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Just a day before this thing hits stores (it’s available for order online right now), we’ve gotten our hands on the Samsung Fascinate from Verizon for review. This is a Samsung Galaxy S phone – so it’s nothing we haven’t seen before – but there are a couple of points of interest you might get a kick out of. I think I used the term “elephant in the room” at least three times in this unboxing to describe the hot story that I’m sure is on your mind as you read this: Bing Search being preloaded and irreplaceable.

Go ahead and watch the video for my quick look at the device as I look at the hardware, the software, and give a quick, off-the-cuff opinion on the Bing debacle. Stay tuned early next week for our hardware and software review of the Samsung Fascinate.fascinate-unbox-header

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Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Is the video showing ‘private’ for anyone else?

  2. Sorry about that! Should be good to go.

  3. What is with half of the electronics reviews\unboxing videos and long gross fingernails?

  4. Come on, they’re not THAT long… are they?

  5. Someone needs a mani/pedi?

  6. Dude, they’re disgustingly long. First thing I noticed..

  7. Plz hit the nail salon asap. This is kinda gross with the long nails. Sorry, but its distracting from the purpose of the video.

  8. I really didn’t think my nails would be the first thing people looked for. Now I know.

  9. Wow, its victor creed giving a review!!

  10. Who gave Freddy Krueger the Fascinate?

    Just kidding man. It was a good video, thanks for taking the time to do that. People are just teasing you, I stopped noticing about 15 seconds in.

  11. Lol yeah guy that’s the first thing I notice too! People are very picky about nails on video lately lmao.. but other then that, great unboxing video.. better then most unboxing video and clip the nails because u might crack the screen try to type on that bad boy :)

  12. Wow, so you can’t find a Google search widget in the market, and that’s where you give up? Meh, I expected more out of Phandroid. I can’t wait until somebody posts step-by-step instructions on how to de-Bing this phone, because it sure won’t take long to figure out. Android is far too open of an OS to completely lock out any competing search apps.

  13. @Brad I had literally just taken the phone out of the box. It’s an unboxing video. And I actually did try more than just a market search before recording that portion of the unboxing (that’s why I edited the software part in.) I tried installing the .apk file before that, and I was met with errors. Couldn’t find anything in the settings (looked everywhere). I state both of these things in the video. Short of rooting the phone, there was nothing else I could do (and I’m not going to root the phone as it’s not Phandroid’s to keep). Read around various message boards and read other reviews, you’ll find they were met with the same resistance.

    PS: Just cut my nails!

  14. HAHA i knew that the majority of the comments would be about fingernails. It seems that there are a lot of “metro” guys that troll android websites. I thought that was more of an iPhone deal. Everytime there as an unboxing/review video, most of the comments deal with the reviewers hands/fingernails. HAHAHAHAHAHA

    Q-your nails are fine, they just hatin’

  15. I hope you have thick skin Q, this whole theme of your nails being gross made me cry at my desk. Made my whole day, until I realize that I will now be known at work as the guy who giggles until he cries at 7:30 in the morning. Oh well, atleast I am not the guy with freaknasty fingernails.

  16. @Reje VERY thick skin. It’s almost a job requirement writing about tech.

    @marc Yea haha I was always under the impression that the iOS crowd might be more into pointing those types of things out, but I guess hate for long fingernails is a theme in the entire bubble. Nevertheless, I’ve placed a nice, stern sticky note at the top of my monitor remembering to cut my nails before future videos. ;)

  17. marc’s toenails probably cut through his socks..

  18. I love Phandroid. Teehee.

  19. Sorry but those nails are disgusting, bro. It’s not a “metro” thing. Long nails on guys are both fem and unhygenic.

  20. What I am really concerned about is the navigation. Can you use Goggle maps with the nav or do you have to use Bing. And if so I wonder how Bing compares to Google maps. My guess would be not near as good. Maybe a deal breaker!

  21. @Skip you can download Google Maps, but it’s quite useless for nav as the GPS does not work (like any other Galaxy S phone). I’ll note that in my review. Fingers crossed that Samsung will get this straightened out soon. It really is a deal-breaking flaw. Also, Bing maps doesn’t have navigation (VZ Navigator fills that gap), but again, no GPS.

  22. What u talkn’ bout Q?! I’m not sure I’m buying your comment “we can’t argue with VZ practices”. I also don’t know why your justify their business practice?

    Yes you are correct, business do what they do to make money, but in the end the consumer has the ultimate business decision. And if consumers don’t like having Bing crammed down our throats we voice our option and act by buying the competition.

  23. Can someone quickly help me out by explaining why the Bing Search problem will be a non issue when Froyo is available for this phone? Will the Google Search app then be available for download? Thanks

  24. The next video will be using marc’s long toe nails to test the Gorilla Glass on the Galaxy S Facinate

  25. How does this thing compare to the Incredible?

    My girl’s plan is up and she can get any Verizon phone.

    The X is too big for her.

