance.


This benchmark only measures HD1.1 GPU Skinning, however: we know that the T-Mobile G2 will have a pretty nice dedicated GPU in the Adreno 205. Real world performance will always be the only way to measure how efficient and impactful an entire chipset is to the experience, but we still have yet to see this thing on video. Since we know Android doesn’t currently utilize GPU acceleration at the core, then it’s only safe to say that it’ll handle 3D gaming just as fine as the Galaxy S (and Droid X and Droid 2) does. Anything else is still up in the air.

And before anyone asks: the MyTouch Slide’s only up there with the big boys because of its low resolution. Less pixels = less work on the GPU.

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