Sep 10th, 2010

The beta is out and your productivity level and social life has gone down just about 95%, but many people have exhausted the generous 15-level version of Angry Birds released into the Android market last week. We want more! Rovio hears you, of course, and they’ve given us a time frame to look forward to. Speaking in a short interview, they stated we should be seeing the game within 2-3 weeks after they’ve worked out the rest of the kinks.


They also touched on why some users weren’t able to see the game in the market on a number of devices. In the case of the HTC Wildfire, they currently don’t support QVGA devices but will be looking into adding support in the future. For other devices – like the HTC Hero – they don’t want to release it with performance issues (as they experienced significant lag on that specific device).

It’s sounding like a majority of their debug cycle will go toward testing against as many different devices as they can and getting the performance issues ironed out for those. We’ll have more information once that time nears.