    The D2 is too heavy for her.

    I have the DInc and she loves it but she won’t get the AMOLED screen that I got.

    Any have suggestions?

  26. Fantastic review Quentyn. I think this was the first video review I’ve seen done by you and it was damn good family. I look forward to your reviews on this device when you get them done.

    One question I have is why it is most people have issue with Bing. It is a damn good search utility in my opinion and it continues to improve.

    Having said that, is the issue Bing as a search engine or the fact that on this device, you are not allowed to chose which default engine you use?

    Keep up the good work.

  27. So wait, is VZNav free on the Fascinate (as in, no additional $10 per month to use it)? If so, my wife might actually like that. She preferred it to Google Maps.

  28. If my nails get even a little long, 2~3mm, my typing speed and accuracy across all mediums goes way down.

    Thanks for the video. Im probably going to switch from the d2 given how much better the dev comm is for the galaxy.

  29. So no GPS at all on phone until they get it fixed. You gotta be kidding me. I heard that there was a problem with GPS but was not aware that it did not work at all.I use my Incredible as my primary Naviagtion GPS so this is a deal breaker for me. Thanks for the info Quentyn.

  30. @enlight, On a hardware level the Facinate is a better phone in almost every way, (better screen Super AMOLED, 512 DDRAM2, better graphics card. The exception is that the DInc has an optical mouse where as the cursor placement on the Facinate is handled in the software.

    In my opinion the software on the DInc is better. Dinc has HTC Sence, default Google apps, though it still has VZ stuff on it, it does not force Bing like the Facinate.


  31. @Techblogger I have nothing against Bing or Microsoft. It’s the latter: the fact that you aren’t given a choice between Bing, Google, or whoever else is what’s troubling. Thanks for the compliment, btw!

    @=X= That’s sort of the point I was trying to make, but perhaps I didn’t word it right. You can definitely argue with Verizon, and vote with your wallet, but you can’t say they have no right to do this in the first place. I’m definitely not trying to justify their practices, though.

  32. @Enlight
    Why wouldn’t she get the amoled screen you got? They’re still using it in the Incredible. I’d recommend it over this Fascinate any day. Personal opinion, of course. But not having google nav and maps (which may or may not be able to be added from the market) is killer. Plus, 8gb of internal memory on the Incredible vs 2gb on the Fascinate. And that may not be a big deal at this point in time, but if bigger and better OS’s come out, just like they always do, it’ll probably require more app space.

  33. @Enlight
    And just as a side-note, I use the Droid X, but you said that was too big for her.

  34. @=X=
    How is the Fascinate better that the Incredible as far as hardware in any way other than the screen? The camera and internal memory alone on the Incredible are 2 big ones that I think make a huge difference in favor of the Incredible.

  35. It’s easy to root and get rid of unwanted bloatware (BING)

  36. @Bugeyeblue- last I checked the Incredible now comes with a super LCD or whatever the hell the name is..No AMOLED for the incredible anymore.

  37. No Google Search or google Nav = Deal breaker

    Not only for the phone, but for Verizon as well

  38. @Rick James

    The Incredible was never switch to SLCD, that only happened for the Nexus One and the Desire phones.

  39. @Zach- No offense dude but do some damn research before correcting someone..


  40. The other elephant in the room is the fact that you have little to ZERO coverage on the phone. I’ve seen that on a few other reviews on youtube (mobiletechreview being another) where the signal is virtually non-existent. Have you been able to make and receive calls without any problems Q?

  41. @Zach – yes it was. Incredible is rocking LCD now. Go to the product page on Verizonwireless,com and all OLED mentions have been removed. It’s just regular WVGA LCD now.

  42. Nice unboxing video with the exception of the nails. Why any male would ever grow their fingernails that long is beyond me. It it that you just don’t care and forget or is it about fashion? I can only imagine what your toenails look like. Stating that it is unhygienic and gross has nothing to do with being “metro”. Out of curiosity, isn’t it hard to use a touch screen phone with long nails?

  43. Attempt to correct rather.

  44. Can someone quickly help me out by explaining why the Bing Search problem will be a non issue when Froyo is available for this phone? Will the Google Search app then be available for download? Thanks

  45. Such irony that a “Google” phone has BING as their search. No thanks, I’ll keep my Incredible :)

    Good review though.

  46. @Quentyn – thanks for the additional info. I’m sure there has to be a way around it, but it might end up requiring rooting, as you said. Just ordered mine online this morning, so I should get it on Monday (I don’t do mail-in rebates). I’ll see what I can do with it then.

  47. Although I prefer Google as my search engine.. I guess I am in the same position with my stock Android phone.. If I suddenly decided that Bing was better I couldn’t change it to Bing.. Surprised this hasn’t become an issue before now. This has been fought over before in the browser wars. I expect to see updates to give all sides the option in the future.(After the MS payola is spent by Verizon)

  48. @Bugeyeblue If MP is so important to you I suggest you buy a camera instead of a phone.

