TweetDeck Beta Updated Now Available With Three Widgets


Those folks over at TweetDeck sure move fast. It’s only been nearly a month since the beta was announced and already it’s looking to be one of the most fleshed out Twitter clients available after more than just a few big updates. Today’s update brings widgets – three in total –  though I’m not sure how they look or work since I haven’t had the chance to install TweetDeck just yet. Perhaps that’ll be my afternoon project because TweetDeck’s developments are tempting me to drop my goto Twitter client (which is Touiteur, if you must know.) Go ahead and get the updated APK now.


[via Android Police]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. It’s ok, I just wish it had more of a sense ui skin though.

  2. the widgets still aren’t as useful as touiter’s…shame.

  3. I will stick with peep for now.

  4. Installed, Removed. Horrible looking widgets. Why do they only take 3 columns? why not make it more customizable?

  5. they need to fix there facebook syncing problem

  6. 2.1+ only on 2 of them, the post widgit works fine.

  7. I agree with tray I mean wat gives?!? step ya game up tweet deck!!

  8. It seems like it never updates on any of the platforms! The settings say every 3 minutes it will update, but FB, Twitter or Google Buzz never do. I have to manually update them. I know it is a beta, but at least make sure the features you include in it work! Come on TD!

  9. Yo Jouten I have the same issue! If the damn thing updated like it should, I would keep it. This is quite frustrating! Ugggh!

  10. terrible widgets not worth a dime, but I really like Tweet deck. It’s the nicest twitter on android by a long shot!

  11. No search in Foursquare means this is useless.

  12. Twicca is by far THE BEST Twitter client for Android.

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