Angry Birds Full Version Coming in a Few Weeks


The beta is out and your productivity level and social life has gone down just about 95%, but many people have exhausted the generous 15-level version of Angry Birds released into the Android market last week. We want more! Rovio hears you, of course, and they’ve given us a time frame to look forward to. Speaking in a short interview, they stated we should be seeing the game within 2-3 weeks after they’ve worked out the rest of the kinks.


They also touched on why some users weren’t able to see the game in the market on a number of devices. In the case of the HTC Wildfire, they currently don’t support QVGA devices but will be looking into adding support in the future. For other devices – like the HTC Hero – they don’t want to release it with performance issues (as they experienced significant lag on that specific device).

It’s sounding like a majority of their debug cycle will go toward testing against as many different devices as they can and getting the performance issues ironed out for those. We’ll have more information once that time nears.

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  1. I think I’m the only one in the world that finds this game boring.
    Blow Up is much more entertaining.

  2. Works perfectly on my froyo Desire, exhausted the beta, got 3 stars on every level :)

  3. That’s cool. Been waiting on the doodle jump update for 4 months now – Lima Sky should have used these guys instead of GameHouse, those guys really suck.

  4. pt21: damn you! I’m stuck with 2 stars on level 7…

  5. I have a feeling that Rovio is gonna make a lot of $$$ when it releases. +250,000 beta downloads in 3 days!

  6. It’s a good game, but why is it being so over-hyped?

    It partially got all those beta downloads because it is getting way more attention than it deserves on the news sites. (assuming we will see yet another announcement when it is released) 3 front page posts on Phandroid for this game? Really?

  7. @SwampFox

    It’s because this is actually a good game. A very popular iPod game and it is now on Android. When the iPod game devs see how well this sells they will be more apt to bringing their wares to Android. This is why it is a big deal.

  8. Yeah just don’t treat us like the step-children and over charge us like most of the other dev’s looking to make a quick buck on un Androidian’s

  9. i really hope that rovio will obfuscate the game’s code and protect it with google’s latest anti-piracy protection, i have a very strong feeling that the game sales will be very low (10,000 to 50,000).
    The sales figures of Paid apps on the Android market are very embarrassing till now. For example, Guns N Glory is a very polished game and yet it didnt the sales figures are (100-500)

  10. Love the Beta, can’t wait for the full version!

  11. Love this game, can’t wait for the full version.

  12. I love how people say this is the best game on iPhone. If this is the best game then iPhone games must be hurting. this game is nothing new and we can play better free flashed based games including hundreds of games that inspired this one.

  13. What Tad said.

    Blow up was much better.

  14. this game fucking sucks!!! i mean come on, all the hype this damn game gotten. and its boring as hell!

  15. @adamsinger77
    Well, yeah. This is also the people who complain about Android not having any games at all are full of crap.

  16. Just got three stars on all levels also, can’t wait for the full game to be released.

  17. I think its a good thing. Grab games from the bigger developers over on the iPhone and show them that they can and will sell on the Android platform will bring over other Devs.

    For those of you complaining the game sucks go back to your Xbox360’s and PlayStations. Its a freaking phone for gods sake not a game system.

    These kind of games are meant to be played when you have a few minutes at a time and can come back and play right where you left off.

  18. It’s working reasonably well on my Droid Eris with a custom, overclocked Froyo ROM. Despite the phone performing far better in general than it ever did with the stock ROM, the larger levels in this game definitely do lag a fair amount. Not enough to prevent proper game play, but enough to cause frustration at times. Also, the lack of support for the lower resolution screen definitely shows up with odd behavior, such as the buttons on the game’s start page all squished together, and partially overlapping. Also, the birds get so tiny on the larger levels, that it’s hard to aim and launch them. Fortunately, my new Fascinate is out on the truck for delivery today, so my gripes will soon be gone. =)

  19. @Maj it is polished, but it sucks as a game. If they DRM angry birds I will not buy it.


  21. Beta never even loaded past the splash screen on my evo, so, I couldn’t tell you how boring this game is or is not.

  22. Its actually a pretty cool game. I bought it for a friends iPAD because I couldnt get enough. 3 stars on every level for the android beta. I will for sure buy this even after beating it on the iPAD and iPOD touch. This is one dev that didnt skimp on content and continues to provide large free updates. I think they deserve our monetary support. Other devs just create a version 2 of the game so you have to pay more.

  23. Sure there’s some lag on the Hero, but only on the more heavily-populated levels. Apart from that it runs absolutely perfectly!

    My main gripe on the Hero was that the UI stuff was a mess, with icons underneath each other or off the screen, and even some in-game textures missing.

