T-Mobile G2’s GPU Benchmarked, Right Up There With the Galaxy S


We don’t expect the T-Mobile G2 to launch until later this month, but it’s already gotten benchmarked and compared to other recently released Android handsets. According to the results, this should outperform (or – at the least – match up to) the Samsung Galaxy S (with the PowerVR SGX540 GPU) and every HTC Android with the older GPU built into the Snapdragon SOC. Even with that “800MHz” number looming over its head in the Scorpion processor, this set of benchmarks alone would give one reason to believe that it won’t matter for real world performance.


This benchmark only measures HD1.1 GPU Skinning, however: we know that the T-Mobile G2 will have a pretty nice dedicated GPU in the Adreno 205. Real world performance will always be the only way to measure how efficient and impactful an entire chipset is to the experience, but we still have yet to see this thing on video. Since we know Android doesn’t currently utilize GPU acceleration at the core, then it’s only safe to say that it’ll handle 3D gaming just as fine as the Galaxy S (and Droid X and Droid 2) does. Anything else is still up in the air.

And before anyone asks: the MyTouch Slide’s only up there with the big boys because of its low resolution. Less pixels = less work on the GPU.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. wow, when was the Evo 4G so low and the mytouch slide so high on the GPU scales?

  2. ooo ooo, also heard the european version of the G2 ie the desire z, will have a faster CPU? anyone heard this too? :S

  3. Why is there such a difference between the Evo, incredible, and nexus? Does this score get boosted by 2.2, if so then the vision is definitely on par with the galaxy S phones.

  4. I hope the Desire HD which HTC is announcing on Wednesday has the same GPU!!

  5. And since when the Droid X/2 with a SGX530 is faster than a Galaxy S with an SGX540?
    This benchmark isn’t worth much.

  6. remember that the Captivate still doesn’t have it’s boost from 2.2!!

  7. droid x has 2.2 boost so does the g2 i assume
    touch slide is at lower res thts why u get higher scores
    sooo …
    when galaxy phones get 2.2 theyre gonna leave everyone in the dust ???????

  8. Droid X was probably tested with 2.1, not 2.2.
    There are many variables here other than just the CPU/GPU.

  9. Will this mute those that clamor for a 1gHz processor?

  10. This is what the GPU companies have been saying all along, ghz on a cpu can only remain relevant for so long.

  11. I’m pretty sure the X was on 2.1 But with them combining the X and the Droid 2, that score is probably from the Droid 2, since its running 2.2

    This one test doesnt mean much tho. Look at all the other GLBenchmark tests and u see the Samsung phones shine.

  12. This is a pretty rubbish way to compare phones.
    The Captivate has a far more powerful GPU than the Droid X/2 yet it scores less because it has a lower VSync rate (56hz).
    There is still far more potential in the GPU of the Captivate than this benchmark can show.

  13. what nick said

  14. I like boobs

  15. How do they compare to the iphone 4? What gpu does apple use?

  16. what nick said :)

    i’m personally a sammy fan but it’s always good to see powerful handsets coming out.

  17. the mytouch does better than the evo nexus etc because it has the same adreno? 200 as them but much lower res just like the poster said. and the droids have 2.2 where as samsung hasnt caught up yet so this is just a simple test to give an idea. when the galaxy gets 2.2 it will pass the g2 slightly then the moto droids will be third. and the evo mytouch nexus and htc droid 4th in line with the 200. this is a pretty close test other than the samsung having a handicap and the mytouch having a lower res screen advantage.

  18. Yeah, I agree. Samsung’s GPU atm is still better than the Adreno 205, no matter what this bench mark says. Still, the Adreno 205 is a pretty powerful chip. Coming in at a very very close 2nd, and shit, thats enough for me. This thing is gonna fly!

    Im also drawn in by the fact that this phone is gonna have crazy dev support. I love me my dev support. Meh, for some odd reason Im butt sore over the no FFC. I probably wouldnt even use it, but hell, I dunno, it just seems like they got lazy. And ffs, that ugly optical pad. Can someone tell me if it at least physically clicks as a whole button when you push down on the center?

  19. I feel the same way its more than enough cpu/gpu for a phone right now. I think I’m going to finally replace the g1. Sure I got my cyan 6 on it but I have a lot shut off to keep it smooth and there’s always that occasional fc. I’m sure he will support the g2 my only hesitation is the fact that within months tmo should have an evo ish phone but imo that might just be to much for me and to fragile for my mechanic pockets lol. I really wanna see some overclock numbers on this new 7230 too! This might not be the biggest badest but its a great all around phone.

  20. What Galvin said

  21. rooting the evo is a MUST!! 30 frame limit FTL

  22. So much misconseptions. The JIT compiler effects the cpu not gpu, so 2.2 will not help with this test. 2.2 only matters when u take cpu into consideration like with quadrant. I honestly will not give this benchmark any merits for real world gaming because the scores are all over the place.

  23. I had the best specs too, better check for builder, mine is banned by samshit after half an update!!

  24. All hail the Droids!

  25. What Obama said

  26. The fact here is that the samsung phones support the faster networks yet. in reality that is the only real reason to upgrade from a nexus right now. for what it does it is plenty fast enough, but if you can get a faster network like the evo or the new t-mobile “4G Like” speeds…that is the real reason.

  27. It is quite possible that the CPU is under clocked as well to squeeze more battery life out of the phone.

    They may have also have realized that this processor can work more efficiently than the other and didn’t fully need the full speed. (speculation)

    The HSPA+ LTE technology will give the wimax a run for its money. People forget 3g and 4g isn’t technically about speed, its about the 3rd generations and 4th generation of technology. Sometimes earlier generations with more eloquent designes can beat out later generations, especially since the technology was built to evolve over the long term. I have heard that the HSPA+ has even helped increase speeds for regular HSPA devices like the mytouch slide.

    T-Mobile is making the best move boosting its current technology allowing it to possibly quickly snatch up the title “biggest Cellular Broadband Network, and let the numbers speak for themselves”

    lol as for the phone. hardware keyboard for the win. flash camera, Android 2.2, a bunch of built in memory and micro sd slot (8gb preinstalled). I am in love. Me and my wife are going to have a threesome with it ;)

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