Sep 9th, 2010

Just a day before this thing hits stores (it’s available for order online right now), we’ve gotten our hands on the Samsung Fascinate from Verizon for review. This is a Samsung Galaxy S phone – so it’s nothing we haven’t seen before – but there are a couple of points of interest you might get a kick out of. I think I used the term “elephant in the room” at least three times in this unboxing to describe the hot story that I’m sure is on your mind as you read this: Bing Search being preloaded and irreplaceable.

Go ahead and watch the video for my quick look at the device as I look at the hardware, the software, and give a quick, off-the-cuff opinion on the Bing debacle. Stay tuned early next week for our hardware and software review of the Samsung Fascinate.fascinate-unbox-header

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