    I can deal with that kind of thing as it’s in beta, so apart from those things, it was awesome! I really hope they do release the full version on the Hero as well, because this would be only the second thing I’d be willing to buy! (The first being GBCoid :D )

  24. I am not impressed at all.

    Crashed soon after its launch.

  25. Love this game so much!!!!!! I have played every one of those levels like 10 times

  26. This is a great game, perfect for my Vibrant. Looking forward to the full release.

    I like the Rovio blow-up game too. Looking forward to an Android port for that game.

  27. @ velazcod I am right there with you on level 7….3 Stars on all except that one…. :(

  28. Yeah.. too bad it still doesn’t work on my 2.2 Incredible..

    W/e.. I’ll be playing Homerun Battle 3D & WordFeud till then..

  29. Really nice game. I would buy it if the Android Market (for paid apps) was available in Brazil.

    I would love see Plants vs Zombies next.

  30. my hero runs angrybirds without lag wtf?

  31. kids kids kids…. its a beta version. how can you not be “impressed” with a game that technically you havent even played? haha.

    quick tip for any incredible users…..when the angry birds main screen pops up right before it crashes, start rubbing the screen between the 2 main green pigs. i dont know who originally found this out or HOW they found it out, but it works. i would say at least 80% of the time.

    look, the full version for the ifranchise is only $.99….so its a safe guess that it’ll be the same price on the market.

    in a few weeks, we get the real deal…hopefully without all the bugs. so lets just chill out.

  32. Got the beta as soon as it came out, and I’ve played through it. As others have said, I’m not sure what the hype is.. Sure it’s polished, but I can’t count how many similar games I’ve played on the Android platform. What makes this one so great, aside from the polish? As far as I can tell, it plays like any one of the similar games… That said, I would probably throw a few bucks at the dev for it, but I’m not sure I get the hype…

  33. Couldnt find it in the market on my Tmo Vibrant.

  34. Yeah, bummer it did not work on my evo 2.2. Blow up, is that the one w/ the panda? I’ll have to go back and see.

    My fav games right now are WordWise, Wixel, AirControl, and HellaUmbrella

  35. As long as it matches the iPhone price, I will buy this the day it comes out.
    This game coming out is a big deal because it is the number one selling iPhone app the world over, so this will be an interesting test to see how an actual fun casual game will sell. Having played most of the other “top” Android games, aside from Radiant and the over priced Doodle Jump, there isn’t much for a casual gamer to pick from.

  36. Thank you Gonzo!

    Apparently rubbing between the two green pigs @ the splash screen allows my Incredible to play this..

    How odd..

  37. Well damn. Rubbing between the two green pigs on the left of the splash just let the Beta start on my Evo. So far, no lag, all good.

  38. Plants vs Zombies blows this game away on the iOS. THAT is a game to look forward to.

  39. run once on xperia x10 then crashes every time try to run again.

  40. 1. I think it’s B.S. that Rovio uses Android users as beta testers, considering they have made millions of dollars on this game already.

    2. They probably wont make as much as you think, there will probably be a lot of “play for 24 hours – uninstall” downloads.

  41. My Droid doesn’t even get to the splash screen. I hit the icon, the screen goes black and the regular desktop then reappears.

  42. To get the most out of these phones do you have to be into all of the video and game stuff? I don’t seem much value beyond email and phone….which I get from my iphone!

  43. So, how many levels is there in the full version?

    love the beta <3

  44. Arggg.. Who cares.

    I’m starting to think that phandroid and talkandroid are getting PAID by Rovio to continue reporting about this game. This game whilst ok, is UNORIGINAL, and we sure as hell don’t need weekly updates. We especially don’t need to hear updates such as “oh, in a couple of weeks”. People who do should simply check the rovio site

    If I see even 1 more “update” on this site, goodbye. There are so many more interesting games and apps which actually are original, which are being ignored.

  45. i guess that explains why i couldnt see it on the moment

  46. Sounds like you android users are angry that i-product users are having so much fun with this app. Too bad cry babies we got it first. Just something else for you too copy. Next you’ll copy the iPad then say yours is better.

  47. @Sean: you really think Apple is the inventor of tablets LOL… typically moron fanboy comment

  48. TAD you are the only one lol

  49. Man I cant wait for full game for the galaxy s fasanate I got the phone for just that reason lol oh and that I hate iphones pkus this phone just make the iphone g4 look like a paper weight lol

  50. It works fine on my Evo and I love the game!

  51. Dont ya just love Fanboys. Truthfully a Android Tablet would blow Apple better than a $30 dolla…. well you know

    This game is fun, just like some of the other ones in the market. They are there just to pass the time.

  52. Works fine on my hero…no performance issues at all O_o

  53. I’ll fist my own ass and slap a badger

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