    Anyhow lifehacker has a really nice chart that compares Phone HW over several different leading devices. The Galaxy S and DInc are there.


  49. Obv Q is a wicked guitar player. Hence the dracula nails.



    geez some people are stupid!!!

  51. @Rick James…..
    If you would have read the articles it would have told you they only switched to SLCDs for the Nexus one and the Desire but THEY DIDN’T SWITCH TO SLCD from AMOLED for the INCREDIBLE, Jesus. EVEN HTC said they didn’t make the switch
    I agree some people are stupid.


    “Because amoled supply is being relieved on other models, we currently feel we can meet demand of droid incredible with amoled screens. Of course we may need to change our minds and add sLCD screen models should demand continue to remain high.”



  53. There is no longer any reference to AMOLED on any verizon or HTC page. But, it is clearly marketed on any other phone that uses the screen. Regardless of what HTC suposedly said on July, I don’t think the AMOLEd is being used anymore. Plus you guys need to relax… are you really getting flaming pissed about what some unknown prick across the county thinks about some phone screen? You must live some pretty boring lives if thats what sets you off.

  54. Good Review, thanks Quentyn!

  55. So, does it have a message notification light?

  56. Does the Fascinate have a LED notification light?

  57. Thanks everyone for their input.

    Since girls can’t see HD anyway I think I’m going to advise her to go with the DInc.

    She likes the 8mp camera, and Sense quite a bit.

  58. As I mentioned before the new DIncs will not be shipping with AMOLED screens but rather SuperLCD.

    I doubt my woman can tell since she maintains that she can’t see High Def either.

  59. Despite having a 5MP camera, the one on the Fascinate seems to take better shots than the Dinc.

    If people would stop nitpicking over this search app issue I still say the Fascinate is the best Verizon has to offer right now.

  60. Lol lol no gps? And yet people are trying to say this phone is better then the X? Lol yeah right

  61. Many have had no problem with the GPS on the Fascinate. For those that do, an update will be coming shortly. People continue to jump on every little thing they see with this phone and forget all the litle problems other phones have as well. No phone is perfect and the X is FAR from perfect. To each his own but I will be getting this phone tonight and can’t wait.

  62. I just purchased the Fascinate buy one get one (Droid 2) free. The Fascinate is a nice phone, but the Bing issue is horrible. Car Dock mode is locked to Bing Maps and when using the voice command feature, it uses Bing search. “Navigate to …” Brings up a Bing Search and info on the place, get directions, and other crap. If I can get Bing off this phone permanently it will be a great phone!

  63. @Doug I never said the X didn’t have problems guy…just from what I have been hearing about the Galaxy phones…well they have more problems…and the fact that they are buy one get one free…well that’s a red flag for a new high end phone right???

  64. I would also just like to say that the fact that bing is put in the place of Google search is weird and should not be heard to believe that people are making a big deal about it. Most people are used to Google search so why should they have to have Bing IF they get this phone? I mean its a smart move from a OS that is nearly blowing in the wind….for phones but to have to have it over Google…well I just hope the droids to be are not forced with it

  65. Quentyn thanks for all the info. I’m disappointed that gps is still an issue. They should of delayed this phone. Shame on samsung.

  66. The Gps issue is rumored to be fixed with the froyo update later this month. On my Vibrant it still works well enough to use for nav(sometimes takes a min. or 2 to get a lock) just not geocacheing.

  67. Are you sure the phone has 512M of *RAM*?

    The Samsung site says it has *384* ..


    Memory User Memory
    User Memory
    Portion of system memory in which user processes run.
    2GB 512MB ROM 384MB RAM (Actual memory may be less)
    External Memory
    External Memory
    The permanent storage of large quantities of data.
    microSD 16GB

  68. The 325mb of ram is the truth it not rummer. I own the phone it say on the profile summery 325mb for ram..

  69. What’s up with copy and paste on the Fascinate?!? It is very limited. Seems mainly available for SMS txts. I use copy and paste quite regularly from web pages on the iPhone 4…and have on the HTC Incredible, but you can’t do this on the Fascinate…unless I’m missing something.
    This phone is fabulous, other than the copy/paste issue, which could be a deal breaker for me.
    Any thoughts?

  70. Couple of notes. The gps works fine with google maps no problem at all.second I noticed someone said this phone has a 2gb memory card.that’s incorrect it come with a 16 gig. Next I own both the incredible and the fascinate. Hardware the fascinate is better. Os the incredible is better. That’s the way that it is. Samsung is lacking on widgets which I feel like htc owns the best built in widgets of any of them. I owned the droid x for a day. It was garbage. Typical of motorola to screw up a good os with terrible hardware.motorola is the wal mart of the phone market. When the froyo software comes out for the fascinate this phone will be the trend setter easily. Theres my two cents. Now pay up.

  71. “girls can’t see HD”
    ….I’m sorry, HUH? Is that like “there are no girls on the internet”?

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